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An Empath as Loss Prevention

Articles that I have written with social work in mind, to educate others, in hopes to lead better lives.

Loss Prevention

In retail today, corporations make it more difficult to call law enforcement in shoplifting cases. I believe these thefts effect our economy. I was put in loss prevention when I decided to cut my hours at work. However, it now feels like I wear a target on my back.

However, I have had some successful situations. More and more customers with illegal intentions will hate me.


At the retail establishment that I work, our carts lock at the door. A man tried to distract me while his lady counterpart ran for the door with the cart. I had the remote to lock the cart at the door. Which I used successfully, to stop the theft in action. The woman abandoned the cart and ran for the door. The man was outside. He tried to negotiate with me that the stuff was his. I told him, "It isn't "yours" until you pay for it." Another customer, "with morals" watched them leave. They squealed their tires, leaving the parking lot, almost getting into a car accident. They didn't get what they wanted. I put the real meaning in loss prevention.

Empathic mirroring

I believe mirroring to the shoplifter can cause the exact reaction necessary to prevent theft. It certainly worked in my favor. Our establishment tells us that we are not to go "after" the shoplifter. We aren't even allowed to call the cops. Though, we do encourage customers to call the cops if they feel someone is stalking them and they feel unsafe. However, preventing the shoplifter from leaving with the merchandise at the door and getting the stuff back means you do not go after them at all.

Needless to say, the store manager was impressed with the tactic of pressing the lock cart button on the remote to unlock the cart. Of course, now I have to worry about said shoplifter coming back. However, we do have cameras. We could very well use the footage to show us when shoplifters come back and who to continue watching.


I put in my notice.

I prefer to do volunteer work that brings more love into this world.

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There is too much hate.

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