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Black Lives Matter Ducks the Limelight, While the Massive Damage They've Done, Takes Center Stage

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


An All Too Familiar Headline

The pictures, the headlines, the sad, sad stories, have become all too familiar.

The corrupt and opportunistic BLM, they, who ignited and sparked an all out war on the United States of America...also ignited an all out war on Police Officers, all while benefiting... financially!

As a result of their actions, police officers, security and safety officers, border officials, first responders, etc. are nowhere near safe, while BLM is nowhere to be found.

Even firefighters are not safe; the fires they have been trained to tame, are no longer their only concern!

Is it a result of those who have been taught and programmed to see red, at the sight of a uniform?

Why would a fire chief be targeted, shot and killed, while responding to a dumpster fire?

Was his killer triggered by his uniform? Was he set up?

Whatever the case, now firefighters will be looking over their shoulders, too!

Not sure if missing in action BLM, shares in this concern; their biggest concern appears to be avoiding the limelight, that place they once so craved, wherein they were praised!

Suddenly, they have become the elusive BLM, why?

Because they brought us to this place, where an outright war has been waged against blue lives and everyone knows, who is behind it?

Could it be because of the millions of donation dollars they have acquired, money which they have no intentions of sharing or returning?

Either way, they have faded into the background, currently on the down low, in hiding, elusive!


As we all attempt to wrap our minds around the sum of 60+ million dollars, in donations!

As we ponder where all of that money may have gone, beyond where we already know of:

Lining the pockets of BLM founders,

Purchasing palatial homes for BLM founders -

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Making the BLM founders rich...

...and infamous!

We reflect -

As BLM was finding their way into the limelight, few were questioning their motives or their tactics.

If you were called out, you were called names, you were labeled, you were belittled!

In the meantime, the damage they have done, remains front and center, very much in the limelight, as another and then another and then life, is laid to rest!

One of today's headlines:

“Today our campus community experienced unspeakable tragedy. Two members of the Bridgewater College family were senselessly and violently taken from us. The sadness is palpable. Words are not adequate, not nearly so, to express the grief, sadness, fear and—justifiably—the anger we all feel."

Campus Police Officer John Painter and Campus Safety Officer J.J. Jefferson were shot and killed on the Bridgewater College campus.

Familiar faces, a welcome sight, there to protect and to defend, all those attending classes, teaching classes, working in campus offices, visiting the campus, etc., but sitting targets to those who have been taught to hate, believing that they are somehow, justified, in the taking of blue lives!

The following was written two years ago. At the time, I don't think anyone believed that BLM had plans to get rich off the very Country they sought to destroy


In the Meantime.....

Another Police Officer will be eulogized and laid to rest, in California today. Officer Arroyos, was shot and killed by gang members, while he was house hunting with his girlfriend.

These pathetic excuses for human beings, had already robbed him of his possessions, but, that was not enough, there was one last thing they needed to rob him of - his life!

The second of two funerals for Officers shot and killed in New York, will also take place today.

Officers Mora and Rivera, were senselessly shot down, in Harlem, while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Ambushed, by an angry and crazed, programmed and hate-filled, individual.

From the dark corridor of their demise, they will be remembered in the beauty and majesty of St. Patrick's Cathedral, in the light, peace and presence of Jesus Christ.

Police Officers from far and wide will once again, mourn the loss of a fellow Officer, while honoring the hero within, one more time!

Families will once again be attempting to explain to the youngest family members, why this keeps happening...

Citizens of the United States of America and beyond, will once again be asking, when will this end and who is protecting those who protect us?

The Weight of the Badge

Also, in the Meantime....

Not sure if BLM thought they could just take the money and run; above it all, unapproachable, untouchable!

Not sure if they thought much about anything or anyone else, once they pocketed the 60+ Million.

Several Pastors and spokespersons in poor black communities in democratically run, inner cities, when interviewed, haven't seen any of that money.

Their communities haven't been improved:

Although there was an outpouring from this always generous Nation, thinking they were making a difference in poor communities. Hoping they could save one young man or woman from a lifetime in the streets, a lifetime of crime, but instead, their kindness has been betrayed.

They have been taken advantage of, treated unfairly, opportunists, working for their own benefit, on their own behalf...and for no one else's!

Only they, the BLM founders, have benefited!

Patrisse Cullors now has an estimated net worth of somewhere between 5 and 6 million, in the year of our Lord, 2022

Not too shabby for an activist, social justice warrior!

Beyond shameful, it's criminal!

Do these Marxist-embracing, activist BLM founders care about anyone other than themselves?

Are they much too busy figuring out ways to stay out of the once coveted limelight, while keeping their greedy hands on what has become blood money,
to concern themselves about anyone or anything else?

The damage has been done!

In the meantime, other funerals of fallen Officers, are being planned, while another and another..... will be laid to rest, today

Thank you to those of you in uniform, putting your lives on the line, day in and day out, for us, you are not taken for granted -

May the Fallen, rest in peace!

© 2022 A B Williams

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