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Anti-American Rallies Disguised as Anti-Trump Rallies

I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.


Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominee for the Presidency in the upcoming election, is being met with huge protests on the campaign trail. His messages of populism, definitively closing the southern border, and putting America First, resonate with a large percentage of citizens. Some of these protests originate from student groups and members of the opposition party, who protest against him due to his political ideology, which is to be expected. Democrats and Republicans will always battle one another and are polarized on issues such as birth control/fetal murder, crime and punishment, race relations, taxes and spending, and immigration, both legal and illegal. What's surprising is that for the first time in our history and on such a large scale, illegal immigrants - people who have broken our laws and are in this nation illegally - are standing up and demanding rights and have a high degree of expectation that their voice somehow matters in American politics.


Free From the Shadows

Natural born American citizens are mostly appalled by this notion. No one other than an American citizens should have a voice in American politics. Anyone here illegally should be arrested and deported under U.S. Law. President Obama often talks about illegal aliens or undocumented workers as he likes to call them, living in the shadows. Their actions demonstrate that they are no concerned with being deported and it could be deduced that they fully expect to receive amnesty at some future date. Our Federal Government is neglecting their duties by allowing this to continue and by that neglect actually encourages similar actions.

Mexican Flags at Trump Rally


This is NOT Mexico

Mostly in the Southwest, angry Hispanics, some legal, some illegal, have fixated on Mr. Trump's hardline stance on immigration and have taken their battle to the streets. They "proudly" wave Mexican flags as part of their message and it's drawn the ire of countless actual citizens who express an opposing sentiment. In the United States of America we are united under a single banner, which is the American flag. Anyone flying a Mexican flag obviously is demonstrating loyalty to Mexico, not America. These illegal aliens are nothing more than terrorists - people who incite violence, destroy property, and attack American citizens should be dealt with severely under the law. Yet, the Marxist-leaning mainstream media has taken these protests and repackaged them as anti-Trump instead of anti-American. Hispanics demanding equal rights in a nation which they are not citizens of is totally meaningless and should be treated much differently than how it is being handled. Non-citizens are not entitled to any of the rights citizens have, nor do they have a voice in attempting to change our laws on immigration, border security, or deportations.


Support for the Protesters

American citizens are left to wonder why our media is supporting the protesters so strongly. Donald Trump has made it no secret that he intends to strengthen the southern border by building a wall and expelling all illegal immigrants. Mr. Trump has also expressed that immigration laws will be followed as they are written. Yet, because of this the media and the Democrats are calling him a racist. Protesters that are flying the flag of another nation inside America are calling Trump racist. People who are participating in violence against the United States are calling him racist. Latino's burning the American flag in America are calling him racist. What statements Mr. Trump made were not made based on race, but on facts, and since the left has no way to fight facts, they've employed armies of young people to champion playing the race card.


Trump versus the World

The pressure to see Mr. Trump fail in his bid for the Presidency comes from many groups, but primarily from those who have illegal alien family members present in the United States. With President Obama being overtly welcoming to kids of illegals with the DREAM Act and other programs designed to help them succeed, many of these mixed families were totally relaxed and probably expected to gain amnesty. Obama basically has ignored immigration enforcement and had all of his administration working overtime to downplay all of the criminal acts committed by illegal aliens, most often at the expense of actual citizens. The media, in their support of the open-border policies of the Democrats have attempted to play the emotional card to its fullest. They cite example after example of how families will be broken up, how dreams will be shattered, and how American will somehow lose something valuable if Trump is allowed to execute his deportation plan. Deep-pocketed supporters of cheap labor, Mexican Cartels, and even Mexican politicians are supporting the anti-Trump rhetoric which adds further fuel to the fire.

Why Do Illegals Come

One of the looming questions asked is simply why do people come here illegally when America has a fairly open immigration system? Well, the truth might be painful for some people to hear, but it needs to be said. America welcomes legal immigrants, but only those who are valuable to America. There is NO waiting line for people with low education or few skills to stand in and gain permanent U.S. residency. This may sound harsh, but it's necessary - thus the reason why many choose to break our laws and come here illegally - we wouldn't accept them as immigrants. Truth is, we don't want anyone to come here as a negative contributor to the economy. Generally, gaining permission to live and work in the United States is limited to people who are (1) highly trained in a skill that is in short supply here and offered a job by a U.S. employer, (2) escaping political persecution, (3) joining close family already here, or (4) winners of the green-card lottery. When Mr. Trump says Mexico is sending their worst to cross our borders illegally, he is referring to those who just do not qualify to become citizens.


Trump's Plan

Donald Trump's enforcement plan is simple, it creates jobs we need, and gives American citizens the confidence that our government is not only creating laws that keep us safe, but also following them as written. Mr. Trump has said he will build a fence, deploy 25,000 additional border agents, utilize Predator drones, and any other means necessary to enforce the southern border. He also pledged to enforce immigration laws - laws that are already in place. He does not believe in using the safety of our citizens as a political tool in pandering for votes in the Hispanic community. He will eliminate detention centers and deport illegal aliens immediately - no hearings, no court appointed lawyers, no access to our judicial system.


Backfire - Perhaps

There are many moving parts to this scenario, with some easier to spot over others. The fact that a Presidential candidate, regardless of party affiliation, is attempting to enforce existing laws and being met with such a high level of backlash demonstrates how flawed our system has become. We are a nation of laws and those laws need to be enforced or changed, not simply ignored for the benefit of special interest groups. This is the United States of America and not the world's hotel. If you break our laws, you deserve to be punished. Let's start calling these protests what they really are - anti-American - and proceed with the deportations sooner rather than later.


Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 10, 2016:

im on phone, not knowing how to copy and paste. just google it. new restrictions on abortion. 231 if them, while your gun rights are expanded. and no, this is being done by states. republican run states. same ones that have new voter suppression laws and refuse to expand medicare and join exchanges. obama believes women are smart and entitled enough to make their own decisions, unlike you republicans who have to have your phony church in my pockets and my womb.

god entrusted women with child bearing. you men think god needs your interference. unbelievable gall.

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Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 10, 2016:

I'd sure like to see that lengthy list - 200 things that Congress did? But doesn't the anointed one in the WH have to sign those things....hmmmm sounds complicated

Please specify exactly when a fetus becomes a baby so we can understand when it's OK to kill and not Ok to kill....or maybe ask your Christian God his opinion.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 10, 2016:

they dont have to overturn it to prevent wonen from excercising free will. this teabaglixan congress has passed over 200 new restrictions on my kids freedom, while mouthing platitudes about the constitution.

your rights end at my nose, why is your party invadibg my private life?

and no i have not murdered a baby. neither has any woman who had an abortion. now when a 2 yr old gets daddies gun and kills his brother, thats just the price they have to pay for YOUR freedom, huh?

give it a rest. trump stands for anti freedom, like all antis.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 10, 2016:

I guess your out of luck then - back to the kitchens for you woman!!!!

The court could have 9 conservative justices and it wouldn't matter - unless you can overturn Roe V Wade (which no one can) nothing will happen - save your vitriolic rhetoric for a fight which matters. Hanging your cap on this false notion that anyone is taking any rights away is just political crack to gin up the masses.

Say what you want, but I never murdered a baby...have you? It's not a right wing think to preserve human life.....

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 10, 2016:

he said women should be punished for doing something thats none of his business in the first place.

he said he would nominate the most conservative justice he could find: code for anti abortion, anti government, pro profit, pro wealthy uber allesand i shant watch anything. you rightwingers say whatever you want about anyone. ill treat you the same. accuse my gender of murdering babies? you need your mouth washed out, not me. now ill wait for your typical response and your clique to pile on, while whining about mean old lmc.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 10, 2016:

What restrictions has TRUMP professed he'd make on your reproductive parts Leslie.......

My weapons are guaranteed in the Constitution

Maybe you should call Shrillary and ask her to sponsor an Amendment to insure you keep your right to murder babies in the womb. (I'm pro-choice, so watch your response)

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 10, 2016:

youre the one not paying attention. of course, because it doesnt affect you. you get to keep your precious deadly weapons, while your conmen/cavemen make new laws and restrictions on my uterus. freedom? privacy? ha!

youze are in for the surprise of your lives. heard of million rising? make that 3.5 billion.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 10, 2016:

Leslie - always so concerned about "women's rights" being taken away - like any President of either party could possibly overturn your precious RoeVWade. The protection of the 2nd Amendment is really what a conservative justice would do - which by the way is good for ALL Americans, not just women - the right to defend yourself against a tyrannical government is absolutely necessary in these troubled times.

Maybe you aren't paying attention, so I'll remind you of the nearly 100 million people out of the Labor Force under the current President - maybe that's the VooDoo you were thinking of. Mr. Trump wants to put people back to work and preserve the job market in America for the future generations - can't see how your ideology has an issue with that.

Ken Burgess from Florida on June 10, 2016:

Unfortunately thinking Hillary and the Democrats represent anything other than the continued dismantling of America in the form of continued decline in wages, decline in jobs, and decline in protected rights is outright denial of reality and the last 25 years of American history.

I am not arguing in favor of the Reps either, its the small minded who think the Reps represent something different, people seem to ignore the very reality in front of them, that Washington continues to pass one awful law after another, regardless of who is in power.

Remember when Americans, mostly our elderly, were taking buses into Canada to buy their medications, because it was saving them thousands of dollars? Remember how others were using the internet to buy them overseas to save themselves money?

What did our wonderful government do to help them out? They made it illegal for them to purchase the lower priced Meds, they forced them to buy criminally overpriced drugs here in America. To the benefit of no one other than the corporations making those drugs.

That is but one small example, of the continued attack by Washington on the American working class, middle class, however you want to label them. Work hard, die destitute, that is what the Wall St. to Washington collusion wants for Americans. One big lower class for all.

If you are arguing for Hillary you are arguing for all that Washington has stood for, all its corruption, of the last 25+ years. She is the poster child of the worst of it.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 09, 2016:

Trump is not an outsider. Hes gone to the same cocktail parties, hangs in those circles, and worse--paid people in office off to turn a blind eye to his criminal dealings.

He wont make America great for Americans, but the same old international robber barons that think they own us all.

Trump is now being groomed. Hes being made into what The Party wants. Hes already promised to nominate the most conservative justice he can find. Bye bye womens rights. He also has the same voodoo economic plan weve been suffering under since Reagan.

Not an insider? What other accuser gets to call their judge unqualified and get away with it?

If hillary refused to release her tax returns, what do you think the media would say? Pulleaze, hes the biggest insider around.

He uses hie money and his fame to get away with everything.

Vetting is going to be extremely revealing. And trust its only just begun.

Ken Burgess from Florida on June 09, 2016:

ALL Politicians in Washington are corrupt... would be a far more accurate statement than blaming either the Dems or the Reps for being responsible for the state of our country today.

During the Clinton Administration back in the 90s they helped pass along NAFTA, the 94' Community Reinvestment Act, the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act that actually deregulated the financial sector and allowed investment houses to also be banks, and so much more that has helped cripple a Worker's ability to make a good wage.

And now Laws like TPP and WTO hang in the balance of Hillary being elected, as well as more than one Supreme Court Justice, without which the dismantling of the Constitution cannot be achieved, which is the ultimate goal, to permanently change what this country is to fall in line with the likes of China and Russia.

So... Clinton means a continuation of the weakening of our economic and military might, a weakening of our rights, and the continued corruption to continue in Washington. In essence a continuation of the Obama & Clinton Administrations, run by Hillary who is even more corrupt and careless than either Bill or Obama could ever hope to be.

Trump is an outsider to the Washington corruption, he has exposed it, mocked it, discussed how it has weakened the nation and how the politicians have only been serving their own interests and bank accounts.

Just consider Hillary, worth over 100 million dollars... how is it that the Clintons have achieved so much wealth?

The Roosevelt family, the Kennedy family, they made their wealth before they got into politics. Trump has made his wealth in business ventures over the course of 40 years. How is it Bill and Hillary became so rich, in politics?

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 03, 2016:

And the right. Tea party threatened ballets or bullets. They love to cause trouble, blame others. Its called Gladio, and its real.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 03, 2016:

I agree that anarchy and civil war are the objectives of the radicals on the Left.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 03, 2016:

Yes, well, a lot of "planners" want a civil war here. They want a race war, class war, war war war. Dont kid yourself, all decent protest movements get infiltraited by the same old bums. Legitimate complaints get forgotten and decent people are linked in with the cia/infiltraitor bums.

And breitbart i give zero credibility to. Had enough right wingery for 5 lifetimes.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 03, 2016:

More violence

Notice these people are not promoting an American message

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 02, 2016:

You are dodging - when did Hillary speak up for women's rights while in the countries of the Arabs she collected all her cash from? When do any feminists for that matter ever go to the places where women are truly oppressed and try to make a difference? They don't - I guess that proves America is a place where women's rights exist very strongly and they can do and say whatever they want.......sounds like things here are A-OK and the feminists are just misandrists.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 02, 2016:

When she was a lawyer, silly. And just as a fellow female being, I appreciate those on my side. Don't care much for the women who only want to please men.

Hypocritical not at all. Money is money. Everyone takes it. But did she not speak up for Arab women as well? Women's rights are human rights includes Arab women.

I mean, men politicians take money from everybody all the time. Like Dumpy and Shelly, Sanders and the nra. Do you think the donald is a hypocrit for taking money from a guy who regrets serving in our military?

How about taking money at all! He said he was self funding.

No, I don't think any of them are hypocrits unless they oh say claim to be for freedom but want to control my uterus.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 02, 2016:

Really, since Hillary really never had an elected job until she was a Senator, how could she possibly "fight" for anyone's rights - except here own of course.

Don't you feel she is a total hypocrite - claiming to be so pro-female but taking money from the Arab world where females are treated like slaves and physically and mentally abused? I never hear her shouting for birth control rights or abortion rights when one of those Sheiks is handing her and slick Willey a big check....hmmm seems like she's either a poser her in America or she puts her own finances ahead of the feminist agenda.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 02, 2016:

No, but oddly, she was fighting for my daughters rights before they were born. Unlike Dumpy, who was drooling over models and big bazongas. "Rights, what rights? Get a b**b job, what more do youze females need?"

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 02, 2016:

Did you go to high school with Hillary Clinton? That would make you, what, about 1000 years old?

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 02, 2016:

No. It means charlatan whose grip is coming undone. "The Drumpf is showing its true colors." Slang we used in high school

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 01, 2016:

What's a Drumpf - is that the Liberal word for "Future President that will destroy Hillary in the election"

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 01, 2016:

Adelson will try. Your boy Drumpf.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 01, 2016:

No, Clinton won't be buying this election so we're all safe.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 01, 2016:

Anti americanism by people buying our election is quite on target....unless its just certain people that concern you. In which case, you get what you deserve. Cause its coming.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 01, 2016:

So I'm supposed to be able to glean people's names from thin air when you post them in a comment now? I could care less about the Israel-US relationship, so save your preaching on that topic for another thread. I also don't care what Sheldon Adelson regrets or doesn't regret. In fact neither of these things even remotely come close to the discussion this thread is about - which is anti-American demonstrations by illegal Hispanics living in American and demanding rights they don't deserve.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 01, 2016:

No. Bibi is, and you dont care. Hubpages will squeeze the last vestige from me if i dont shut up, and Adelson regretted serving in our military. Clear?

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 01, 2016:

Leslie - I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you agreeing that Obama is anti-American but we don't care? Is Trump planning on taking Oxygen away so you can't breathe? Are you feeling regret for not serving in the armed forces? Or is this all some conspiracy theory which ties to Israel? I'm sure that Obama snubbing old Netty has made you quite happy over the years.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 01, 2016:

Ronnie - agreed that the Capitalist class from both parties are to blame for the illegal problem. Even though Trump belongs to that group, I'd still be interested in seeing if he could implement his plan and perhaps make some real changes.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 01, 2016:

Because the leader is anti american. And Americans don't care. How's that for patriotism? Your boy Dumpy has da big man backer "my only regret is serving in the US military, not that of the country I love". You figure it out. I'll get banned from breathing.

Ralph Schwartz (author) from Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 01, 2016:

Sorry - not the same thing. When an American criticizes an American President (which happens with both parties all the time) - that's a right of citizenship. Giving a foreign leader a standing ovation? How is that anti-American - it's not like bowing before a foreign leader...ouch.

Ronnie wrenchBiscuit on June 01, 2016:

Let me help you out here Ralph. Those so-called illegals are here undocumented because the greedy capitalists want it that way. It's a modern form of slavery. Only in this case the slaves appear to be willing participants. But they are not. They are herded in this direction by the puppet masters. If the government granted them all citizenship, employers would be forced to pay a minimum wage along with other costs. This way, only the workers suffer, and the employers make out like bandits. As far as any public assistance they may get, it's the taxpayers who foot that bill. Your enemy is your own government, and Donald Trump, in spite of his posturing as a "man of the people", is first and foremost a capitalist.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on June 01, 2016:

Same as inviting a foreign "dignitary" without the presidents knowledge or wishes. Giving foreign leader standing ovations, calling our president "liar" . Anti Americanism comes in all shapes and sizes. And the ones I'm talking about hold real power.

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