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An Ignorant Millennial's Recollection of the Trump Presidency

Politics used to be a great interest of mine, now I prefer analyzing the roots rather than the symptoms.

The little-big-man himself: Donald J. Trump.

The little-big-man himself: Donald J. Trump.

We have finally reached the end of Donald J. Trump's presidency, and I find myself sitting here feeling like I just physically escaped an abusive relationship. I say physically, but mentally the man is still haunting me each and every day. This isn't because of the man himself, not solely, but because of the media that feels the need to push unabated hate for him down my throat each and every second of every day.

Does Donald J. Trump and his presidency deserve a constant slew of hatred? Is it really necessary that I hate this man overtly or face being socially ostracized? Will the unbridled waterfall of loathing for this man ever stop filling the airwaves?

Let's explore Donald J. Trump's presidency from a willfully ignorant millennial's perspective, and find out whether or not this man truly deserves everything we've been made to put up with for the past four years and onward.

'Lightbulbs, dishwashers, and building walls!' is what I'd tell you if you asked me for a concise summary of the Donald J. Trump presidency. Oh yeah, and, 'MAGA!'

— Kyler J. Falk

Lightbulbs and Dishwashers

Lightbulbs and dishwashers may be a strange thing to ascribe to a POTUS, especially Donald Trump, but I assure you that it is a very relevant ascription on my part. I'm sure most people would fail to recall it, but Trump was giving a speech in some flyover state—one of the rare times I watched one of his rallies—and the highpoint of the entire thing was lightbulbs and dishwashers!

Turning to my girlfriend whilst wrapped in a blanket made of my own confusion, listening to my POTUS discuss these innovations in technology, I asked, "What in the actual f&%$ is this guy even talking about, dude?!"

The reason I had to even ask the question is because he was saying we needed to return to old-model lightbulbs, and I think it was another statement about installing more dishwashers in homes or something. Admittedly, the dishwasher thing made me laugh heartily because he kept going on about how the women he speaks to love their dishwashers; he knows dishwashers are great because women say they are, and we all know Trump and his women are the topmost players in the dishwasher industry.

Silly me for even questioning the POTUS, as he'd probably have my head on a spit just for being an ignorant millennial if it were within his legal powers—figuratively speaking, of course, because I'm not important enough to have my head put on a spit by God-King Donald. Nonetheless, his ego scares the pants off of me.

If only we could all love ourselves as much as Donald J. Trump wants us to love him.

If only we could all love ourselves as much as Donald J. Trump wants us to love him.

The Biggest Ego in the World?

There is nothing quite so dangerous in this world as a human male with a fragile, but oversized ego. I mean, come on, take a look at any dictator within the last few centuries to see the sort of damage such an individual can do. It's as if these types of people build their blocks for the sole purpose of getting to kick them over before anyone else does.

Donald J. Trump's presidency was just like that from my ignorant millennial perspective: A little-big-man playing with his building blocks, kicking them at the faces of anyone who'd dare to even try playing along with him. For all those who tried to play nice you may have an acknowledging tip of the hat I am not wearing, and know I respect you for the painstaking efforts you made to work with him. I can't imagine what it was like to deal with such a frail ego.

To make matters worse for Trump's presidency, he couldn't keep his damn ego off of the cesspit people wallow in called Twitter. There wasn't an hour in my day that went by where I couldn't find some demagogue preaching about or against Trump's latest Tweet. I'd be walking down the boardwalk in Huntington Beach, minding my own dang business, when all of a sudden I have to hear that Trump was on another Twitter tirade.

It's too bad he couldn't have contained himself to the Twittersphere, because his impotent rage seemed to cause a plethora of issues with foreign allies and enemies alike. For example the Germans; witnessing my POTUS refuse to shake the hand of Angela Merkel was nearly-offensive to me. I don't care how far down your nose you look at a foreign leader, you shake their f&%$ing hand like a man and represent the strength of my country.

Ugh, I could go on all day about this man's fragility, but I think my point has been made. At least during this whole thing I had some pleasant scenery with his wife and daughter in the picture.

Could we disbar Donald from U.S. politics and put Ivanka in office in 2024? I don't think she'd make a decent president, but I'm ready for an attractive female to lead us as well as, or better than these angsty old white men.

— Kyler J. Falk

Beautiful Scenery

I hate to objectify women this way, but Ivanka and Melania were always a welcome portion to the scenery around Donald Trump and his presidency. Perhaps it is the ignorant millennial in me speaking, but I wouldn't mind taking those two to dinner some time—on their dollar of course. Their beauty and grace is wasted on the big Donald, but I'm confident when I say most of the rest of the world thanks him for letting them tag along, and we thank them for putting up with his nonsense so skillfully.

Kayleigh McEnany was another great prop in the Trump display, and she gets all of my respect for having pulled off what appeared to me to be an equally-brutal female version of Trump's personality. The only difference between her and Donald would have to be my desire to actually shake her hand, or even offer a warm hug of comfort for having to put up with all the hatred. To you, Kayleigh, may you have a successful future free from our former tyrant-in-chief.

With that short recognition of the beauty Trump managed to surround himself with, I think I'm ready to move on to the media. You know, the only source of information on Trump that most individuals have, the real influencers most of the world turns to.

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So much media to choose from and so many different spins on stories, but hatred of any kind tastes the same to me.

So much media to choose from and so many different spins on stories, but hatred of any kind tastes the same to me.

Consistently Hate-Fueled Media

This isn't to say that Donald Trump and his choices as president didn't warrant the treatment he received from the media, but things could've been less divisive from those claiming to be, "on the right side of history;" you know what I mean?

Every day, without exception, I could go on the internet, look on the TV, or even read some dead-end newspaper article to get my daily dose of seething hatred. As if coping with, "the orange man," wasn't hard enough already, I also had to add in dealing with the unbridled and seemingly-misguided hatred of nearly every single news source. Most of that hatred came from those I always thought to be the ones who fought for what was right and just in this world.

For example the undocumented citizens we have locked in cages at the border still, I don't hear much about them anymore now that Trump's presidency is over. Even when I was hearing about them I wasn't given options for helping these individuals; instead, I was offered the idea that I must loathe Trump or else I'm the one responsible for caging ill children in COVID infested internment camps. Hate, more hate, and an unending amount at that is still spraying forth upon me like the fires of hell beating down on Satan's wings.

That's what the hatred from the media feels like to me as well, an oppressive fire burning my flesh away as they prod deeper into my open wounds. The media loves the suffering, and I can't imagine a more profitable time for all media outlets than Trump's presidency. If only the media could take a less-hateful stand, push less vitriol and more honest justice, we could probably heal all the trauma they caused on behalf of Donald Trump.

Who am I kidding, though? I'm a willfully ignorant millennial with no desire to take part in politics, nor sociopolitics anymore. Let's just watch as they burn themselves down, and try not to get sucked into the fiery maelstrom along with them.

There is always the option to abstain from political discussion knowing you have no real effect on politics outside of your communities in which you partake. Act locally, but think globally.

There is always the option to abstain from political discussion knowing you have no real effect on politics outside of your communities in which you partake. Act locally, but think globally.

Post-Presidency Healing

No one in their right mind is going to sit here and tell you that the Trump presidency was anything more than a complete disaster, and equally so no one will claim that the media ever held a single fair and unbiased stance toward the presidency itself. However, I'd like to pose this question to you, my lovely readers: How are you going to act locally to heal our nation, and the world, post-Trump?

By all appearances the constant flow of hatred and violence, both physical and rhetorical, has barely subsided. Every day I see more pro-Trump and anti-Trump sentiments, as if the man should still have any sway over the nation anymore, and I'm yearning for more healers out there in the public eye. Now—more than ever—we need those proverbial healers and sages to do some of their magic on our communities.

Me, personally, I've taken it upon myself to get out in my community more often, and to offer a helping hand of friendship to any and every individual I meet. It is rare that I meet anyone willing to enrich my life with their company, so I figure that by helping to enrich others I will receive the same back from the universe. In doing this I also take it upon myself to be mindful of the conversations I am willing to have.

Trump's presidency, his campaigns, and even his reputation are virtually dead; with this article I am hopefully putting the metaphorical nail in the coffin I made for him within my mind. Donald J. Trump deserves our respect for the position he held, a silent respect and nothing more, and we can all move on while leaving his poisonous influence in the past.

So, are you ready to move on with me?


Kyler J Falk (author) from California on April 06, 2021:

Finally, I was able to get this republished!

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on February 22, 2021:

It's one thing for the media to have a field day at the expense of a politician who willfully puts themselves there, but they seem to go after Trump at the expense of the social foundations of the American people. Not to say this isn't the case with every other public figure, only to say we have hit a new level of social decay in the last four years and the media is still leading that cliff-bound charge.

It's as boring as it is irritating to be swept along with the crowd, but I'm sure as time goes on the verbal knife fight will come back to the level of a dull roar.

Thanks for reading!

Gilbert Arevalo from Hacienda Heights, California on February 22, 2021:

I share your sentiments, Kyler, I'm tired of political fighting, but now that Trump's out of office, I don't think the news media feels ready to take the boxing gloves off. There are still deep-rooted lingering problems.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on February 22, 2021:

Thank you, Dora, and it is good to hear you are ready to move on as well. Lord knows we all need it!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 22, 2021:

Well-written, and in my view from a wise perspective. Supporting your call for "those proverbial healers and sages to do some of their magic on our communities." Ready to move on!

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