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An Open Letter To The TikTok User ThatVeganTeacher

ThatVeganTeacher AKA ThatVeganNurse AKA ThatVeganTecher_IRL is a horrible person who can't accept she's evil.

Your vegan lifestyle is not cruelty free.

Dear ThatVeganTeacher,

I've often said that militant vegans are to veganism what the WestBro Baptist "Church" is to Christianity. And you, my dear dog abuser, are the Fred Phelps of veganism.

Your TikTok videos are constantly filled with ableism, racism, and homophobia. I mean, claiming that it's selfish for LGBTQA+ people to come out of the closet and it's more important to come out as vegan? Lady, that's insane. We are all born omnivores. Veganism is a CHOICE. Being LGBTQA+ is something you're BORN as.

You abuse you dog by forcing poor Bella, who's obviously suffering from malnutrition, onto an unhealthy and unnatural vegan diet. Dogs, like cats, NEED meat to be healthy. In every video you can see Bella's suffering. You can lie all you want about the vet approving the diet, I don't even think you take Bella to the vet.

You lie about the dairy industry. They don't kill calves. They take calves from the moms because dairy cows are terrible mothers from the start. Many of them actually respond to giving birth by killing their calves themselves, stepping on them purposefully, starving them, etc. Dairy cows and Susan Smith have a lot in common. And no, they don't mourn their calves. They don't really care. As for killing calves instantly for veal? That is just stupid as there's not enough meat on a newborn for veal.

Comparing artificial insemination to rape? As a sexual assault victim myself I find this disgusting to an extreme. The two are NOTHING alike. Animals in heat WANT to get pregnant and don't care how. AI is actually safer for many animals as the female can suffering anything from skin abrasions to DEATH from mating normally. Plus the farmer can get semen that has a greater chance of providing the gender they want.

Unhappy cows produce less milk. So cows are treated like royalty. Unlike the slaves used to harvest cashews for your "cruelty free" cashew milk. But as we've seen from your TikToks you don't care about those people because they're not white.

According to veganism's own rules honey is actually vegan and agave is not. If you don't harvest the extra honey from a hive the bees suffer and the hive can become honey bound and die. Meanwhile harvesting agave for you vegans is endangering the lives of the long nosed bats. Congrats, you're contributing to bee colony collapse and the extinction of long nosed bats.

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The Amazon rainforest is NOT burned for cows, it's burned for SOY for HUMAN consumption. The cows only eat what can't be used by humans. But if humans were to stop eating soy or at least insist all their soy was locally grown, they'd stop burning the rainforest as there's plenty of other food for cows and there'd be no profit in growing soy in the rainforest.

Your diet has been scientifically proven to be 100% UNSUSTAINABLE. Veganism CONTRIBUTES to climate change. While vegetarianism is the best diet for the planet because it uses some animal products like dairy, we omnivores still have a lower carbon footprint than vegans because we eat meat.

Your diet, which is a choice, is based in colonizer attitudes. It is racist and ableist. That's why the majority of vegans are racist white people like you, because it appeals to your inner Klan member.

You need to accept some people can never be vegan. For some of us, like myself, we need meat. Meat is the best source of iron and vitamin B, especially for anemics like me. It's easier to digest and absorb nutrients from meat than from vegetation, this is a scientific fact.

You're not wanted, not even by your fellow vegans. They all hate you. They hate your homophobic and racist videos. They hate how you abuse your dog. They hate you. There's multiple petitions looking to get you banned from TikTok. You have made videos bullying disabled people, making fun of dead people, and once again, videos that are racist and homophobic. And you can lie about being bisexual all you want, that doesn't make you any less homophobic trash. You might as well go join up with the anti-vaxxers who think veganism can "cure" gay and transgender people.

Oh, and your "vegan leather"? It's just PLASTIC. It doesn't last and won't biodegrade. Meanwhile my real leather coat and vintage rabbit fur stole can last generations and will eventually rot away, meaning both are better for the environment than your landfill crowding plastic jacket. So, once again, I have a way lower carbon footprint than you.

Please, just go eat a steak and gain some IQ points, you ableist, racist, homophobic, dog abusing, climate change contributing pile of puke.


An Omnivore Who's Smarter And Better Looking Than You

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