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Avijit Roy : one of the Anti - Islamist bloggers of Bangladesh

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The author is a student of a University and also a news reporter.


We, all may heard the name of Avijit Roy, an engineer as professional and also an online activist, who wrote a lot of books and blogging articles a lot against Islam as well as prophet Muhammad PBUH. Actually he used to write for LGBTQ, humanity, rationalism, atheism. Basically he was known as free thinker, rationalist and atheist which made him Anti - Islamist and later he created his blog "Muktamona" in where he wrote his own view about Islam, It's law's legality, prophet Muhammad and rationalism, humanity, free thinking and homosexuality as well.

Avijit Roy also inspired one of the worst bloggers, Asif Mohiuddin Who wrote and write presently a lot of articles against Islam and prophet Muhammad, both of them wrote in their blog "Muktomona". Asif, who was also abused physically and also exiled from Bangladesh later like the famous Bangladeshi Indian feminist Taslima Nasreen for spreading propaganda against Islam as well as Muslim community. Asif also write in his own blog, one of the famous Bengali atheists blog "Shongsoy" in where he writes against Islam and Muslims. "Writing against Islam" is the main profession of Asif. And it was a source of Avijit's income too. After banning Asif from the Bangladesh government, he moved his family to Germany and now he lives there.

Remember the time, when Avijit Roy wrote regularly against Islam as it is his freedom of speech! Once a person who attacked everyday the Islam and Muslim and by his writings, spreaded Islamophobia and all Anti - Muslim activists and media showed these as freedom!


For example, Maria Kibtia, a slave woman who was gifted to prophet Muhammad during his marriage with Umm - al - Habiba, considered as one of the mothers of Muslim Ummah. She gave birth to the baby of Muhammad PBUH, Ibrahim who died at his childhood. Avijit Roy, when wrote about these- marked prophet Muhammad as rapist! This, then, affected the Muslim community seriously. In Islamic law, when a slave woman give birth, she is not a slave, she is now free and will be considered as the wife of the man whose child. According to this law, Maria Kibtia is considered as the wife of prophet Muhammad PBUH.

This time, the world didn’t say anything.

The policy of Europe and USA, you always see double standards. Anti - semitism is considered a crime, but Anti - Islamic activities are referred to as the freedom of expression! Just think for a while…..

In February 2021, the Supreme Court of Bangladesh has published the verdict of the case of the murder of Avijit where 5 people were sentenced to hanging and one has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The Chief Justice said that “Avijit Roy who laid down his live for the freedom of speech…” But when he wrote against Islam, some cases were filed against him but the administration didn’t take any action. I didn’t know what was and what happened behind these. And how can it be freedom of speech!!

I also have to inform about Shafiur Rahman Farabi, the first online activist blogger in Bangladesh (I think) who came from an ordinary family and wrote about Islam and also counter Anti - Islamists. Once he was at a debate with Avijit Roy in where Avijit told something very unpleasant about Umm-al-Mu'mineen Maria Kibtia and prophet Muhammad. As a result, Farabi was very angry and threatened by some extremist words and the effects of these totally destroyed him whereas Avijit used very worst words everyday against Muhammad. After all, Farabi was sentenced to life imprisonment by the verdict of the Supreme Court and Avijit is now referring to the idle of so-called Human Rights Activists (at least in Bangladesh, India)!

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In the last week of December, the US announced $5mn for info on the killers of Bangladeshi-American researcher Avijit Roy.

Through its Rewards for Justice (RFJ) office, the US Department of States Diplomatic Security Service, is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information on the extremist attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh that left American citizen Avijit Roy dead and his wife, Rafida Bonya Ahmed, seriously injured.

Everyday, a lot of Muslims killed in Kashmir or Palestine or Uighur, China or Yemen or Africa, does the USA announce any reward for collecting information behind them? Do they take any action against them? No doubt, the USA herself killed a lot of Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan as well as Africa…..

USA didn’t announce any reward to collect info about the killers of journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was killed in Saudi Consulate, Turkey. USA also didn’t announce any reward to collect info about the killers of Yasir Arafat, the peace lover leader and the dreamer of free Palestine. The USA didn’t announce any action against the killers of king Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, the king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These were why, they were not the activists who were always with America, for America and by America! or didn’t support USA and It's terrorism.

Just imagine, we live in a society where a terrorist define the definition of terrorism according to his advantage and recognise anyone as terrorist according to his own view and leading the world…..

I don’t support these extremists who killed Avijit inside the road near bookfair, 2015. But my question is here, what is the definition of freedom? Who are the terrorists and who spread it!

The bloggers were one of the main problems in Bangladesh whose main profession is to write and spread Islamophobia and Anti - Islamic activities. You can write and spread your own view. It's your freedom, I also support; but you can't attack anyone’s ideology. You can say "say NO to slavery" but you can't explain that like prophet Muhammad didn’t stop it, rather he had slaves too. Because before the era of Muhammad, slavery was legal and if Muhammad announced slavery as illegal, then Non - Muslims could take this opportunity against Muslim. So those Who started or recognised slavery as legal, had to announce it as illegal. "Islam didn’t announce it as illegal", the bloggers criticise it but they never say or write that "Islamic law about slaves is so tolerant and favorable"! Islam described the slaves as their Master’s brother/sister, every Muslim is brother each other, there is no difference between master and slave according to Islamic view ; these bloggers never told or highlight these. This is why their main target is to spread Islamophobia!


Now a sentence came to my head; Noam Chomsky once said like this- “if you want to stop terrorism, stop participating in it.”

You always insult us, spreading propaganda against our religion or ideology and community, attack our mindset, refer our idle as worst person (by using a lot of something unpleasant), want to stop our religious activities as marking terrorism or extremism ; but we are to blame: we take an action back!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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