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An Open Letter To The Huffington Post

It is still surreal. President Donald J Trump. A man who has never held elected office, just became leader of these fifty states. Through an unprecedented election, he has defied all odds, and every measure, to win the 2016 election. In doing so, he has banished his opponent Hillary Clinton to history. Never again will the name Clinton appear in the headlines as a candidate for any office. Much like the Bush dynasty, this election has sealed the fate of a once prominent political family.

If you awoke this morning disturbed, confused, heartbroken, or just plain angry, you are not alone. If you awoke this morning excited, optimistic, comforted, or just plain happy, you are not alone. This election had no happily-ever-after ending, and in no scenario was there going to be a united America on November 9th. Our division runs deep, and the election of Hillary Clinton would not have miraculously cured that. While thousands march through the streets in protest of Trump, thousands of others sit peacefully in their homes looking forward to what they hope to be a more prosperous and protected future. The point is, we don't see eye to eye, and this election was never going to correct that.

At the end of the day, protesting will not undo what has been done. As Clinton said in her extraordinarily graceful concession speech, Donald Trump is going to be our president, and we do in fact owe him an open mind going forward. We cannot, with any degree of accuracy, attempt to predict how Trump will carry himself when he assumes the office of the president. His positions have remained fluid throughout his campaign, and so we can anticipate the same come January and beyond. His behavior on the campaign trail has been widely inappropriate, but over the past forty-eight hours, his demeanor has changed much, as he prepares to take on the responsibility of the oval office.

"Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead."

— Hillary Clinton

People are concerned by what they see as a figure of hate now leading the free world. What is overlooked, are the stark similarities these two candidates had. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are racists, who said racist and demeaning things about people of different color and nationality. But Clinton kept it behind closed doors, whereas Trump said them out in the open. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were tyrannically reaching for power. But Trump projected himself as the outsider looking in, whereas Clinton was the establishment. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton broke the law. But neither will face charges.

The election of Donald Trump is not because of third party voters. Johnson supporters didn’t siphon votes from Clinton. And It is not because America is a racist hellhole of bigots and woman bashers. There is no blowback from caucasians. After all, Florida, North Carolina, and the Rust Belt voted for the first black president in 2008. If white Americans wanted to push back against a diversifying nation, they would’ve done so already.

"We owe [Hillary Clinton] a major debt of gratitude for her service to this country."

— Donald Trump

Who is really to blame here? The answer is simple: the media. The newspapers, television networks, periodic publications, and websites that have enabled an election season already ugly to begin with, to devolve into something barbaric. You CNN, NYTimes, Fox News, Breitbart, NYPost, and worstly, the Huffington Post, have turned the election for president of the United States into a game show. You have, throughout this election season, thrown nonpartisanship to the wind, and acted in the ways you thought best to drive viewership. You played directly into a strategy Donald Trump dreamed up nearly thirty years ago. You spread your revulsion of him upon the American people in an effort to get them to hate what you saw as his hate. You threw caution to the wind, and ripped up the unwritten etiquette book on reporting. You enabled the very man you saw as a threat to mankind itself, so please spare the public any more. The only people to blame here are you.

Not only have you placed Trump in the highest office in the land, but you have also eroded whatever trust you retained with the public. Your job is to, as a cornerstone institution of this nation, deliver the naked and unadulterated truth to this nation and to the world. Instead, every last article contains some illicit opinion. Some twisting of words or warping of information. Someway of taking the clear cut, and making it opaque. On top of all of it, your crackpot methodology reassured a potentially worried nation that Donald Trump had a near zero chance of winning. You reported with the utmost confidence that it would take a miracle for this outrageous individual to conquer his heavily equipped opponent. In the end, every analysis, every model, every piece of data you clung to, became completely uncredible. You have unknowingly acted as the martyr, who has unintentionally fallen onto his sword, and again, you only have yourselves to blame.

Even in your open letter to Trump voters, you simply can’t help but spread you bias, and you retain virtually zero class while doing so. Rest assured Americans “believe our current leaders don’t give a shit” about us, which is why they elected Trump. But to you, the media, this inability to keep opinion and fact separate is what has driven America mad, and left a horribly bitter taste in everyone's mouth.

"Now, you say, we need to “come together” and “heal” this utterly divided nation, blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. But, here’s the $99k Question: How, exactly, do we do that?"

— Huffington Post

We must attempt to heal. If we do not, we will create a situation that is detrimental, and unrecoverable from. It is our divisions, our contemporary inability to empathize with our fellow American and their viewpoints that have brought us to this place. We once saw extremism as the only way to achieve anything. It now stands as a threat to our very way of life, and holds the potential to remove the civil from civilization.

When asked how we go forward united, the answer is we do not until such time as integrity is restored to the newsdesk. Until such time as organizations like the Huffington Post cease their unprincipled behavior, will we ever be able to come to moderation again. But sadly, I see very little chance of this occurring. When you have entertainer Michael Moore, an individual whose political opinions are well known, writing serious “post-election to-do” lists that call for Trump’s impeachment and a special prosecutor for James Comey, you are a long way off from being an unbiased source of information.

So congratulations, you’ve played yourself, and pushed Trump to the top of the heap. But the worst of it is that you will learn nothing. You will wake up tomorrow, and everyday after, and walk the path you always have. You will continue to alienate people, and continue this highly dangerous polarization of our country. A country not owned or controlled by you the media, but by the people. We are not at a total breaking point yet, but we are certainly approaching it. We asked for progress, and all you could deliver was the same noise you’ve produced for so very long. You’ve learned nothing. You will change nothing. You will attack President Trump for the next four years regardless of what he effects. You will never become self aware, and for a long time, you will not be trusted by the public. Your open letter has meant nothing.

Editors Note

This is not an endorsement. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have lied extensively to the American people over the course of their campaigns. They are both bigots who support more powerful government and will most certainty continue to strip away the freedoms of the American people. Both individuals are grossly lacking in character and judgement and should never be entrusted to lead the free world.

This letter is a rebuttal to a recent open letter from the staff at Huffington Post, and a highlight of the repugnant reporting of the Huffington Post and their peers in the field of media.

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Suzie from Carson City on November 11, 2016:

Fabulous insight and extremely well written. You have presented the sheer, unadulterated truth. What a novel idea. Haven't heard a scintilla of truth in so long, it's barely recognizable. But it feels good.

Thank you.

Those who are angry as well as those who are happy at this point, might better utilize their precious emotions elsewhere or simply reserve them for future use when they'll actually matter.

All the ranting and raving and even the celebrating is a complete waste of energy.

All of this, while true, cannot stop the masses from doing, saying, feeling & reacting in whatever ways we are directed.

I'm ecstatic that HRC has been stopped. Good God in Heaven, the woman is a morally bankrupt train wreck. Perhaps now she will have the time and the tranquility long enough to search her soul~~providing the devil will sell it back to her. A woman so power & money hungry, she would stop at nothing. She could not stop even long enough to look at her reflection in a mirror.

Yes, mainstream media, you're sneaky & corrupt, unethical and terribly see-thru. You've boldly insulted the intelligence of the American people~ the voters~the literal salt of this earth. Do you not understand how unforgivable this is? You won't be forgiven, certainly not any time soon if ever. You've dug your own grave & no one cries for you now.

You served us The Donald on a silver platter. You gave us our golden goose. Whether we like him or love him or simply hate him, he was perfect to be used for our cause.

But not so fast....we've yet to learn what he will do. We need to heed the only decent words that have come from Hillary's lying mouth in decades. "We owe it to him to go forward with open minds."

So, just this once I can listen to you~~because I CHOOSE to. If I never hear your utterly annoying voice again, it will be too soon.

Bon Voyage, Oh Queen of corruption and deceit.

We are each free to our own beliefs, opinions and feelings. You're free to have yours. I will thank you to NOT for one moment, even try to infringe upon mine.....I bite back Un-apologetically.

Once again Drew, Thank you for this superb read. Bravo!

Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on November 10, 2016:

Well stated. And while the Huffington post is one of the very worst, I'm not sure it is the worst. The Daily Show is beyond awful now. And these left wing media figureheads forever portraying rural Americans as rubes...well, chicken fried crow for dinner.

I voted a straight Libertarian ticket. But I was completely overjoyed that Hillary lost.

I don't see how it is possible that Trump could displease me as much as Mrs. Clinton surely would have. Thanks for publishing :)

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