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Not Trump, He's so Polarizing: Give Me Polarizing, Mean Tweeting, Crazy Hair Man, Any Day Over Establishment Sellouts

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Anyone but Trump

As people grow increasingly frustrated with Joe Biden, as they begin to admit that he is not the man they thought he was, as they began to grasp that we are all in way over our heads...the only one in Joe Biden!

As buyer's remorse settles in...

the response from mainstream media has naturally been, to sound the alarm and start in on Donald J. Trump, once again!

I've heard one too many times, just within the past few weeks:

It would be best if Trump doesn't run again, he is too polarizing!

It's his personality, he's sarcastic, he's condescending, he's this, he's that...and that tweeting of his!

He was all in on 'America First', (as if this is a bad thing, as if in an effort to take care of ourselves, we'd suddenly stop being the caring Nation we've always been) (as if we'd not hook up to the oxygen first, in order to better assist and hopefully save, our child)

This criticism of him, about him wanting to put and keep America first; leading the way, leading the pack, making a difference here, in order to make any kind of difference abroad...never made any sense to me!

His tweets are often over-the-top and hurtful to boot

He hurts feelings

Why did he have to be so mean toward the media

This is the best they can do, it was the best that they could do, but...

it all worked in getting rid of the man, who was absolutely and unapologetically working to put us and America, first!

As a result of him getting things done for us; we had to be knocked down a few notches, shown and put back in our place and so, we were saddled with, safe Joe Biden!

It all backfired on us, as in, the U.S., as in big time, but nevertheless, where has it all led?

What are the latest rumblings?

Trump is so polarizing, I hope he doesn't run again!


Why can't we learn?

Trump continues to catch the brunt; while Nation-destroying, pitiful, pathetic, misunderstood, sleepy Uncle Joe, continues to get a pass!

We are mean and we are rude and we are insensitive...if we dare mention Biden's many shortcomings and/or his unwavering family dysfunction, instead, we must focus on the simple fact, that he belongs and Trump doesn't.

Because that's just the way it is.

Anyone but Trump...or a conservative!

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In the meantime, look at how things were with Trump, as opposed to today!

With Trump, I left the gas pump with more money in my pocket, fuel prices were half the cost that they are today.

I didn't see my energy prices increasing, but they are now; such a short-lived status as an Energy Independent Country!

What will become of citizens of the Northeast, especially those on fixed incomes, come Winter?

Does anyone in this Administration care?

My town, my county, my State, was much safer with Trump, there is not a doubt in my mind about that!

I can't say the same thing now, not because I choose to be that way, but rather because our neighbors are victims; our jobs sites are being targeted and various subcontractors are getting robbed blind, multiple times in the course of one week on one site recently.

We're told, not much can be done about petty crime!

That's just great, because flights of illegals, aka: lawbreakers are being sent to parts unknown...and also, to parts known, by the Biden Administration.

In fact, within the last couple of months, a minimum of 70, (who really knows how many) midnight flights have made their way, touched down and illegal migrants have dispersed, right here, somewhere, in the sunshine state, without the approval of Florida's Governor.

But, let's ignore petty crime in small town u.s.a., on the rise, where it has not been a problem before!

Let's ignore the fact...that illegal entry was under control, under the "polarizing President Donald Trump"

Let's set aside, the fact that Uncle Joe Biden has not only brought the building of a security wall to a screeching halt; he took it upon himself to become the judge and jury of our Border Security Officers, just for the heck of it, just so illegals are crystal clear on his messaging and where he stands!

Before he knew anything about anything, {as was the case with Barack Obama when in office} he accused Agents of intentionally harming illegals with their horses and with their reins and he threatened them!

Did he ever apologize, when the facts were presented?

I never heard, but I seriously doubt it, incidentally, his boss, Obama never did either!

Defending the Wrong Things at All Times and Laughing About it

While we are setting things aside, let us also set aside Biden's outright denial, denial and then clarification, clarification and then the admittance, that yes, they are, in fact, in talks with law-breaking illegal migrants, about monetary compensation.

In particular, those adults separated from children at the border, during the Trump Administration.

Separated for one reason and one reason only, in order to find out if these children were safe!

If everything was in order, if they weren't being trafficked, they were reunited with their family members.

The message that is currently making its way south of our border, by this current Administration, is that we were wrong, as a Country, to ever take precautions to protect defenseless children.

We were wrong to consider that they could be in the company of dangerous individuals with devious intentions to sell them, traffic them, sexually or physically abuse them, kill them, once they were no longer needed....

We are to automatically assume those that who will break our laws to enter into the U.S., could never be capable of anything less than honorable and that all are legitimate families, only in search of, a better life!

God forbid, we actually seek to insure the safety of innocent children!

The other message being sent! Cross over into the United States illegally and you too, may greatly profit!

Energy Independence

Under the "polarizing" Donald Trump, we were energy independent, for the first time in a very long time.

It is...or it was (and can be again) remarkable! Us, self-sufficient, not counting on foreign Nations, those Nations that would throw us to the wolves in a heartbeat.

We have the natural resources to sustain these United States and beyond...right here in these United States for a very, very long time, but nope, can't have that, can't appreciate that.

The progressive, climate-crusading left, much prefer we set our sites on the bird-decapitation devices, known as wind turbine power, over our great reserves of fossil fuel, natural gas, oil, coal...

They would rather continue to endlessly worry about the potential of the earth warming by 5 degrees over the next 300 million years - They are currently wringing their hands about it in Glasgow

We are also learning that the Michigan pipeline may be on the chopping block! In the midst of energy hardship, caused by this current Administration, with Winter coming...because the happening climate summit is currently happening in Glasgow and the happening Progressives dominate the Dem Party, I'll go out on a limb and label this pipeline...done!

What was Trump thinking when working to take advantage of and utilize the United States' very own natural resources, when we all know that OPEC and Glasgow...rule that roost?

We had finally gained energy independence and now; because Donald Trump doesn't belong and had to go, we are left, not only relying on OPEC, but with Biden's Energy Secretary Granholm, who, just like our dismissive, unproductive V.P., is laughing her way through.

What we all see as hardship, they find amusing, time and time again! What is up with that?

Saving the United States of America

I don't know if Donald Trump will run again. If I were him, I wouldn't, not after the way he was treated from the day he announced he'd be running.

If he doesn't, we can only hope and pray that we get someone into office that comes close to caring as Donald Trump does, about the survival of this Nation!

This current Administration is sinking us, intentionally, for what exactly, no one can be sure, no one has all the answers, as to whom is beholding to whom.

Their reward for the sellout...what do they get in return?

Only God knows for sure.

Although these types of deals, don't involve God!

These are dangerous people in and behind this current Administration and we all know it, some are just afraid to admit it.

Getting rid of those who will use up America for all it's worth, until there's nothing left of her to give, should be our primary focus, not whether the polarizing Donald J. Trump will or won't make another run!

God Bless and Keep these United States of America!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 A B Williams

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