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Aphrodite Is Not Venus

It’s been an awful long time (15-20 years!) since your’s truly posted anything here (or anywhere). I’ve been busy being homeless, getting lymphoma, being cured, and doing a spot of thinking.

This article isn’t about my struggles and strife, don't worry, it’s about a (metaphoric) bee and his pals that’ve been attempting to lodge in my hat.




At the certain risk of being labelled "nuts"- it’s Aphrodite that’s bothering me! Or rather, it’s her heavenly-body’s misidentification that’s bothering me. I’ve seen perhaps hundreds of documentaries and articles where the commentator informs the viewer/reader that the goddess Aphrodite is sacred to or associated with the planet Venus.

I spend a lot of time on my own because I hate to be the party pooper, a know-all, a fount of all knowledge and-that, but they’re all wrong. Obviously, this is important not-only to the likes of me, for on it lay many matters of historical/prehistoric significance, especially with regard to the real origins of the Moon, something that has baffled, mystified and bam-boozled the astrotheological, astronomic, scientific and lay-persons’ understanding.

Lunar Eclipse over the Acropolis


Titanic Struggles

I suppose the best place to start this is with the mythology of Aphrodite’s birth. It was, according to the ancient Greeks, during the “Titanomachy” or the “War of the Titans,” that Cronus (Saturn) castrated his father, the “Sky God” Uranus, who’d been eating his own ugly children.

In translation, Uranus had many satellites or Moons (his children) which had crashed to the surface of Uranus during some unknown cosmic disturbance. This catastrophe seems to have been one of the causes of Uranus’ “tipping-over” on his side. According to Wal Thornhill, David Talbot, John Cook and many other scientists and science writers, Saturn was a “brown-dwarf” star at this time, a brown dwarf which went Supernova (see image).

Take That!



In the understanding of the “Thunderbolts Project” proponents, this (and all such cosmic phenomena) was an electrical event, a massive discharge of electricity, an exchange of charge between Uranus and Saturn in which Uranus, the lower voltage of the two, was obliged to eject a huge quantity of mass, an electrified molten mass, and believe it or believe it not, this phenomenal scene in the heavens was witnessed by proto-humans! The newly ejected mass of fiery matter was universally described in ancient texts as a “great-comet” which in Greek mythology became the goddess Aphrodite.

Paternity Test

In the Greek myths, Aphrodite was born from the castrated genitals of Uranus when the blood and seed fell upon the sea. Botticelli’s Aphrodite depicts the goddess posed within a clam shell. The very famous Botticelli painting was painted in the 13th century, but was not entitled (as it is now) “The Birth of Venus.” As far as this erstwhile writer understands it, Botticelli called it “The Birth of Aphrodite.” This presumptive “Venus” attribution was not attached to the painting for 600 years, in the 19th century, by a bunch of crusty-old “art-experts” who, apparently, could read symbols. Me too.


Family Matters

Except I'm not quite as crusty.

The old nobs’ who re-titled the piece, were art experts, not astrotheologists. They came-up with the attribution “Venus” based on the other characters hovering round about her. But again, as far as I can tell, Aphrodite was nothing but the Hellene’s version of the goddess Isis. Isis is and always has been regarded as the “mother goddess,” sacred to or associated with the Moon.

According to the ancient Egyptians, Isis (the Moon) was sister and wife to Osiris (Saturn).

It is an astrotheological certainty that the Egyptian god Osiris is/was the Greek god Cronus- according to Greek myths, Uranus (Anu/Janus) was father to Cronus. Therefore, if Aphrodite was born of Uranus’ severed genitalia (making her sibling of Osiris/Cronus/Saturn), and Osiris’ wife/sister was Isis (the Moon) then the idea that Aphrodite is/was planet Venus, is erroneous.

It may be that your’s sincerely has done nothing but further confuse the matter. In the hope it might help, here’s a picture of a statuette (one of countless identically-named others) this one is in the Met museum & gallery in the U.S. It’s called the goddess Isis-Aphrodite. Does that clear up the fog? If Isis is the Moon goddess, then so is Aphrodite. In this one statuette the answer to the origin of the Moon is concealed, isn’t it? The Moon was born as a direct result of the war of the gods, born of the electrical interaction between the ancient sky god, Uranus, and the ancient sun-god Saturn.



All About Isis

Wikipedia says this (and much more) about Isis:

Elaborating upon Isis's role as a wife and mother in the Osiris myth, aretalogies call her the inventor of marriage and parenthood. She was invoked to protect women in childbirth and, in ancient Greek novels such as the Ephesian Tale, to protect their virginity. Some ancient texts suggested she was the patroness of women in general.

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Her cult may have served to promote women's autonomy in a limited way, with Isis's power and authority serving as a precedent, but in myth she was devoted to, and never fully independent of, her husband and son. The aretalogies show ambiguous attitudes toward women's independence: one says Isis made women equal to men, whereas another says she made women subordinate to their husbands.

Isis was often characterized as a moon goddess, paralleling the solar characteristics of Serapis. She was also seen as a cosmic goddess more generally. Various texts claim she organized the behaviour of the sun, moon and stars, governing time and the seasons which, in turn, guaranteed the fertility of the earth. These texts also credit her with inventing agriculture, establishing laws, and devising or promoting other elements of human society. This idea derives from older Greek traditions about the role of various Greek deities and culture heroes, including Demeter, in establishing civilization.

She also oversaw seas and harbours. Sailors left inscriptions calling upon her to ensure the safety and good fortune of their voyages. In this role she was called Isis Pelagia, "Isis of the Sea", or Isis Pharia, referring to a sail or to the island of Pharos, site of the Lighthouse of Alexandria. This form of Isis, which emerged in Hellenistic times, may have been inspired by Egyptian images of Isis in a barque, as well as by Greek deities who protected seafaring, such as Aphrodite.

Thunderbolts of the Gods

My own research tells me that without exception, every calendar in the ancient world was a lunar calendar, not one ancient culture on this Earth paid attention to Sol, nor was he honoured by ceremony. Again universally-speaking, every ancient religion- with no exception- venerated the Moon and its goddesses of fertility, food, and motherhood- not the Sun, not Venus, not Mars.

Herodotus, an Hellenistic Greek, was the first “modern” human to record the identity or similarities between the Greek pantheon and their antecedent ancient Egyptian pantheon. They venerated the same “gods” (the planets) under different names. Isis (the Moon) was Aphrodite/Artemis. Osiris was Cronus (Saturn); Set was Zeus (Jupiter); Horus was Ares (Mars), Thoth was Hermes/Mercury, and Venus was Kali/Ishtar/Athena...

The affinity of La Lune and the sea is well-enough understood nowadays, it has a very strong “gravitational” influence on the tides; airhead astrologers’ like me know that it’s more likely to rain at “New” Moon and “Full” Moon than it is at other times. Well- it is in England at any-rate. Suck it and see should you doubt my veracity (how very dare you). To this addled astrologer, the clam shell s a motif, hints at crustaceans, and they hint at a zodiac sign, Cancer the crab. It just wouldn’t have looked right to stand Aphrodite atop a crab, though, would it? Alice Bailey wrote: The slow-moving crab, identified with its dwelling-place and carrying its house upon its back, lives upon the land (physical plane life) and also in the sea (the life of the emotions).

Venus, however, has little or no astrological connection to the sea nor the rain. Botticelli’s Aphrodite stands within a clam shell which hovers over the sea- the sea and the Moon are synonymous- just count the “rays” within the clam-shell, there are 13 of each “polarity,” 13 is associated with the Moon and the resurrection of Osiris (by Isis). There are 13 days between New Moon and Full Moon. Isis recovered 13 of Osiris’ body parts. The Moon’s sign, Cancer, starts on the Summer Solstice, as you probably know, and this explains the presence of the nymph or goddess on the right, holding a veil up, for she’s the goddess of midsummer, Flora to the Romans. How the “art experts” fail to recognise these very salient symbolic keys for what they are, is little short of mind-blowing. Midsummer = Isis/Aphrodite = the Moon.



So, ultimately, this reveals that the Moon was born from the Supernova event of sky-god Uranus and his usurper, Cronus.

Astrologers still puzzle over the well-known connection between the Moon and Saturn, partly because the logic behind this connection remains obscure. One such provable connection is mathematical, concerning their relative motions in the horoscope. In the progressed chart, the Progressing Moon and Transiting Saturn match-step, join arms, hold hands. The progressed horoscope is a successful technique employed by astrologers’ for unknown millennias. Using this technique, we are enabled to look into the future or past of various entities, corporations, countries and individual people, by taking their natal-chart and then advancing (or regressing) the entire Solar-System relative to the Sun’s motion at 1 degree per annum. Thus, we can advance through any entity’s life-cycle in discrete steps, one year at a time (it’s extremely accurate and works), or one month at a time- it’s up to the astrologer. Now, the speed of motion of the progressed Moon is exactly the same rate of motion as transiting Saturn, meaning that the Moon and Saturn are in lock-step at these relative rates of motion. Depending on the individual-charts, of-course, this can affect one in a positive- as-well-as negative- way- for instance a former client and friend (rip) had a very rare negative lock-step between transiting Saturn and his progressing Moon. They were in a very long term conjunction which had extremely negative repercussions on his life. He died quite young after a long period of depression and mental illness. Poor guy. Conversely, the Moon and Saturn can just as rarely get into a positive lock step which has extremely good outcomes on a person, lending perseverance, will-power, good-humour, tenacity, longevity, persistence, etc, etc.. Ultimately, as Saturn is the “Lord of Karma,” it is one’s own deeds in this life and former lives which necessitate such karmic balancing. No one is a victim of fate, we are each its cause.

Crater Face


The astrological-symbol for the ringed-world, Saturn, represents a sickle (it looks-like lower-case “h”). The sickle relates to his attempted patricide. We won’t go too deeply into the symbol here, but suffice it to say that this Saturnian symbol of the sickle, relates to the Moon via the geometry of crescents. Saturn and the Moon are related in more occult (unseen) ways than the merely visible. Astrologers have noted for thousands of years that the feeling-tone of the two heavenly bodies is almost identical, mournful, sad and despondent. Both heavenly-bodies govern the “dark-times,” the Moon governs the night-time, dreams, infancy; matriarchy; the dark-half of the year; Planet Saturn rules-over midnight, midwinter, mourning, black, the past, patriarchy, old age.

The tilt of Earth's axis is about 23.5 degrees, almost identical to Mars and Saturn’s, suggesting (re: the Thunderbolts Project) that Mars and Earth’s true origin was the brown dwarf star Saturn; the tilt of the Moon's axis is only about 1.5 degrees, thus any astrophysical theory suggesting the Moon was ripped from the Earth’s surface should be laid-to-rest without further ado. Our axial-tilts would be identical.

Something as large as the Moon careening through the early heavens would have got the attention of the Earthlings- no wonder they worshipped the Moon. There’s little surprise that the Moon ended-up like a chunk of pumice, it would have glowed with its own light for thousands of years after it’d arrived in orbit around the Earth.

The multitude of perfectly-round pock marks all over the Moon’s face, make no sense at all as “impact” craters. That lunar surface looks as though it was boiling and bubbling like a pot of lava-stew. If those lunar craters really were the result of countless meteors hitting the surface, how come they all hit so perfectly square-on? None of these alleged asteroids or meteors struck it a glancing-blow and left an elongated gash? Huh? Every one of ‘em makes a perfectly perpendicular hit! Jeepers!

For the moment we’ll leave it there, but I do intend to reinvigorate my presence here with some articles I’m about to put together. Since my first excursion into online authoring, much more than water has gone beneath my bridge, and I now know and understand more about the universe than I did back then. Quite recently I ran into the “Thunderbolts Project” and the “Safire” Project on Youtube. The veils have fallen from my eyes, like, truly.

Their collective understanding of the way the whole thing came into existence and now exists, how the solar system was formed, and everything you and I thought you and I already knew about everything, will eventually blow the likes of Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, Isaac Newton et al, right off of the face of the planet. Truly.

I can hardly believe the non-reaction of standard cosmology, nor standard cosmologists. They behave like zombies or drones in the Borg Hive. They set-out to discredit and destroy those who know better than themselves. My forthcoming article shall be entitled something along the hi-falutin’ lines of: Genesis- a prequel.

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