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Texas is Being Conquered; Are There Any Last Stands Left, in Texas?

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Wearing Texas Down

Del Rio, Texas

Del Rio, Texas

Targeting Texas - Targeting the United States of America

The Progressive, Socialism-loving Left, (which has completely taken over the Democratic Party by the way) just in case you haven't noticed, has been working on wearing down the great State of Texas, in order to get them into their camp, for years.

From the looks of the picture shared above, their hard work…who am I kidding, their deceiving methods and the fact that they are up to their eyeballs in corruption, is finally getting them the results they seek.

Just look at the picture, it could be L.A. County, California!

It could be an area just outside of Queen Nancy Pelosi’s gated, protected, Palatial home and grounds, in the blue State of California. Remember Dem's Philosophy 101, do as we say, not as we do!

Turning Texas blue is a piece of the puzzle

Making Texas, just like California, is a part of their plan

Weakening and unraveling the United States of America is their ultimate goal

I’m going to go out a limb and suggest that all of their underhanded, yet in our face, tactics, are a winning strategy!

They are wearing Texas down

Texas is being conquered, by the Federal Government

Yes it’s true, all of these thousands upon thousands of people, pictured in Del Rio, TX, living in tent cities, are coming from the outside, from all over the world, but, it's not by happenstance or circumstance, they have been summoned to come!

More caravans are on their way.

The word is out, the Biden Administration is weak, they go through the motions, but it's all for show.

So, come on down, come on up, come on over, come on by - the United States is wide open, currently in a vulnerable position, come while you still can, just in case the citizens of Texas and beyond...get their fill and wise up and rise up!

The question now becomes, are there any last stands left in Texas, in us?

Hard to tell Texas from California, huh?

L.A. County, California

L.A. County, California

Targets on our Backs

Is Texas prepared for this assault that they are currently under, arranged by their own Federal Government?

How must the U.S. citizens of Texas feel about this. In particular, those closest to the U.S./Mexico border?

Currently, Texas has been playing catch up:

Repairing their 'ripe for cheating' voting laws {due to the Corona virus}

Doing what they can to protect Texas citizens; farmers and landowners, who have been overrun, violated and trespassed by migrants passing through, illegally

Getting the footage out, of the growing by the day 12,000 + currently camped out in Del Rio, TX

Is it too little to late, can David stand up to Goliath one more time.

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Can one State take on the Federal Government?

Will they succeed or secede?

Florida, like Texas, has taken a stand against Government overreach and Government mandates and Government tyranny, but it appears to most that Florida's Governor isn't playing catch up, he is usually a few steps ahead the Biden Administration.

That does not and should not give any one any comfort right now, or any cause to let their guard down, not for a second.

Look what happened to the once rock-solid Red State of Georgia, they were infiltrated from all directions by players of the far left, along with the Covid-19 situation which temporarily loosened up the voting laws, they were ripe for defeat and they too, were conquered!

Florida cannot let their guard down, no Red State can, they all have targets on their backs, sadly and regretfully, it's their own Federal Government placing the targets!

Back When Donald Trump was President and Our Relationships with our Allies, were Intact

U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron

U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron

Can the U.S. Survive the Biden Administration?

Not only have key Red States been bombarded from all directions, but the United States, as a whole, as a Nation has been as well, ever since Joe Biden was put into the Office of the Presidency.

He instantly worked to undo every positive measure that President Trump had taken and every piece of constructive policy put into place which brought us energy independence, the return of manufacturing jobs, a better equipped military {don't get me started} and security at our southern border

As a result, Texas is currently paying the price!

They have been overwhelmed, getting the brunt of it, because Joe Biden overrode the 'Stay in Mexico' policy that President Trump had worked out with Mexico's President, designed to keep migrants in Mexico, not here under bridges and in tent cities.

Mexico did not do it out of the kindness of their heart, but rather because President Trump threatened them with U.S. tariffs, if they did not play ball.

Under this policy, migrants were to stay in Mexico, until the time came for their individual court hearings.

The policy was working, the wall was being built, we finally had tamed the beast that had gotten out of control over many years, under several administrations.

Now we are not only back to where we started, it is a hundredfold worse!

All of this happening on the home front, while the Biden Administration has irritated, agitated and downright angered and alienated the majority of our lifelong closest allies.

Not only did we let down our own Military, we also let down many of our closest allies with the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The United Kingdom was not even notified and is livid over this!

And now, the French are so angry with us, they have recalled their U.S. Ambassador.

This has never happened in our history with the French, which goes back to the U.S. Revolution! There would most likely be no United States of America, if not for the aid of the French!

The Biden Administration made a deal to provide Australia with submarines, after they {Australia} had already made a deal with France, five years earlier. Which led to Australia reneging, which has led to France losing a mega-contract, which has led to chilly relations, to say the least.

Final thoughts on this; two of our staunchest allies, the United Kingdom and France were not even given a heads-up by us and they were both nailed for it, as a result!

Remember the Alamo

Who are we? I don't recognize my Country any longer, do you?

In the meantime, where is Kamala Harris?

Who knows, who cares!

Where is Joe Biden?

When he is not looking at his watch at the same moment our murdered Service men and women's {who were attempting to salvage his debacle in Kabul} caskets are being unloaded onto American soil

When he not at the United Nations, trying to convince them that he is not Donald Trump (finally something he can't screw up)

When he is not at the United Nations, Kumbaya-ing with the far-gone over Building Back Better and the Ever-changing weather

When they are not MIA or doing absolutely nothing positive for this Country, they are busy throwing our Military, our Police Officers and now, our Border Patrol Agents under the bus.

I recently shared the following on my Face Book Page:

"How to Undermine and Destroy Police Officers, the Border Patrol, the Military, a President named Trump, the American People, a Country....

Take a lie, any will do {as long as it hurts someone or something mentioned above} repeat it on social media, over and over and over again.

Tune into mainstream media, as they too - repeat the lie over and over and over again.

Take an image, make sure you get just the right angle, it has to be convincing, in making horse reins utilized to control a horse, look like a weapon {specifically; a whip) utilized to harm a person - share the crap out of it and you too can destroy the life of a border agent!

You too can make all of their lives much more difficult, as if their jobs aren't over-the-top, insuperable enough already, they've just been made even tougher.

Border Agents are being dissed by the President and Vice-President {who somehow managed to make an appearance when it was time to tear down those who protect this Nation and her people}

Horses will no longer be utilized at the border, over a false accusation and optics, that nevertheless, blew up on social and mainstream media!

Like clockwork, the loud mouth useless career politicians, such as Maxine Waters (D) joined in to work up the usual useful idiots and just like that, all eyes are once again on the wrong thing!

The Biden Administration loves it... now instead of answering questions such as:

Why are thousands upon thousands of illegals allowed to just endlessly pour across our border?

Why are mandates placed on the American people, but do not apply to those pouring across?

Why are devoted, career military personnel, even Navy Seals, giving up their careers, under this Administration?

Why are devoted career Doctors and R.N.'s doing the same?

Why are so many devoted American workers being threatened with losing their jobs, if they do not comply and get a vaccine?

What is being done about the many left behind in Afghanistan?

Instead, they get to shake their heads and wring their hands in disbelief that border control agents could be so darn cruel.......

See how this all works, you probably will not see this post, because it's not promoting the things that this corrupt Administration {and big tech} desperately need promoted.

If you do by some rare chance, see it, please, share the crap out of it!"

Thank you Military members, thank you Police Officers, thank you National Guard and Border Patrol and all who actually give a damn and tirelessly work to protect our beloved Country and the American people.

The people know the truth!

Careful what you wish, hope and vote for America -

Hold the line down there Texas, Remember the Alamo, we are counting on you!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on September 21, 2021:

But he who made mean tweets is home in Florida {the Taliban are all over Twitter} but not Donald Trump! Heck, for all I know the Taliban are 'Fact Checkers' at Facebook! Argh!

Love him or hate him, everything he {Trump} predicted, has come true.

We are in quite the pickle, aren't we?

Thanks for commenting John.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 21, 2021:

I had only recently become aware of this worsening situation in Texas. I am in a constant state of amazement at what is happening in the USA, and the world. Yes, France has now dropped a free trade agreement with Australia and is not happy over the scrapped submarine deal, and that is just one repercussion. Thank you for sharing this disturbing article, AB.

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