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Americans Are Easy to Forget

Biden did the best he could do at the moment. Thousands left Afghanistan and lives was saved.


America is no longer classified as the leader of the free world-Because they made a choice to end a 20-year war

President Joe Biden did not extend the departure date beyond 8/31, he kept his word when he withdrew American troopers from Afghanistan. The Taliban said beyond 8/31 would be consequences for American troopers. No more extensions.

President Joe Biden made a decision to pull American troopers out of Afghanistan in sprite of others Americans, who wanted to extend the date of departure. Biden had to honor the agreement signed by former President Trump made with the Taliban. In May, President Trump deal was to withdraw all the U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Trump lost the 2020 election,even though he was no longer the president, his deal with the Taliban signed and sealed. President Biden had no choice his hands was tied. Over the course of a few weeks ,one hundred and twenty thousand Americans and some Afghans were evacuated from Afghanistan, one of the largest moves in history. For Americans Troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond the schedule would have been a disaster, thousands of lives were, including service members. Taliban, ISIS and other radical groups were lurking around Kabul airport. On Tuesday, thirteen service members had been killed by a suicided bomber at Kabul airport. Thousands of civilians and American soldiers might have been killed if the President, didn't keep the deal Trump agreed to.

No one is blaming Trump, for the bad deal he made with the Taliban, but Biden for ending a 20-year war. Trump and his administration handed Afghanistan over to group terrors, who will kill at the drop of a hat.

The United States and the Biden administration, evacuated as many as they could, some Americans waited until the last days to leave Afghanistan. The time was against them, some couldn't get to the airport because of warning from the Taliban. The former, Donald Trump, deal set the stage for Afghanistan to collapse and for the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan.

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Instead of praising President Biden for ending a 20-year war, he is being criticized for not keeping American troopers In Afghanistan. Approximately 100 Americans was left behind, with the United States working to get them out.

Biden is now taking the heat from his own party and Republicans, they wanted the President to ignore the warning of the Taliban. Americans feel that Biden caved to the Taliban. Major General, Chris Donahue, was the last U.S. soldier to leave Afghanistan.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on September 06, 2021:

One of the longest wars fought in history is over.

President Joe Biden made a decision to end a 20-year-old war. Over 2000 lives was lost and trillions of dollars was spent on a useless war. It is not in the best interest of the United States to continue fighting in a war that never benefited the U.S.

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