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An End to Roe v. Wade?

From Equality to Abortion

In the United States the Women's Rights movement has had a long and storied past. We went from a nation where women were not allowed to vote, seen as less capable than men, and were openly discriminated against in the workplace to women's equality with men being fully recognized. Among the many forward strides of the Women's Rights movement is the blot of abortion which will continue to have significant downstream effects for generations.

In 1973 the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade. The court ruled that from emanations and penumbras in the constitution along with a relation to a right to privacy that women should make the decision whether or not they can have an abortion. Basically the court was admitting that there was nothing in the constitution backing up their decision that abortion should be legal. Since this decision over 60 million babies have been aborted according to Fox News.

When the Pro-Choice movement faces criticism on the issue of abortion one of their usual responses is to comment about how the choice to get an abortion is a difficult choice. Why? Why is it the difficult choice that so many in the Pro-Choice movement say it is? The answer is quite obviously because they know that if left to its natural processes the end result will be a human child.

Arguments in Favor of Abortion

Of course there are several justifications that those in the Pro-Choice movement offer to support their stance on abortion. One of the justifications is offered in defense of abortion is that a fetus is only a bundle of cells and not a human life. This justification is illogical on its face. A fetus in the womb is constantly growing and developing and if left to its natural processes it will develop into a fully formed human baby. So to say it is not a form of life is false otherwise it would not grow and develop and to say it is not a human life is also untrue otherwise it would not result in a human baby.

Another argument which is often presented is that a women has the right to control her own body. Of course this justification relies on the first argument being true which it is not. The argument can be made that a women has the right to amputate her arm or have a lung removed. Neither an arm, lung, or any other part of a woman's body is a separate life which a baby clearly is.

Another and perhaps the most heinous justification provided in defense of abortion is that having a baby is a burden on a women and holds her back from reaching her full potential. This line of argument is generally made in connection with a woman's career. When someone decides to get an abortion because they believe it will hinder their climb up the corporate ladder they are really saying that their convivence is more important than the life of their child which is developing inside their body. Again this argument is built on the assumption that a fetus is not a human life which it of course is.

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In the midst of all these justifications why an abortion would be good for the women there is very little to no thought given to what is best for the unborn child. Every one of these justifications focuses on how getting or not getting an abortion would affect the woman. When do we get to address what is best for the child? If a woman becomes pregnant and is either unwilling or unable to care for a child at her stage in life there are alternatives to abortion with adoption being perhaps the most prominent alternative. When faced with this alternative though the Pro-Choice crowd will often point out the flaws in the foster system. I am not going to pretend that the foster system does not have it's flaws and am a foster parent myself. What I will say though is that the foster system is definitely a better alternative than the murder of an unborn child.

The End?

As you are probably aware on May 2nd, 2022 Politico reported on the existence of a draft opinion. This opinion would without a doubt overturn Roe v. Wade so long as nothing substantial changes between the draft and the published opinion. If the decision is published it will simply remove abortion from being decided at the federal level, and at the Supreme Court specifically to being decided by the state legislatures. Overturning Roe does not make abortion illegal, it just reverts this power back to the states which is where it should be in a federalist society such as ours.

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