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America's Nihilist Doctrine and Mass killings by Guns

MG is a senior air warrior who has seen combat and is an alumnus of the Staff College and a writer on military matters.


Is America in the grip of Nihilism? Nihilism is defined as a philosophy, that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence. In other words, it defines destruction and chaos as desirable elements. It is an extremist philosophy and has negative overtones.

America is passing through an age of violence, the like of which has not been seen. There are indiscriminate killings and murders that in most cases end with the perpetrator either killing himself or being shot dead by law enforcement officers. These mass crimes and killings are not because of the 2nd amendment and a plethora of rifles available easily but a deeper psychological trauma that shows that many people in America are disillusioned with life and feel it is meaningless. These are Nihilist thoughts and one cannot run away that these have percolated into the mind of many. I cannot answer why? because there is no answer; perhaps it is because of moral bankruptcy and I will stick my neck out and say these killings and shootings has nothing to do with weapons being easily available or the second amendment.

The United States is witness to mass shootings that encompass the entire American states from New York, and Texas to Oklahoma. Even churches are not spared as can be seen by the recent shootings at a church parking lot in the mid-west and a funeral that left many Americans dead or wounded.

The Nihilist doctrine was in evidence again as a man shot and killed two women before killing himself in Ames, Iowa, outside of Cornerstone Church. When police arrived, the gunman shot himself.

One of the women killed was the gunman's girlfriend. This shows the extreme mental make-up of the killer who just perhaps did not want to live but before he died like Samson in the Bible he wanted to bring about death and chaos.


The killing fields.

Incidents of killings are widespread and no one can say that he or she will be safe. So deep is the Nihilist concept etched on the American mind that even funerals which are solemn occasions are not spared. In Racine, Wis., two women were shot at Graceland Cemetery during a funeral for a man who was killed by police last month. Such killings have a nauseating effect.

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Many Americans are unable to separate the wood from the trees. Many of them are just shouting at the top of their voices to do away with the second amendment and restrict automatic guns and all the BS. They're forgetting that you may take away the guns; you might do everything that you want to do but the genie of Alladin is now out of the bottle and it is not going to go back. Guns or no guns, killings will continue; in any case, they're over 300 million guns in America, how are you going to account for them? Any attempt to disarm the American population would lead to Civil War.

After every killing, sure the police and DA's office have a ready explanation and motive of the killer, that is bandied out. But people are missing the main point and that is moral and spiritual bankruptcy. In America, it probably percolates down from the top where the Americans are going and fighting other nations thousands of miles from home forgetting that there is a massive fire burning inside the American State. Nobody is safe and even the small children are subjected to the trauma of school shootings and killings.



President Biden recently asked Congress to take immediate action on gun control. In a prime-time address, he advocated sweeping changes to gun laws, including banning assault weapons. How simple to make a speech and show that you are concerned but everybody knows that these limitations will never come about in America.

There are many debates and discussions in America on what to do and how to control guns and the mass killings but people are forgetting that basically, the Americans for some reason are dissatisfied; yes they are in a minority but this minority can bring about tremendous retribution. I have a close association with America and many of my close relations are there, but just like the church condoned slavery in America, similarly Americans themselves have accepted Nihilism.

As per the Gun Violence Archive a research group, there have been over 200 mass shootings in America this year, Not a week in 2022 has passed without at least 4 shootings taking place. One doesn't need to go to Hades because America is the land of Hades.

Do I have an answer to all this? I'm afraid I have none. The only thing I can think of is deep spiritualism and a promise to look for peace and not war outside America and to heal the sick spiritually in the American state; maybe it could be a step in the right direction.

© 2022 MG Singh emge

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