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BDS India

BDS Defination

BDS India

What does It Mean

Why it is important as Strategy

Its Effect and Impact

How we can make it success


It is simply Boycott, Divest and Sanction

What is Boycott

The Companies, Corporates who are responsible for creating hate and injustice, their services products and services should not be used. Not only their product and services, their sponsors, advertisers and brand ambassador, and Investors must be face boycott.

Who is real Issue – The fake news is created, the false news are promoted and propagated. This hate and fake is responsible for killing of Muslims all over the India.

CAA NRC and NPR – Narrative and anti-Muslim bashing of Political Parties has already taken toll and Delhi Pogrom is output.

The UP Police Brutalities are well documented. Jamia Millia Islamia and AMU atrocities are there. The innocents are arrested, still number of well-known faces of Resistance are still in Jail.

Police injustice and biased is beyond repair. Now time has come to unite and answer the call to Resist, Protest.

The Role of Media, the extensive biased reporting, the political rhetoric and judicial inaction is sole responsible for injustice.

Divest – Every Company has its investors, promoters and institutions. They must see loses coming. They will be convinced it is not good for society and it is destroying social harmony. Their role as complicit will also be presented to them.

There is legal provision for class action in EU courts and US courts against these companies and their investors. They can be held responsible for the crimes happened because of their investment anywhere in the world. The class action can cases can be filed in Financial Authorities Courts.

Not only companies but their Brand Ambassadors Can be held accountable for promoting hate. The Individuals Sports Persons, Actors and other Brand Ambassadors of such Hate Mongers will be identified and their role will be proved, so that either they withdraw or face legal process.

Sanctions – Basically sanctions are legal process and procedures adopted against each culprit of the Hate Crime. Individuals, Brand Ambassadors, Journalist, Owners, Police, Administrations, who ever may be responsible, will come under it.

1984 and 2002 Many big names could not travel globally for years. This time we have to go a step further to prosecute them.

Cases against Police, Administration and Everyone Complicit must be initiated, this may not be enough. They must face justice in India and sanctions abroad is the best strategy.

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Not Halal Product

Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

Patajali is Not Halaal

Patajali is Not Halaal

Patanjali Name of Corruption

Patanjali Name of Corruption

Patanjali Products are Haraam

Patanjali Products are Haraam

Patanjali is Not Halal

Patanjali is Not Halal

BDS - The Hate Monger

Who are the Hate Mongers?

  1. News Channels
  2. Social Media
  3. Politicians
  4. Brand Ambassadors
  5. Police
  6. Administration

Indian Media is Responsible for creating hate narratives same like Rwandan Radio. Indian media is worst.

Mob Lynching – Cow Vigilant Lynched More than 360 Muslims all over the India. The narrative is very simple. Muslim eat beef. Even if they are transporting animal for any purpose, they were lunched.

Triple Talaq – The bill is direct intervention of Government in Shariah. It is strongly Opposed from Community.

Babari Masjid – The Verdict given by the SC completely biased and unacceptable to the Muslim Minority.

Revocation of article 370 and Kashmir Lockdown – Kashmir is worlds most militarized zone. It remained under complete lockdown for 210 days. All democratically elected leaders under arrest.

CAA NRC NPR – This is real challenge and start of bigger campaign by media. The role played by media is really sad.

They are responsible for demonizing Protest, which is completely peaceful.

Atack on Jamia Millia Islamia

Attack on Aligarh Muslim University

Killing of Muslims in UP Protest

The Shaheen Bagh Protest and Attack on It

Lucknow Ghantaghar Protest

Delhi Pogrom – More than 53 documented Killed in 72 hours and government machinery remain silent and complicit

Corona Covid 19 has become another Fake news hate mongers responsible for Muslim Boycott and Killings.

The Hate is spread by Main Stream News Channel, who remain immune to legal actions. Because of Hate and Fake news 24/7 whole community is targeted.

Main Stream News Channel, every channel and their reporters played their role, but these are key hate mongers.

  1. ANI
  2. Zee News
  3. Republic
  4. Aaj Tak
  5. ABP News
  6. News 18

Their Anchors are primarily Responsible for promoting hate through Fake News

  1. Amish Devgan
  2. Sudhir Choudhari
  3. Rubika Liyaqat
  4. Arnab Goswamy
  5. Smita Prakash
  6. Rohit Sardhana

The Corporate Sponsor and Brand Ambassadors

  1. Patanjali
  2. Baba Ramdev
  3. Sri Sri Ravishankar
  4. Jaggi Sadhguru
  5. Amitabh Bachchan
  6. Ravindrasingh Jadeja
  7. Babita Phogat
  8. Gita Phogat
  9. Gautam Gambhir
  10. Saurabh Ganguli
  11. Akshay Kumar
  12. Kangana Ranaut

This list will be updated regularly.

Divest and Sanctions


Divest is basically working on economic risk, loss and reputation. The loss which is monetary and can be measured in numbers and reflected in Balance Sheet.

The campaign against Dutch Companies and other Human Rights or Animal Rights or Environmental Groups has very successfully implemented this method the extract desirable results

  1. Mass Campaign – Extensive campaign on social media by Individual and influencers will make huge difference. If we look at last few weeks, the credibility of Media Houses is gone down substantially. The Social media campaign of Fake News, Blatant lies and Biased reporting has already had effect on viewership and TRP. This campaign must be sustained in the future and taken to next level. The social media trends and influencer voices has put media on tenterhooks and they are facing backlash. This need to be converted into unsubscribe or do not buy. If we are able to give them 20% reduced numbers, our mission is accomplished. During Dutch Companies Campaign, the sales has gone down by 80%. It is possible.
  2. Reputation Risk – Another major threat to the companies is reputation risk. The Brands, Anchors, Brand Ambassadors survive on Reputation called, Brand Value. If this is assigned to the Fake, Lies and Hate, definitely it will have negative effect. The brand or Brand ambassador can lose substantial. The concentrated effort to bring the truth and dis credit the Companies, their Brands and Brand Ambassadors will have huge impact on these companies on long term.
  3. Investors Loss – Every businessman invests his money to make profit. If there are no profit and companies is going to lose in long term, investor will think before investing. Convincing the investors that it will make loss. The investors are also looking the corruption, hate and biased, unethical practices. It is very important to present investors the real face of such companies who are blood thirsty. Because of them many people lost their lives. If it is properly presented to the investor, definitely investor can take informed decision.
  4. Global Pressure: - The extensive global campaign against the companies, and their approach to society, the words of global influencers can make difference. There is need to bring global voices speak against such hate mongers and racist people. If such words are extensively spoken and repeated, it become noise and noise will become voice one day.


Sanction is legal provisions to protect one’s interest. These can be local, national and international.


  • Cyber Security Act
  • Local Police Complaint on Hate
  • Fake News
  • We can file cases under number of provisions in local Police and Courts.


  • High Court PIL
  • Supreme Courts
  • State/National Human Rights Commission
  • State/National SC ST Commission
  • State/National Minorities Commission
  • National Women’s Right Commission


  • Class Action – SEC
  • International Court of Justice
  • EU Courts
  • UK Courts
  • US Courts
  • Canada Courts

All these courts has global jurisdiction. Even though judgement cannot be executed in India, but such people and their assets can be seized globally and put on arrest list.

The Culprits


Qazi Ahteshamul Haq on May 19, 2020:

Great job Dr.zia sir. If you need any kind of help from us. Please let us know.

Very well versed summary.

Saleem Abdulkadir on May 02, 2020:

Excellent article & need to be serious to act & boycott.

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