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Another Soap Drama or a True Disaster in the Making

As tensions rise among world leaders and forces gather on the Ukraine borders, the world awaits the outcome of a potential war. The question is: Is history going to repeat itself or have we as a human race evolved to a level of sophistication where peace can be acquired without the use of force?

Causes and Potential Solutions to the Ukraine and Russia ...

Causes and Potential Solutions to the Ukraine and Russia ...

In the past few weeks, as the military forces grow at the borders of Ukraine, Russia has been flexing their muscles with various drill exercises, which begs the question: Are they just putting on a show in hope that it would strike fear in the opposition and cave in to their demands, or are they truly preparing for a full scale invasion?

According to CNN, new satellite imagery shows intensified activity among Russian units close to Ukraine's northeastern border, with units that were in garrisons appearing to take up field positions.

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With this said, although Moscow has made it very clear that their intentions are not to invade Ukraine, but rather come to a peaceful and diplomatic agreement, many world leaders express their concerns over the true intentions of Russia. A war between two countries would be a great tragedy in our modern day society, especially since the world is only a few months into recovery from a global pandemic that caused major mayhem. This is certainly not the cherry we want on top right now.

Yet, we do need to ask the question, should the threat be real and our fears materialize, what would the impact be if an invasion takes place. History has shown us how easily a great war breaks out, even with the smallest of sparks. So, would a Russian invasion of Ukraine be an isolated conflict, or will it have a knock-on effect? Will we follow the same path as the world did in 1914 with the first world war and the second world war in 1939?

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Even in our modern world, there are many tensions between world powers, although suppressed by agreements and unions and treaties to prevent conflict, they certainly do exist. This is where the real threat comes in, should Russia invade Ukraine, different world leaders would side with the two sides and this would escalate existing tensions between these powers. Many world powers have already made their alliances clear and have stated their support plan.

Will we stumble down the same rabbit hole again for a third time, fuelled by our selfish desires? Are we willing to sacrifice millions or even billions of lives for the sake of power? Or, can we find a way to overcome our human nature and solve this issue through peaceful means, without the use of force, firepower and bloodshed?


As the story plays on at the moment, it surely looks like a remake of an old movie, the plot is the same, just the characters that changed. Yet, we can only place our hopes in the fact that our world leaders see the same picture and put an immediate halt to the situation before the chaos breaks out.

Hopefully, this is just another soap drama that de-escalates with our world leaders using their knowledge of history and ability to solve problems without violence and we could soon wipe the sweat from our foreheads in relief of dodging another close call.

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