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And This is Why the Democrats Should Have Gone With Bernie

Bernie Sanders Would Have Beaten Trump Handily

Oh, the sheer arrogance of it all! Despite all the warning signs, the Democratic Party elites and their allies in the mainstream media pulled out all the stops to ensure that Hillary Clinton, despite her myriad of liabilities, would be named presidential nominee instead of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Clinton's numerous flip-flops and quasi-scandals were viewed as trivial, her lack of charisma spun as inconsequential, and any public discontent waved off as mere misogyny. No matter how eloquent our arguments, or how much evidence we brought to bear, we Berners were treated with bemusement and contempt.

We warned that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was damaged goods, but the establishment scoffed. Tragically, the efforts of the establishment to put their collective thumbs on the scale for Clinton have resulted in nothing but humiliation: Republican nominee Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire, has won the White House. As results began to trickle in, many Berners posted social media comments and statuses snarking that, had Bernie Sanders been the Democratic nominee, the Democratic Party would have already won in a landslide. By 11:30 PM Eastern, it was no longer was horror.

Hillary Clinton has lost where Bernie Sanders would have won, and we Berners condemn those whose callous and unethical behavior put us in that position. Bernie Sanders was the rightful Democratic presidential nominee, and he would have easily triumphed over Donald Trump. The actions of many Democratic National Committee leaders, especially Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile, were tantamount to fraud. And, according to the exclusionary rule (Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine), the "fruits" of illegal behavior should not have been allowed to stand.

Because the Democratic primaries were unethically rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, she should not have been allowed to remain the nominee. Yet, nobody in power spoke up and condemned the DNC's violation of its oath of neutrality. Where was Barack Obama? Where was Joe Biden? Where were any of the mainstream news networks? The misbehavior of Team Clinton and its allies was never condemned, despite the Democrats frequently insisting that Republican leaders condemn the misbehavior of its own voters and activists.

Establishment leaders did not criticize the corruption among Team Clinton and the Democratic National Committee because they placed pork above principle. Hillary Clinton's nomination was influenced by profiteering - that is the only way to explain the tremendous disparity in endorsements between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Despite Sanders winning 45% of more of the popular vote in the primaries, he only received seven endorsements from members of Congress - six U.S. Representatives and one lone U.S. Senator. Hillary Clinton, by contrast, received hundreds. Even before the end of the primaries, she had picked up endorsements from the president and vice president.

Alarmingly, Hillary Clinton had received the bulk of these endorsements, including the nod from the president and vice president, while still under FBI investigation. Endorsements from Obama, Biden, and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) all came after the State Department Inspector General criticized Clinton's private e-mail server setup in the harshest language and revealed that she had lied about not being informed of expectations regarding e-mail use. These endorsers should be ashamed of themselves. They endorsed an unfit candidate simply because they thought they could help her win...and that she would repay the favor.

Countless Democrats bellied up to the trough, exchanging their endorsements for the hope of future pork. They did not let ethics, morals, or even the sound reasoning of Bernie Sanders' supporters slow them down. In their sycophancy, they ignored the warnings that Hillary Clinton was far weaker against Donald Trump than was Bernie Sanders, and that Sanders was the candidate who was adept at picking up swing voters and, thus, swing states. No, the establishment was too busy daydreaming about pork-barrel spending, sinecures, and the Pulitzers to be won by writing gushily about the first woman leader of the free world.

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Damn. Well, now there won't be all that pork-barrel spending [for Democrats], the distribution of those plum jobs, or all those magazine covers showing the beaming face of Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump won, and it is the fault of all those who put their thumbs on the scale for Hillary back in the spring. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would have won last night, and you know it.


Virginia Allain from Central Florida on November 09, 2016:

When I think of Bernie, I just want to cry. He would have been such a great president, the FDR of our generation. Instead, we have Trump, the Hitler of this generation.

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