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Analyzing the Character of the Noblewoman in the Dream (Continuation of My Dream)

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A woman walking in/through Field

A woman walking in/through Field

Analyzing the Character of the Noblewoman in the Dream

Read the exact dream from here: Narration-and-Interpretation-Attempt-of-My-Dream-on-US-2020-Elections-and-Beyond. The breaking of the article into was because of concern for length.

Now, who is the noblewoman character in my dream? Was this woman Melania Trump, Sydney Power, Janis Ellis, or Justice Emy Coney Barrett? The attributes of this noblewoman, as I have earlier hinted, was not a woman. The representation of that character as a woman could be for three reasons:

  1. Woman are associated with background and background planning;
  2. They are associated with arrangements and meticulousness;
  3. They are associated with support for husband and family (in the context, the family is the American citizens).

All the above put together led me to believe that noblewoman character was not exactly a woman. As I have pointed, the woman represents America.

  • Her nobleness represents America’s noble position in the world;
  • Her portrayal as a loyal and honest woman represents the fair Justice system in America, which is silent or silenced at the moment;
  • Her dedication represents the dedication of the American people—the American Spirit;
  • Her portrayal as a human character illustrated that a country is only as powerful as her people and institutions because people managed a country.
  • Her portrayal as leaning towards the man shown as Donald Trump implies patriotism and support for a country that Trump preaches or represents. That is in opposition to Globalism and the open board which Biden and the Democrats’ policies seek. It is a preference of policies.
  • Her anger over Biden’s win--something she was revealed as having the power to change but did nothing to help at the moment, means Americans (particularly those that leaned toward Trump) are unhappy.
  • The portrayal of this woman as pretending about the moment while doing sometimes helping the man shown as Trump win in the future means underground reforms. The reform might not benefit Trump directly but will benefit those who support Trump’s ideology of America first and policies. I can single out two reforms and two other areas these arrangements could focus on:
  1. Electoral reforms;
  2. Justice reforms;
  3. Grassroots mobilization; and
  4. There will probably be a mobilization of patriotic Americans and non-established politicians to run in 2022 mid-term elections and 2024 general elections for house representatives and Senate.
  • The fact that the noblewoman was working inside the water—something that is usually turbulent, rippled, or disturbed—illustrates the problems at the moment.

When you are inside water, working in or walking through it in real life, you cause waves or ripples on the water. That will make arranging young floating flowers almost impossible, if not impossible. But this water was calm despite people working and walking inside it. That means peace will and have returned to America. Peace because she has not completed the healing work; the process was going as I have narrated earlier. Donald Trump pretended he had conceded and called his angry supporters to give peace a chance.

Trump Verse Biden

Trump Verse Biden

Thoughts and Remarks on the Coming Days

I wish every detail could fit into this article, but it is becoming too long to be one article. I feel online readers most times prefer a quick read. Besides, I have to move to the next task, but before then, here is my conclusion and summary.

The second man in the dream that was defeated is Trump. Was he truly defeated? No! Has he truly accepted defeat? No! He had to pretend and accept defeat for a new order to emerge in America.

The noblewoman, whom I gave the heroine character, and Trump knew they had to pretend and work underground for new order to emerge in America. Their actions in the dream showed they had not given up the battle for Soul of America but will walk a new path. That is the reason the woman was still working. She and Trump both aligned in interest, not an evil one. It has nothing to do with overturning Biden’s election or impeachment plans. I suspect a legal electoral and justice reforms which I have mentioned above.

This reform is necessary for the emergence of a new order in America. That order will emerge once the groundwork is complete.

The second term of Trump’s presidency was earlier prophesied, in my opinion, represents the second phase of Trump’s leadership in America. A Trump comeback could happen in 2024, but I have my reservations on that. But I am sure of Trump's second phase of leadership outside the White House, which will lead to the emergence of more Trump's loyalists in Congress. What is or will this Trump’s second phase of leadership be?

It will be about grassroots mobilization; and mobilization of non-established politicians to run in 2022 mid elections and 2024 general elections for house representatives and Senates. The outcome of this mobilization will be hugely successful. It will take over US house representatives and senates in a way that will surprise the world.

In God’s sense of things, leadership is not about politics or political positions. It is about service to and connection with the people. So, when God showed Trump’s second term or victory or whatever symbol he uses, it might not be a direct political seat.

She said, referring to the fake and dishonest woman celebrating her husband’s win, “Let her think her husband had won.” Of the man portrayed as Joe Biden, she said, “Let him think that he had won.”

US Flag

US Flag

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Why was I There and Helping in Some Ways?

I cannot conclude this article without trying to figure out why I was there in the dream and helping out in a way. This article will be incomplete without this effort.

When I woke up from the dream, I asked myself some questions. The first was, "what does this dream mean?" After I had convinced myself I understood this dream, I had to ask why. "Why do I have to have the dream?" The dream revealed it was a US political matter. Why was I, a Nigerian, who had never been to the Country dreaming about their political issues?

For a fact, I am a staunch Trump supporter. I love his openness and transparency, his leadership style, and his policies--foreign and domestic. I like Trump's personality. His blunt honesty and quick decision-making skills. I love Trump's fighting spirit and the courage to stand for what he truly believes. I love him because for the fact he speaks from his heart, not his lips. But was it why I had to dream about the US issue? Maybe, and maybe not.

As narrated in this... I was helping the noblewoman to arrange those young plants or flowers on the surface of the water. Why was that? How was that possible? Could it be because I wanted Trump to win? These questions gave me lots of concern.

Trying to keep this to myself like I have done with other dream was a lot. The word, ‘declassify,’ sneaked into my heart and grew aggressively powerful as days passed. "Declassify! Declassify!! Declassify!!!" My mind kept screaming, but to what end? The answer to that question I cannot fully figure out till the moment of this publication.

Maybe, sharing this dream in public space was the help I was giving to the noblewoman as narrated. Maybe it is the reason I was there in the scene. I had to "declassify" because I need my peace. I want to stop that word from nagging at me.


The dream narrated in this piece was mine. It was a revelation to me in or through the dream. The only reason I had to share as I have done is to find peace of mind.

Every other comment or analysis made here is my opinion from what I think I understood. They are not in any way final. Please treat them as a human effort to understand his divine inclinations. And nothing more!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo


Ajodo Endurance Uneojo (author) from Lokoja, Nigeria. on January 24, 2021:

Thank so much Manatita. You story is a touching one. And it takes the Grace of God to handle all of that and be strong in their face. God with us. Amen!

I have add this to the other two quotes above, "The inner Light makes you stronger and as you get stronger, so too, you will in turn influence those around you." It speaks a lot about what I need now.

Bless you sir!

manatita44 from london on January 23, 2021:

Look closely at this two statements from different teachers. They work totally in my life: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything else would be added unto you."

Nisagadatta: "Give yourself to the Divine and the whole universe will work with you."

Actually, I think you're doing fine and yes, I acknowledge the challenge you face. Things are very tough right now! However, the inner Light makes you stronger and as you get stronger, so too, you will in turn influence those around you. Discipleship is catching, but like Paul says, we need to be the benchmark of Christ.

Here's my story. My aunt is in hospital, admitted twice in one week. Her partner of 40 years just died, not yet buried. Her son and X-husband is in hospital with Covid and two daughters are down with it. My sister is in Texas. She has stage 4 Cancer. My sisters attitude is amazing and I'm the same. True strength is inside us. Peace.

Ajodo Endurance Uneojo (author) from Lokoja, Nigeria. on January 23, 2021:

Thank you so much. You won't lose me for the help I truly need at the moment. Sometimes it is difficult to find that gentle and loving part of us in a world that is so turbulence world. But like you say and as I heard in my spirit, if we direct our mind toward peace and kindness, the turbulence will disappear; from own life and then from the world.

I appreciate you always, Big brother. I will take your words to heart. Blessings!

manatita44 from london on January 23, 2021:

I lost a friend yesterday because I gave this advice: be gentle and loving; send out healing thoughts. Humanity needs Love and that is why 22-yr old Amanda Gorman was so important.

Nothing can be done without Grace and so constant prayer, soulful service and Gratitude is necessary . Forget dreams. You are the soul and the soul is immortal and comes from God. The body is its instrument. Use it well.

Stay away from those who spread doom and continue to believe. You already have that strength. Above all, pray for healing of humans. We have a long way to go.

Finally, God has not lost His leadership. Trust, hope, obey. You seem to be asking, so I'm sharing with you as an older brother. This creation is God's and humanity is His children. Much Love.

Ajodo Endurance Uneojo (author) from Lokoja, Nigeria. on January 23, 2021:

Thank you, Manatita.

My human inclination to divine nature seems strong these days. I have fought this side of me for too long.

Yes, I will do my best to continue with healing thoughts and prayers. I also need some helps and guides. I will be grateful for all.

Bless you, sir.

manatita44 from london on January 23, 2021:

Honesty is great. Do what you can to continue with healing thoughts and prayers. God speed!

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