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American Intelligence Thinks Putin Feels Misled by His Troops After Repeated Failures During the Ukrainian Invasion


‘We believe Putin is being slandered by his advisers about how badly Russian soldiers are doing ... because his top advisers are too scared to tell him the truth’

"Continuous tensions" are said to have escalated between Russia's military leadership and President Vladimir Putin, who say American spies feel misled after repeated protests in Ukraine.

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said officials had "details" about the split between Putin and his advisers but did not present evidence of the allegations.

"We believe Putin is being misinformed by his advisers about how badly Russian troops are doing, and how the Russian economy is crippling sanctions because his top advisers are afraid to tell him the truth," he told the White House. daily information.

"It is therefore becoming increasingly clear that Putin's war has become a strategic mistake, which has left Russia weak over time, and is increasingly isolated from the rest of the world."

His comments reflect reports of previously unknown U.S. officials, who said there was a clear split in the flow of accurate information to the Kremlin.

The official told The Hill. “Putin did not even know that his troops were exploiting and losing prisoners in Ukraine,"

While Joe Biden told reporters during a vaccination photo that he "could not" comment on a dispute between Putin's positions, both the State Department, the Pentagon and UK government officials repeated the allegations.


Secretary of State Antony Blinken said during a forum in Algeria that the reports were a sign of Achilles' heel when people could not speak the truth in power.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby added that it was "sad" that Putin might "not fully understand the extent to which his troops are failing" in Ukraine.

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"It's his soldiers," Kirby said, according to the Washington Post. “It is his war. He chose you. … In addition, one of the consequences of that would be an unreliable attempt to negotiate some kind of agreement here. If he does not fully understand how he is doing wrong, then how can the negotiators break the permanent agreement? "

The fog of war and rivalry overshadows the way the Russian military operates, badly or otherwise. According to the head of the UK intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Mr Putin has "strongly condemned" the situation.

The head of Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency, Sir Jeremy Fleming, will use a rare public speech in Australia on Thursday to highlight the actions of desperate Russian soldiers - from shooting down their planes and destroying their weapons to refusing to carry out orders.

An earlier issue of his statement released to the British media, Sky News and The Guardian, stated that Russian cybercriminals "wanted targets" beyond Ukraine in countries opposed to Mr.

He is expected to add that Wagner troops from the private sector are preparing to send a large number of personnel to fight in Ukraine, which is likely to be Mr.


He said in a statement “We have seen Russian soldiers - armed with deficits and misbehaving - refuse to carry out orders, destroy their weapons, and accidentally shoot down their planes,"

"And while we believe that Putin's advisers are afraid to tell him the truth, what happened and the extent of this unfair judgment must be made clear to the government," it continues.

The fall of the Russian military has shattered trust between Mr. Putin and the Ministry of Defence. Although Mr. Shoigu was considered one of the few counsellors Mr. Putin confided in them, persecution of the Ukrainian war damaged relations.

Mr. Putin has imprisoned two top intelligence officials for providing unscrupulous intelligence before the attack, which could have contributed to a state of panic.

With evidence of growing frustration Mr. Putin, the United States in recent weeks filed a spy case that did not receive an accurate examination from the Minister of Defence and other senior officials. U.S. officials believe Mr. Putin continues to be misled and that senior advisers are not willing to speak the truth.

What US intelligence sources may have in the Kremlin is a well-kept secret. However, since Russia began its military formation at the Ukrainian border last year, U.S. intelligence officials have accurately predicted Mr.

Russian troops announced a change in their stance on Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, on Tuesday; although U.S. officials have expressed doubts, that Russia is stopping its attacks as an act of peace. Instead, some believe the movement is an additional sign that Russia is fixing its failed strategy. It is also possible that the flexible strategy is a sign of inefficiency and poor communication in the upper lists of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

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