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Assimilation of Black Americans?

Politico-Socio issues stay ever with us. Gain perspective deciding if these words resonate with your understanding and thinking.

Is this person White or Black?


The image is black, but the race of this image depiction is not meant to matter since the face and features are all black!

Look at the colic at the top of the image. That alone excludes the majority of the Billion-plus people identified as African, African American, or Black.

S l o w l y, society is trying to change to include everyone (mostly in the wrong way!).

The dawning of a new age, in the States at least, Black people can be president and treated as cruelly by the populace as a White person is treated in the office. Still, the word person culturally in the United States and Western cultures refers to a White person.

So, when speaking, it is understood that the word 'person' here refers to a White person in office until that person becomes a person of color in office which then obligates the purveyor of information to inform everyone what type of person, which in turn is just a psychological truth due to the European-influenced culture that rules the world today.

People are White. When they are not White, they are Black people, Chinese people, Latino people, etc. Of course, of course, some will say what about French people or Australian people or British people. They are all White--until, they are Black, Arab, or Aborigine. No one experiences the race issues America has, or other nations speak of or acknowledge racial issues less ferociously.

The racial descriptors used by all people in the great nation of The United States of America have softened; however, its, the US, use of them has not changed.

It seems that many White people, who are just as ambiguous a race as are Blacks, want the Black people to stop complaining about racism and make a concerted effort to blend into the popular culture.

One Billion or so people on this planet have a racial classification of Black (African), Indian, or Chinese each. 750 million, or thereabout, people identify as Caucasian, White with a European heritage. This group, Whites, rule the world in every aspect whether other races and cultures admit to it or not.

Are Black people becoming like everybody else in this nation--by everybody else that means White culture in general?

African American Blacks may be taking and accepting the cry of other Americans who have assimilated such as those of Asian and many of those of Latin descent. This group of people who want and desire this lessening--the lack of racially motivated agitation in American called culture--seems as if it is a group of people who have nondescript ethnic identity except for the appellation American.

However, the question is: When you think of Americans, what are the first images that come to mind? And be honest with yourselves.

What Image Comes up on Google Images, In My Search, for American People



To be fair, in every culture the dominant group assumes that all of whom any person speaks will be of that heritage unless otherwise specified. In America, the issue of race seems to take on new forms just to stay alive since the Civil Rights Movement.

Danielle C. Belton


In an opinion piece written for Clutch, Danielle C. Belton gave her perspective on the subject as follows:

Assimilation is the greatest and most important waste of time any [B]lack person will ever engage in. Because it essentially means spending your life anticipating someone else’s prejudices, then trying to modify your behavior to prove you’re a special, different, extraordinary Negro, not to be confused with Lil Wayne or the guy on the evening news who rammed a car in to a hair weave store and ran off with $10,000 worth of Indian Remy.

Not that Danielle is a great authority on all things dealing with Blacks, but she has a point to consider. In her article, she gives a list of how difficult it is for Black people to assimilate just because of the color of their skin and the texture of their hair.

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However, it happens.

  • Naming children so that they would not be identified as a race other than the norm, which is White, is one way of assimilating according to many.
  • Changing speech intonation and patterns to sound less like the vernacular of parents is another way to assimilate.
  • Separating from traditionally Black groups and joining groups that promote ((((The ONE American Way)))) is another way of assimilating.
  • Changing the texture of hair to appear more flimsy is another way to assimilate.

47 Readers Polled for this Article Provide the Following When Asked: When you think of an American, what do you think of?

RacePercentage of Participants

White Woman


Black Man


Black Woman


White Man


Myself (Non-White)


Myself (White)


None of These


Already Assimilated.

As much as American society cries out for individuality, it does so with a caveat. There must be a limit to how far any one person can go before society rejects their individuality.

For example, society as a bed of red roses loves a single rose that has Pink petals. Yet if the rose has Yellow petals society may see the rose as too different and rejects the rose. Society has a way of letting its member know what will be acceptable and what will not. Laws and social change may, over time, bring more acceptance to the Yellow rose.


Black Americans are not privy to a unique culture apart from what the Europeans provided them during and following slavery in America. Deviation from the European-based cultures is attempted only to melt away into the mainstream of American society.

The Old Ways among Black Americans do not go past slavery for most. They speak English and eat English/European-based foods.

It is okay to assimilate into American society since Blacks have done so for generations. Black culture, the way they talk, the values they espouse, and the institutions they respect are extremely similar to the White Americans--all based in English!

Black people have Ebonics rendered English based on the poor ability of Slave ancestors to grasp the English language while Whites use Standard American English unless you consider the poor Whites who also speak non-standard English.

There are other differences; however, those differences are socioeconomic in nature. Blacks are already assimilated by necessity. Society demands mainstream assimilation as it changes to meet the needs of the majority--and it is getting it!


What do you think?

Polling 52 Readers: Are Blacks or African American, in Your Opinion, More Assimilated into American Society Now?







Yes, Assimilation Sounds Bad but it Made the USA

Black Americans celebrate the same holidays White people celebrate. Thanksgiving turkeys are eaten among Black Americans though the original colony of Pilgrims did not boast any Black Pilgrims.

Christmas was handed to the Blacks by the Whites, and so was Christianity in America. Most Blacks are Christian in the United States.

These are just a few examples of why it is okay to join mainstream America. Black people are already a part of it if they never realized it before.

It is Black American culture and heritage to speak English and accepted the White man's culture. They were not given a choice. However, life in America is NOT as bad for Black people as it was once.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Rodric Anthony

Express Yourself

S Leretseh on July 28, 2015:

"Are you so sure that NO other racial grouping used any of its own race as slaves"

Of course white people owned white slaves in that past(specifically Romans and Greeks). The big difference here tho is how the slaves were acquired. White people defeated an enemy people, or a people who would not submit to subjugation. With the Africans, the black slave traders simply marched over to an unsuspecting tribe...invaded the tribe, then slaughtered the too young and too old or those who fought back...then marched their captives to the slave ports. I am not aware of any other people in human history that acquired slaves --to be sold to foreigners -- in this barbaric manner; and for so many centuries! (REMEMBER, it only ended because white people ended the slave buying))

"Blacks have historically made towns that were run by Blacks."

I know of no towns - none - built by negroes from the ground up. Aberdeen "Resettlement " was a small community built by negroes (from 1936 to 1939 -- the working material were provided by the US gov't under the New Deal). The town of Boley (OK) was always considered the biggest black-run town (almost 1000 black population). The notable characteristic that I discovered in all the small negro towns of the past...was that they produced no gov't services. Why? Obviously because there was an insufficient amount of business activity to generate a tax base - no tax base, no $$$ for gov't services. Clearly, one can see here why blacks bypassed these small black communities (i.e. no black town emerged into a large town or city)... and headed straight for white communities (i.e. the source for jobs). Black communities (black males)...simply did not produce economic environments (businesses and industries that produced jobs) to attract members of their own racial group. This fact still plagues black communities today. It always will (i.e. black males will never be able to produce an economic environment based on occupations generated from businesses/ industries - it is their history and will not change)


I hv found nothing to indicate this was a town built by blacks and run by blacks.

"Whites did not intermingle, but they did destroy heritage and identity "

No! It was the African slave traders who destroyed African tribes so as to procure their slave booty. All white people did was buy the black bodies that the black slave traders sold to them at the slave ports.

"captives of war"

AGAIN, blacks who were acquired by African slave traders were NOT "war captives". They were innocent victims of a slave trader's tribal invasion.

"I am not certain where you hope to take you line of reasoning. I would truly like to understand"

Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on July 19, 2015:

I am uncertain of the point that you are making with you mini-hub here though I appreciate your comment. Are you trying to say that Black people are inferior to White people? The things that you attest to are based on faulty information about race. Are you so sure that NO other racial grouping used any of its own race as slaves or traded any of its own to other racial groups for the spoil of war?

Also, Blacks have historically made towns that were run by Blacks. In fact, there is on city in Georiga call Alapaha that to this day is still Black run. Whites would take any black town that became prosperous and if possible kill the inhabitants and take it over. Also, Whites are the ones who brought millions of Black Africans to the Americas, intermingled with them and created most of these races over here. In The US, the Whites did not intermingle, but they did destroy heritage and identity to the point where Blacks are European culturally here.

Whites should have set Blacks free since they are the ones who enslaved them. No body forced Whites to take the captives of war given to them by the victors in Africa.

Also, how do you expect a group of exslaves to govern themselves when generations of them were made to depend on the White man for all that thy had? It takes time to create the mentality of freedom in an oppressed people. I am not certain where you hope to take you line of reasoning. I would truly like to understand.

S Leretseh on July 18, 2015:


One of the most wicked chapters in human history is the slave trade created by Africans. They were the ones, the only ones on the planet, willing to round up members of their own racial group...and sell them (for insignificant material items, trinkets & sea shells) to Europeans to used in the new world as slaves. Without negroid people willing to round up members of their own racial group to sell them into slavery...there is no slave trade. Just like today with the drug trade, who are the wicked ones in the equation? The users oft the drugs...or the suppliers? It is, of course , the suppliers (e.g. Columbian and Mexican drug lords). The Americans (white people) ended the slave trade to their county in 1808.

The slave trade was indeed horrific...but what people need to also understand , and remember, is the brutality, the cruelty, the inhumanness of the Africans in rounding their slaves for trade. When Africans invaded the tribe another to procure slaves, those that had no value were systematically slaughtered. If they were children...these children were left to die. When the slaves were marched to the slave was the usual custom to rape the females repeatedly. Those African captives that couldn't make the long trek to the slave an object lesson to the other captives...they were tied to a tree - alive - and there left to await their fate i.e. to be eaten alive by lions, hyenas or wild dogs.

Only white Christian males in human history fought a war to end slavery. The charity, kindness, generosity and goodwill white people extended toward free blacks after the civil war... was, and still is, unprecedented in human history. White people's efforts after the civil war was to make the black race self-reliant. The mistake white people made...was to try to make the African into the image of the white man (thru eduction). Like the American Indian , the African, white people were slow to discover, is inside the African (i.e. he will not build towns, cities, industries, enough business to generate a tax base, and will naturally gravitate to white communities looking for charity or pity - which historically he has usually received --today, it is codified into law)).

There was NEVER supposed to be racial integration. Only white Christians in all of human history were forced to submit to this nonsense. After the civil war, Blacks were free to build their own towns, cities, create their own businesses and industries... Blacks were given their COMPLETE freedom by white males. Today, the African American is left to conjure up false allegations of victimization by white people in the distant past. This so he can attempt to guilt-trip white people into continuing the integration well as continuing all the govt' goodies his race receives becuz of the color of their skin.

big daddy oreo on February 09, 2015:

You know something rodric, they say once you go black you don't go

back. Well I think that if most white men changed their appearance to black for about 12 months they would not want to go back.

people I think would benefit the most from black skin.

napoleon dynamite

Jon cryer

Richard simmons

pee wee herman

Dustin diamond

ALL police bodyguards and security guards

Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on January 26, 2015:

Thanks big daddy. It would be nice if some of those who may not understand could walk in the shoes of a black person like that movie "Soul Man."

I am not sure everyone would learn the same thing, but at least they would learn something.

Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on November 24, 2014:

It can be hard when we cannot identify our origins the same way the some others can. Almost all people on the planet can identify with some group of groups of ethnicity accept for Blacks. We are the decedents of about half a million Africans who were brought to the US continent. Of the 20 million who were brought across those great oceans, 10 million survived. Of that ten million 500 thousand came to America. You would think that there would be some indication of ethnicity somewhere. I am not sure that the millions of Africans forced into slavery in South America and the islands have the same problem that we have here. It seems as though they have accepted their new identities and have become Jamaicans or Dominicans and such. We have not done that here because the government did not allow it because of all the restrictions on the Blacks in the US. I will have to research it, but I don't think that the 4 million Africans that went to Brazil descendants have the same issue that African Americans have.

Johnique Davis from Illinois on November 17, 2014:

Very powerful and insightful article. Yes, African Americans have assimilated to the dominant culture. American culture is Black folks culture in my opinion. As stated, I to am unable to follow my lineage and to understand my native tongue. I've spent countless of hours researching genealogy of my family and the oldest relative i can find was born in 1807. For African Americans we are forced to deal with insensitive people that don't understand that we are a group of people that were kidnapped from our native land, therefore we had a difficult time understanding our ethnic heritage. Lets put it this way. My 10 year old was given a class assignment that asked what is your ethnic background and what country does it represent, my daughter was sad because she did not know how to answer. Her white counterparts wrote extensively about their European heritage, cultural traditions, and the country they represented. My daughter was only able to say her grandparents were from Mississippi. What's even more ironic is, I was given the same assignment as a kid and I replied the same way. I think if more people researched African American history for themselves, they would have a different perspective about our struggle. Thanks for sharing this important topic.

Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on September 01, 2014:

I agree. People, some White people (and Blacks) try to downplay the experience of American slaves. No other group has suffered the way those people did, not even the Jews for they have their own nation and heritage still.

Blacks, descendants of the American slaves are no longer able to validly claim a connection to those people however. I am sure the Black people would not like to have a separate nation from the white people in this country since culture has change and Blacks have a dependent culture. American Blacks are uniquely American and do not fit in any other setting. It can be said of other American groups too I suppose.

I know I would not want to have a separate nation. Jews were willing to separate and start a knew nation which they did. The former slaves attempted to do it, but their White heritage prevented them from fully connecting to the residents of Liberia. They actually wanted to civilize the inhabitants of Liberia and introduce the European ways among them.

Only in America it seems the slavery has had such a lasting impact. The Caribbean and Jamaica do not seem to have the same problem or Brazil where most slaves were taken!

I suppose only in America did the descendants of slave have to suffer thorough 100 years more of discrimination after emancipation and then a civil rights movement that has only seen fruit with generation X.

Maat on August 31, 2014:

I'm sorry for my error I meant to type" . The fact that black people here in america actually DON'T know their native tongue or lineage through name and blood.

Maat on August 31, 2014:

Hello, I'm surprised there aren't any comments on this hub unlike the others.It leaves me to believe that "whites" and "blacks" are in denile of the destruction of a race of people before our very eyes. The fact that black people here in america actually know their native tongue or lineage through name and blood. The evil done to blacks are far different from the evil that irish people suffered here in america. On the opposite hub talking about white slavery a post left by a reader spoke of irish people had it bad as blacks did but I got the sense that he/she was trying to imply that the irish may have had it worse but for those who think that, I will leave you with WWII german POWs were allowed to eat with their white american captures but blacks who fought alongside their white counterparts were not. Even in time of war whites find that special bond of "whiteness" that allow them to show some sign of respect for each other.

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