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Another Poll: Another Worry for the Clown and His Circus.


Another troubling poll, commissioned by 'The Observer' has found Boris and his troubled administration is on the way down. Opinium, who conducted the survey on behalf of 'The Observer', found that Labour and their leader, Sir Keir Starmer, were more popular than Boris and the government. 55% of Britons thought that Sir Keir, was ready to lead and his government was thought by 40%, ready for government.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit these shores, Boris was riding on the crest of a wave, at 65%. Boris was also, buoyed up by his massive general election victory in December. Since then, everything that could go wrong for Boris has gone wrong. His handling of COVID-19 has gone from trouble to trouble, Brexit talks are still stalled, the Cummings debacle, etc.

In the first 100 days of Sir Keir taking the helm of Labour this year, his popularity soared. Many see him as a Labour politician on the right, in the mould of Tony Blair. No doubt, Tony Blair will be backing the man, Sir Keir, who he will see as carrying the light of 'New Blairism'. Though of course, Tony Blair, will certainly want to play down his support, lest it affects Sir Keir's lead.

This latest poll proves yet again, Bojo and his circus government are going down the drain of political history. This poll suggests that the Labour party is ahead for the first time since July 2019 as Theresa May's reign was ending.

Most weeks in parliament, Sir Keir has been able to question, analyse and pin down Boris over his handling of COVID. Sir Keir has promised and is, largely backing the government, ie, face/mask-wearing, social distancing, etc. However, he has committed to holding the government to account when he thinks they are in the wrong.

Being a former Director of Public Prosecutions and his time as a barrister form part of Starmer's attack policy when questioning the Prime Minister. Most of the time, Boris blusters and insults Sir Keir, as his way of pushing Sir Keir's questions away.

Certainly, Sir Keir has distanced himself from the time of Jeremy Corbyn's rule. Sir Keir has actually gone on record and stated that Labour is under new management. Sir Keir has said he will not stand for alleged or real anti-Semitism in the party. Sir Keir's wife, Victoria, is Jewish and his children, are being brought up in that faith tradition. That does not make Sir Keir, anti-Palestinian, and he is a member of 'Labour Friends of Palestine'. Under Corbyn, there appeared to be alleged or real anti-Semitism. Whether there actually was or not, is open to debate. Just because, Mr Corbyn was a backer of the Palestinians, does make him automatically anti-Semitic. However, many Jews left the Labour party and no doubt others used Corbyn's support for Palestine, as a weapon to undermine him.

Question is then, is Boris on the wane, are the days of his administration numbered? Maybe, maybe not, something could happen to revive his fortunes. That said, Sir Keir's success now does indeed echo Blair's popularity in the 90s. Will that lead to a massive victory for Sir Keir, in 2024, like Blair in 1997, well, we will have to wait and see.

Bojo The Clown.


Boris is often shown as a clown. Rather than a latter-day Winston Churchill, (as he himself would probably like to be seen) his buffoonery and his antics have made the public see him as a clown.

Before Boris, as Prime Minister became a reality, his appearances on television his antics as Mayor of London, Boris was the class clown. Boris seemed to be always joking around either deliberately (playing up to the reputation of being the court jester) or that's how he is anyway. Boris served as Foreign Minister in the May government and didn't really seem up to the job. He quit the May government over a disagreement over her Brexit strategy.

Later, Boris became Conservative leader last year and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He won a massive majority last December in the general election. He largely, won because he promised to deliver Brexit - deal or no deal. Since then, of course, getting a deal with the EU hasn't proved as 'oven ready' as he promised voters. The UK is presently in the transition period with the EU, yes the UK has officially left the bloc, but we remain under certain rules until the end of the year.

COVID has affected Boris in the fact that he contracted the virus. It was touch and go for him in an NHS hospital, but, he pulled through. Some have questioned whether Boris is the man he was, since getting over the illness. COVID too has affected Boris' administration too in many ways whether it be his muddled COVID policy or the Cummings fiasco.

Boris is facing open rebellion from many backbench Conservative MPS. Why are they rebelling? Because many Conservative MPs understand there have to be restrictions as regards COVID, but many see the latest new ones as attacks on the public liberty. There may be even harder restrictions because the virus is rife again in the UK. Silly, irresponsible people have caused this spike again by not adhering to the safety rules.

So, when people look back at Boris' time in office (from this period) what will define Boris' time as Prime Minister? Will it be Brexit or COVID? Well, the answer has to be both, and that is how Boris will be judged, no matter how long he is in office.


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