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Andrew Cuomo's Loss Could Be Donald Trump's Gain

Gary first covered politics in Detroit in 1969 and has been a political junkie ever since.


The Democrats are eating their own. And the day may come when they will regret it.

Nearly all Democrats in the New York congressional delegation are calling for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign. The latest adding their voices to this growing chorus: Senators Kirstin Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer. Schumer, of course, is Senate Majority Leader. Saying this is significant is an understatement.

Fellow Democrat Cuomo, who is an accused serial harasser, still says he's not going anywhere. He says he's done nothing wrong. And says his critics should wait until the results of four investigations are in.

He's also being criticized for his handling and counting of the deaths resulting from the transfer of COVID patients from hospitals to nursing homes.

Democrats say they are taking the moral higher ground. They point to sexual misconduct accusations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Positions during the confirmation hearing were taken along partisan lines. Democrats questioned whether Kavanaugh was qualified. But Republicans defended him.

They say this time is different; that they as Democrats are standing up for what they believe is right, even at the expense of one of their own.

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But this could really come back to haunt them. Because to the Democrats, Donald Trump is Public Enemy Number One.

I wonder if the collective Democratic critics of Cuomo have considered this possible scenario. I recognize there are a bunch of ''what ifs" here. But...

What if Cuomo is removed or so wounded that either action clears the way for the election of the first Republican governor for the state of New York since George Pataki?

And what if former President Trump is charged by the state attorney general or the Manhattan DA, both of whom are conducting investigations into his business dealings? And what if he is convicted?

Then isn't it possible that a Republican governor would be in a position to pardon Trump?

One Republican who is sending out trial balloons about a possible gubernatorial run is Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin. And Zeldin was a strong supporter of President Trump.

Politics is like a chess game. You have to think three, four, five even six moves in advance. It seems that, perhaps, the vocal Democratic critics of Cuomo, don't know how to play the game.

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