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America's Future 2017 to 2020

Demas is the father of five and "Grampa" for 17 along with freelancing, editing, and publishing such books as his "Haiku American Style".

2020/COVID-19/Election Year (Again) Has Caught Up With These Unrealized Hopes

Read on, as you ponder the missed opportunities to realize the 2016 hopes of so many Americans, even of those who didn't vote, but should have. (4/3/2020)

It Represents our Past, Present, and Future.

The states are where we live and thrive, or not.

The states are where we live and thrive, or not.

We came from around the world.  The goal is to be united in these states of America.

We came from around the world. The goal is to be united in these states of America.

United we Stand. Divided we Fall.

When the furor subsides over who won, how, and by how many votes (if all the absentee and mail-in votes ever finally got tallied) Americans will finally settle down and stop, look, and listen.

How naive is that!

Some won't stop. Most will look. A few will listen, and America will move on, hated by many, admired by many, and "ho, hummed" by the others in the world except when what Americans do directly affects their lives.

America's chances that this nation of 325 million in 2017 will actually affect the lives of those "ho hummers" are so great that even Las Vegas odds-makers would not take odds against them.

Can you name a place in the world that is not affected by America?

Does global climate change help you to answer that question?

Like it or not sea levels are rising, polar ice caps are melting, extraordinary weather events are happening, and nations' leaders are meeting to discuss how these affect their people and their nations' economies.

The economy in Communist China is growing rapidly and could make China the dominant economic power in the world by America's next election.

Promises of job growth, more-favorable trade deals,, growing industries, and revitalizing America's infrastructure, if realized, will allow Americans to give China a run for its money.

Promises of a leaner, more efficient government with power closer to the people, have the potential to bring about real changes in the states in terms of education, healthcare, taxes, and infrastructure spending.

Promises on strengthening America's national defense carry with them the potential for reorienting America's global outlook to focus primarily on America's internal priorities.

Quite often the best way to make progress on a serious problem is to first expose its magnitude and its reality. "Out of sight, out of mind" can't solve problems of civil and uncivil discourse on problems such as racism, income disparities, class, sectionalism, and what I will label as "partyism".

Americans have a fresh opportunity to look in the national mirror and see an accurate reflection of themselves. What they can see, if they bother to turn on the light, stop, look, and listen, are those un-American vestiges from the distant and more recent past which led so many voters in 2016 to express their own desire for change at almost any cost.

The Republicans with their control of the executive and congressional branches of the federal government, and now with a strong influence toward a fully functioning American judicial system, were in a unique position to put into action what Republicans have failed to accomplish in their party's history since Abraham Lincoln.

Did they keep their successful candidate's promises to those who voted them into such a powerful position?

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Just as importantly, did a loyal opposition work constructively across the aisle with them to realize the progress America must achieve to fulfill the promise of America's potential for greatness?

The losing 2016 candidate adopted the Democrats' theme of "Stronger Together". America can be stronger together. But to become even stronger, Americans had to act together.

If our national leaders in both major parties had worked together, the years 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 were years that would have seen all of us and all our unique liberties become stronger because we tackled our challenges head-on and did it together.

A better, more united America is also better for the world, or else the goals that Americans are truly striving for are simply not attainable by any well-intentioned people.

Here is a caution from the past about the difficult road ahead: as well as a look at what we perhaps did not deal with in a united way from 2012 to 2020:, and keep in mind that in 2020 the spending just ballooned!


© 2016. 2020 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.


Perspycacious/Author on April 03, 2020:

Well, 2020 is here! The writing has been on this wall for more than three years. Flap-mouth politics have prevailed to everyone's mutual disgust. In that sense alone: we are united. Now the COVID-19 has actually united us in a terrible way, and were we not as strong as we had become, leading into this fray, we could not be attempting the few delayed, rectifying steps we have been able to launch. Hopefully, from this mess, we can finally learn what we longed for in 2016 and do something real about it together. Oops! I forgot, it is now another Election Year. Darn, and I had such renewed hopes!

Demas W Jasper (author) from Today's America and The World Beyond on January 22, 2017:

Having made a leadership decision in November 2016, Americans now face another decision: will they support and follow the leaders who were chosen? It is not hyperbole to say that the future of America and the world may well depend on their decision and the leadership that calls them to sacrifice and unite in a common effort.

Demas W Jasper (author) from Today's America and The World Beyond on December 09, 2016:

If you are back here again, or just sharing this, be sure to go to the link provided at the end of this article. Read what the past cautions Americans about their future; then be prepared as best you can.

Demas W Jasper (author) from Today's America and The World Beyond on November 15, 2016:

You are first to comment again, Eric. I always appreciate your views and comments. Thanks.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 15, 2016:

Well said

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