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Americans Should Remember Government Is Not A Friend

Raymond D Choiniere, aka Cagsil Equal Rights Advocate and Activist, shares Life Experiences, Knowledge, Wisdom..


Americans: Trust In Government Is Foolishly Place.

Welcome Reader,

I always like to talk to individuals on an individual level. Therefore, it is as if we're having a direct conversation. One of the biggest assumptions citizens hold is that the government wouldn't do that. To explain, most individuals cannot imagine that government would work against them. Many are shocked when government decides on breaching it's actually authority, by writing legislation and courts holding up legislation, as if it is in the best interest of citizens.

Unfortunately, goverment never cares about the best interests of citizens. Government has only one course for itself to travel and that would be to increase it's own power and control over those governed. Either on a State or Federal level, all government, doesn't matter.

Now, before I get any further into conversing about government, I'd like to point a few things you should be consciously aware of.

Government is a man-made separation tool. It is meant to keep public divided.

Culture is a man-made separation tool. It is also meant to keep public divided.

Religion is a man-made separation tool. Again, meant to keep public divided.

As you can there is a trend to all of them. Bottomline is that are meant to divide, but do so by manipulation tactics.

Politics is a man-made forced compromise tool. Politics has two purposes: (a) to use divide and conquer strategy, while employing a master/slave mentality to get public to conform. Those who will not conform will be punished for not doing so.

Citizens vs Government


Citizens vs Government

There's alot of individuals who do not yet realize, the Constitution isn't a battering ram to be used against citizens. But, is in fact a tool used to restrain Government from over-stepping their authority. Unfortunately in U.S., Constitution is purposely manipulated to be misunderstood by public. Honestly, those who hold political office do not want you to ever understand your own individual rights. Main reason for so much manipulation of said document.

Many individuals tell others that if you do not like who is in office in your State, then help vote them out of office. In a manner of speaking and supposed theory, that would be accurate, if you did not already have a rigged election system and criminals holding current positions. It seems public has this strange ideology that you can actually vote and it counts toward something, yet it does not.

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Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, Left or Right Matters Not!

Democrats and Republicans are of the same coin, just opposite sides. Conversatives and Liberals are the same. Left and Right are also the same. They're all meant to give public a great show of conflict between sides. It is done so you are required to pick a side you WANT to be on, which is not necessarily the side you should be on.

The part that should bother you the most is that you're purposely being manipulated without your knowledge of it being done. It is a tactic many scammers use to get away with what they do. Yes, I made a comparision between politicians and scammers. Both act in the same manner. Lobbyists are no different either.

Yes, I do realize that the message I bring forth isn't favorable. Unfortunately, as an advocate and activist for Equal Rights, I tell it like it is and not how others want it dressed to appear. I pull no punches. I prefer directness over beating around the bush. These individuals holding political office are criminals. Plain as day. Only criminals or dishonest individuals will play one individual against another, in order to gain what they want. I'm not playing you. I hold no interest in doing so because your life to me is more important.


Wake Up and Wake Up Others. Your Time Is Now!

I want YOU to wake up. To wake others up. To know you are free to think for yourself. To protect your rights and resist tyranny.

I have used above photo in other places, however, it seems adequate at this stage. Whenever photo has been used, many have reacted as if I was a "conspiracy theorist" or just plain whacky. To me, my reactions vary from individual to individual and based on many factors.

So with that said, let me ask you something- When or What point does government turn tyrannical? If you ask some individuals, that point has already been reached. Many cannot grasp question on it's merits. Most say, I would not have any idea.

To me, it is odd when I talk to individuals about government or politics and they would rather not discuss it. Why not? It needs to be discussed. Too important to NOT discuss it.

In my research and life experience, individuals do not want to talk about those things because perception/perspectives vary too much. What alot of individuals fail to realize is that their own ego gets in the way of discussing both topics. Yes, ego gets in the way. Everyone has an ego, as it is innate/inherent.

Now, since I put government and politics into better perspective, by describing exactly what they are, then realizing that they are not a friend should be obvious. You can choose to not listen and watch as things get worse or you can choose to listen to what has been said and use it as motivation to make changes. You can make whatever changes you want, but be warned.

Cause and effect are always in play. There is a reason for everything that happens. All actions have a consequence and taking no action is in fact taking action, because your choice to do nothing will have a cause and an effect.

Thank you for your time.

Raymond D. Choiniere II - Cagsil

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