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The United States of America Acquired Ancient Sumerian Anunnaki Alien Knowledge


From Aliens to Solomon's Temple

Thousands of years ago, aliens landed on our planet in the place we now call Iraq. At that time it was known as Sumer. The Sumerian people acquired a great deal of knowledge from these aliens. They called them the Anunnaki. Apparently, the ancient Sumerians learned the secrets of the Universe and the true nature of reality from these aliens.

The Biblical Abraham was one of these Sumerians. In the Bible, Sumer was called Babylon. Abraham was well educated in the ways of the Anunnaki and he shared all of his knowledge, in its entirety, with the people who inhabited the land of Egypt. Suddenly, out of nowhere and as a direct result of Anunnaki knowledge, the Egyptian Empire began. Ancient Egypt instantly was a highly advanced great civilization. This would not have been so except for the profound and superior knowledge they had received from Abraham. This information is necessary to understand Ancient Egypt. The Pharaohs were powerful beyond anything we might be able to comprehend today. The Pharaohs were believed to be gods who had unlimited wealth, power, and knowledge. No rules or laws applied to the Pharaohs, and they ruled the people very harshly. The Pharaohs rose to ultimate power due only to the knowledge Abraham had passed on to them.

Akhenaten, also known as Moses, was one of these Pharaohs. He was a tyrant of the likes Egypt had rarely seen. Akhenaten/Moses outlawed the old polytheistic religion of many gods, which was the religion Abraham brought to them. Akhenaten/Moses cancelled the religion of Abraham. He formed a new religion based on Sun worship, which is where Christianity eventually came from. The Egyptians eventually ousted Akhenaten/Moses because they could not tolerate what he was doing any longer. Akhenaten/Moses was forced out of Egypt.

The story of Akhenaten is an Egyptian perspective, while the Moses story is told from the Hebrew perspective. This is the same story and the same person, but told from different view points. However, the original story does not come from the Egyptians or the Hebrews. The story comes from ancient Sumerian tablets that existed long before the Egyptian Empire or the Hebrews. The story is identical, but the names, places, and time frames were changed and adapted as time went on. This happens to nearly all legends and stories as they are passed down through time. There is nothing wrong with a modernized retelling of an old story. Changing the details of a story is not a problem as long as the moral of the story remains intact. If the same meaning is being conveyed, it does not matter what we name the characters, where they lived, or when the story takes place.

Upon leaving Egypt, the Hebrews spent 40 years wandering the desert. They accumulated vast wealth during those 40 years. When that wealth was combined with the ancient knowledge that came from Sumer, the Hebrews became extremely powerful. At that time, Moses would have been the most wealthy and powerful person in the world. This huge treasure trove of wealth and knowledge eventually made its way all the way to Solomon's Temple for safe keeping.

However, the massive treasure was not safe at all. Neither Moses or the Hebrews had any idea what would eventually happen to the knowledge from ancient Sumer, or the wealth that they had spent 40 years working to accumulate. So, what did happen to it? What happened to Solomon's Treasure? What became of the ancient knowledge that came from the aliens who landed in ancient Sumer? What happened to the vast riches that the Hebrews spent 40 years accumulating?


From Solomon's Temple to the United States of America

66 AD marked the beginning of the Jewish revolt against Rome. The Romans were thrown out of Jerusalem, but the Jewish people knew the Romans would be coming back. They wanted to protect Solomon's Treasure as much as they could, so they hid half of it in the catacombs below Solomon's Temple. They thought this would make the Romans believe they had found all of the Treasure and then leave. If it worked then at least half of the treasure would remain in their possession.

In 70 AD the Romans did come back. Upon their return, they completely destroyed Solomon's Temple. They did not find the hidden half of the Treasure, but the other half was taken back to Rome. At this point, half of the Treasure was in Jerusalem and half was in Rome.

400 years later the Goths attacked Rome. It was the first time anyone other than Romans had taken over Rome. This was the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire. When this happened, the Treasure was seized and taken to southern France.

The French knew they only had about half of the Treasure. After the Albigensian Crusades, an expedition to Jerusalem recovered the rest of the Treasure. The whole Treasure was now together again in southern France. The alien knowledge and vast wealth was safe and sound in the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France.

Those who controlled the Treasure in southern France became the Knights Templar. They were extremely powerful and were the first to rival the power of the Roman Church. This should not be a surprise considering that the Knights Templar controlled the knowledge that came from the Anunnaki aliens of ancient Sumer. After obtaining the Treasure, the Knights Templar went on to become an extremely powerful and influential organization.

The pattern suggests that whoever controls the Treasure becomes extremely powerful in the world. Some of the most important things we have in modern times came directly from the Knights Templar during the time when they controlled the ancient knowledge. A study of the Knights Templar reveals that they knew things the rest of the world did not. Whoever manages to get their hands on this ancient alien knowledge know things the rest of the world does not.

The Knights Templar transferred this knowledge and brought it into Freemasonry. Freemasons have had a very heavy historical hand in nearly everything. This is perfectly consistent with possession of the Sumerian alien knowledge.

During the Middle Ages, Stonemasons were the only group who could travel anywhere they wanted. The Stonemasons moved freely from town to town. They built buildings, structures, and monuments all along the way. These Stonemasons set things up as they went. Eventually they set up the whole world, and all according to the ancient knowledge that came from Sumer. They even created the United States and Washington, D.C.

Based on this understanding of things, it is easy to see how and why the United States has become the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. The similarities between the United States and the Biblical account of Babylon are undeniable. Some people believe the United States is nothing more than a modern day version of Babylon.

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What is the Ancient Knowledge?

Some people believe that part of the ancient Anunnaki alien knowledge was not just knowledge, but a form of technology. It is believed that this knowledge, or technology, may have been contained within what is known as the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant is based upon the Egyptian Ark of the Contract. Both of these are based on depictions found on Sumerian tablets. The ancient Sumerians depicted something that could not be anything except for the Ark. The Ark comes from ancient Sumer, just like all the rest of it.

The Bible gives a pretty good description of the Ark. Apparently, it was made of thick gold and weighed thousands of pounds. It is a mystery how they could carry such a thing. All the depictions, no matter the culture, show the Ark being carried by either two or four people, this seems impossible. How could just a few people carry something that was so heavy? The Bible also says that people would die if they handled it the wrong way. They could also somehow communicate with God using the Ark. This information has led many to believe that whatever was inside the Ark was something very unusual. The construction of the Ark was consistent with containing something that was very powerful and certainly required special care.

Some people believe the Ark contained advanced alien technology. They think it could have something to do with anti-gravity and energy manipulation. Some people even connect this to what is called Manna from Heaven or mono-atomic gold.

What if Freemasonry does have this kind of knowledge? The Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, and all other secret societies come from Freemasonry. It seems like the same people have always been in charge. If not the same people, surely the same power has always been behind the rulers of this planet.

Could this explain why they have always been able to dominate the world as they have? Some people believe whatever the Treasure is, it is the secret to unraveling the mysteries of free energy, anti-gravity, and space travel.

If aliens are who brought this knowledge to Earth, maybe it explains what powers their ships and how they can travel through time and space.

If it is real, controlling who has this knowledge, and more importantly who does not have it, would be of massive importance to world leaders. What events from ancient and modern times are a result of the search or quest for this super highly advanced technology? Something like this would put someone somewhere in a position of great power. Wars would be waged over this type of thing. Greedy and power hungry rulers might do just about anything to get control of this. Maybe this answers some questions about events that we currently don't seem to have any answers for, like the war in Iraq. Whatever the truth is, the journey has been fascinating and revealing.

Jordan Maxwell


So, what happened to the Treasure?

In 1940 the Nazis invaded France. As a result, they were able to capture the Treasure. After it was taken back to Germany, Hitler and the Nazis went to work on all kinds of things. They claimed to have contacted alien beings and were working on anti-gravity UFO type technology. The Nazis were experimenting with time, and a whole range of other strange and bizarre things. If the Nazis did acquire ancient knowledge that came from aliens, this all makes perfect sense. Whatever the case, something very strange was going on in Nazi Germany. Many people believe it was a direct result of what they found in southern France.

As the war was coming to a close, the United States seized every bit of information and technology they could from Nazi Germany. The U.S. also brought scientists and high level officials out of Germany through an operation called Paperclip. These Nazis went on to take high level positions of power and authority inside the U.S. government. It was these Nazis who were responsible for the creation of NASA and the CIA. They are who made the way for the creation of the most powerful agencies inside the government. That's why the U.S. government is so terribly corrupt, because it has been created by Nazis.

This means that the United States of America has controlled the Treasure since the 1940s. What has the U.S. been up to since then? They have been up to taking over the whole world, that's what, just like everyone who has ever controlled the Anunnaki alien knowledge that came from ancient Sumer.

Have a look at what the "land of the free" has turned into since then. No one really seems to understand what has happened and why the U.S. has taken the path that it has. They have installed tyranny at home and are installing the same all over the world. This is completely consistent with having the alien knowledge. The United States is in possession of the ancient Anunnaki alien knowledge. That is why it does what it does all over the world.


Robert Remy from Eagle River, Alaska on September 09, 2017:

While doing my glass maker research, as odd as this may sound, glass was often referred to as an "ancient technology" back in Egypt. Could glass be one of the technological advancements given?

kbdressman from Harlem, New York on June 28, 2015:

This is definitely a unique take on biblical history! Interesting read!

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