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Another Nail in the Coffin of Conspiracy Theory


When Donald Trump was a rising businessman within the seventies and eighties, all his misdeeds were accomplished by the cunning lawyer Roy Cohen. He instructed then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to cancel all investigations into Trump's collusion with Russia. When Sessions didn't agree, Trump said angrily, "Where's my Roy?"

After dismissing Sessions in November 2016, Trump appointed William Barr because of the new Attorney General. He believed that he would be as loyal as Roy. His guess wasn't wrong. As president, the president has "unlimited power," William Barr believed. After becoming attorney general, he dismissed all allegations against Trump, saying "the president has every right to try to do whatever he wants." chatting with Trump before the November election this year, he added that there was a risk of widespread fraud through the postal vote.

The judiciary has found no evidence that rigging will overturn the election results, William Barr Trump's new "Roy Con" said in an interview with the AP on Tuesday. There may are irregularities, but the quantity isn't widespread. William Barr said he had instructed his department's lawyers to research allegations of fraud, but that they had found no evidence. within the same interview, the attorney general said with some annoyance that there's a whim of using the judiciary to affect someone who doesn't like something. In their eyes, the judiciary seems to be the ‘amulet of all problems’.

William Barr's changed position on the election question has caused a stir within the political sphere. But did William Barr get his sanity back? Perhaps William Barr not wants to be referred to as the villain of history.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer, disagreed with the bar's remarks with "due respect." "It is obvious from what the attorney general has said with none investigation that he's unaware of the huge irregularities and scams that have taken place," he said. Trump's lawyers, led by Giuliani, have already lost quite 30 cases. In each case, the court has ruled that there was no evidence of vote-rigging.

Whether or not there's any evidence, most Republican supporters believe that Trump continues to form allegations of fraud. Their idea, not Biden, is that Trump has won. Many are now attacking election officials in several states.

The chief adviser during this work is, of course, Trump himself. Trump fired Chris Krebs, the top of the cybersecurity department, during a tweet announcing that the election had not been rigged. On Monday, his lawyer, Joe Dijenova, echoed that call, saying during a radio interview that Chris Krebs should are shot and killed.

Trump has also lashed out at Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Rafensparger. He pressured the 2 of them to vary the election results. In response, they said, they're going to not do anything illegal. Trump has said he made an enormous mistake in helping Kemp win the election. He called Raffence Pargeter an 'enemy of the people'.

Georgia's senior election official, Gabriel Sterling, has expressed concern that the smoke created by Trump's election results could lead to more violence. He told a press conference on Tuesday that folks might be killed at any time within the current situation. He told President Trump and two Republican senators in Georgia, "None of you've got condemned the physical attacks on election officials. Please stop inciting violence. 'He said it shouldn't be too difficult for those curious about taking power to try to do this tiny thing.

The real goal is fundraising

There is no reason to think that Trump and his supporters will stop protesting after hearing such words from William Barr that the election wasn't rigged. One possible reason is that Trump has been busy raising funds, saying he will still fight fraud in court. For him, this is often an exquisite business opportunity. consistent with the Washington Post, the Trump camp has raised ৭ 160 million since the election results were announced. Most of the cash comes from ordinary Trump supporters, who believe they're trying to deceive their favorite president by stealing votes.

Although raised within the name of a legal battle, the lion's share of the funds will attend a Trump-founded Committee on Political Action. Trump is going to be ready to use the funds as he wishes to stay himself politically active. ‘Help me fight for you,’ is that the language of the various e-mails from the Trump camp posing for donations. In another e-mail, he said, "I need you quite ever." The Washington Post reported that despite the allegations of vote-rigging within the way the cash was coming in, Trump and his party saw no got to change tunes.

Brendan Fischer, one among the administrators of the Campaign Legal Center, said the cash raised within the name of the "Election Defense Fund" would actually be wont to pay off Trump's personal debts and conduct future political activities. "It's actually a scam that's happening right before our eyes," said a CNN commentator.

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