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Angry Americans 20 Years Later After 9\11

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September 11th will come and pass. It will be 20 years ago now that terrorists pulled off a brilliant attack on the New York Towers on the unsuspected U.S. government intelligence agencies. Brilliant because like Pearl Harbor in 1941 by the Japanese, the planning was occurring for many months and more involving numerous terrorists getting through the visa system, blending in with Americans, taking flight pilot lessons, learning flight paths and much more. All this happened with little notice to those agencies that make America safe.

Now, in 2021, the 4-5 main terrorists than are charged with planning this attack, the masterminds, are still laughing at the American justice system because after a delay of 17 months, the pre-trial process finally begins, 20 years later! This is just a horrible state of affairs when there should be little doubt they are guilty. But, the system allows them a defense when their is no defense except for the fact that confessions were obtained via illegal torture methods.

There should be no trial for these men who rejoice in the courtroom now, they should have been killed long ago because each one costs around $13 million in defense fees. What a shameful legal system.

Adding to this fiasco is another one. Biden's horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan before 9\11 that continues to end with American hostages and pathetic policies having to negotiate with the Taliban. Ending the war was the right thing after 20 years, but how it was done will haunt Biden long after 9\11. In fact, the Taliban will be celebrating it also because that defeated a superpower and forced us to kowtow to them during the evacuation process that left 100+ Americans trapped and hostages.

America will have little to remember on 9\11 except more bad news about the current state of affairs. Of course, those 3000 that were killed so long ago should continue to anger Americans at the incompetency of America's leaders.

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