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An Amendment to Separate Corporate and State

Amendment to separate corporate & state.

SECTION 1: Corporations are not human beings and shall not have the same equal protection rights under the law as individuals. All People are created equal and shall not be discriminated against based on sex, sexual preference, sexual orientation, race, color, creed, or religious beliefs.

SECTION 2: The people shall have the right to informed consent. Corporations shall operate pursuant to the will and the welfare of the People before profits. Corporations shall not be entitled to the same freedom of speech protections as people. Media corporations shall adhere to the right of the people to expect information that is credible, reliable, factual, and ethical.

SECTION 3: Corporations shall be taxed fairly to meet the needs of the People before profits. Corporations shall not be allowed to structure dummy corporations to create illegal tax havens. Corporations shall not be allowed to set up dummy corporations to avoid accountability for corporate abuses. Corporations shall not put any resource necessary for the well-being of the people, including food sources and water at risk for personal gain or profits. Corporations shall not pollute the environment such that it puts the People at risk. Corporations shall be held responsible and liable for all damages that put the People at risk.

SECTION: 4: Public Debt (the National Debt) shall not be used to undermine the federal and state government responsibilities to meet the needs of the People. It shall be the responsibility of corporations to pay down the National Debt while being allowed to maintain legislated appropriate profits. Corporations shall include in their tax burden to help maintain a stable and sustainable National Surplus.

SECTION 5: Corporations shall not be allowed to establish financial control over the legislative and political process. All financial support of national, state, and local elections will be strictly provided for through taxes through appropriate legislation. Corporations shall not be allowed to interfere, influence, participate, or control any aspect of the election process on local, state, and federal levels. Corporations shall not use their financial resources to buy, prop-up, or control potential candidates.

SECTION 6: Corporations shall not use Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect them from breaking the law or to avoid public scrutiny and accountability. Corporations shall not be allowed to use arbitration to dictate control over issues where the proper objective venue is a court of law. Independent fact finding shall be in the jurisdiction of the courts.

SECTION 7: Corporations shall not be allowed to use or sell personal information and data for personal gain. Corporations shall be held financially responsible for all personal information and data breaches.

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