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Are Decisions by Judges in Our Justice System Based on Laws or Political Ideology

Today many decisions are being made within our justice system and it is within the rights of any individual to appeal decisions which are felt to be in disagreement with applicable laws and constitutions. We are a nation of laws and laws are meant to be upheld through our judicial system. This can be at the state level or the national level whichever applies.

I realize that there are times when there can be a difference of opinion about decisions being made but the decisions must be compared to the laws that are applicable in each specific case. Sometimes decisions are controversial with regards to specific issues but they nevertheless need to be based on the law not opinion or political ideology. It should be based on the language as written.

I have great respect for our judicial system and sometimes bad decisions can and have been made and this is why we have an appeal system within the justice system. As a country the rights of us as citizens and I repeat citizens are engrained not only in our federal constitution but in state constitutions across the country. In making this point state constitutions cannot be in violation of the federal constitution and federal laws cannot violate our federal constitution.

We are living in difficult times and we will get through them but the principles on which our country was found is culminated in our constitution. Laws are meant to be followed and if we do not like the laws passed as citizens we can vote out of office individuals who accepted these laws.

Each of our votes matter and each vote should be counted in the final outcome. One point to make is that only citizens of our country can legally vote. This is spelled out in federal election laws. Every vote matters when it comes to electing individuals to represent us when decisions need to be made but these decisions must be based actually reading the proposal as written. In addition judges need to completely read any lawsuit and compare it to the applicable laws or constitutions. If a lawsuit has merit based upon the law or constitution then the lawsuit should be validated to have merit and an appropriate decision made.

Decisions in our justice system have consequences not only for the individuals or organizations involved in a lawsuit but sometimes the decision can have far reaching impact on our country going forward.

Judges are appoint or elected in some cases and regardless of the method the applicable laws should be compared to the issue before them. In the case of appointed judges the key point should be that judges do not have the authority to create laws through their decisions but uphold them. Political ideology only applies if it involves upholding the law or applicable constitutions. Sadly in some cases this has not been the case.

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Dennis AuBuchon (author) from Ohio on November 30, 2020:

I agree laws sometimes can be interpreted but I believe judges need to look at the language rather than their ideology.

MG Singh from UAE on November 30, 2020:

I think a lot has to do with political ideology because law is open to interpretation and anything can be swung this way or that.

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