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Trump Has To Go

What is Trump afraid of? I believe the president is afraid of going to jail, he might pardon himself if possible.


Republicans have lost their dignity, valves and their souls to President Donald Trump a manic. Republicans are afraid of Trump because of his rhetoric and Trump popularity with his supporters. They are afraid to acknowledge Joe Biden has won the election because of the behavior of Trump.

The American people are sick and tired of the Republican party boasting Trump ego by going along with the lies he continue to spread about voter fraud. President Trump lost the election because of his own lies. He refused to take the deadly virus seriously, refusing to tell listen to Medical experts, telling them that he knew more than anyone. The president told Americans to inject themselves with house hold disinfectants, saying the virus was 99% harmless. The CDC subjected that all Americans wear masks it could save Lives, President Trump refused to wear a mask, he was worried about his looks. Trump supporters follower their leader Donald Trump. He lost the election all by himself.

Eight days after the election he sat in the White House telling to his supporter, the election was stole from him because of voter fraud. The president Trump sets in the White House neglecting his duties to govern . Trump hates to lose he doesn't care about his job. He will not concede to Joe Biden the elected president refusing to turn over vital inform our of sprite. Trump is tautening Joe Biden and his administration and will do anything he can to obliterate Biden presidency.

It's time for Republicans to b e held accountable for what they are putting the people throw who face death every day with the Coronavirus. The people have spoke and Trump lose the election, because of his own making.

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I am a victim of the virus, I made it when so many others didn't it makes me sick to see the president and Republicans turn their heads on so many people, who live might be saved if they did the right thing. Some of the Republican's should walk through a IC Unite and see patients struggling to breeze on ventilators. president Trump has created a party of hard nose monsters with no heart and soul. Donald Trump lost the election due to his own behavior, he through up his hands and surrender to a pandemic that continue to surge across America.

Trump is sitting in the White House not caring about making America great again, he is determine to make voter pay for electing Joe Biden as the next president by claiming voter fraud. Concede Trump for once in your life do the right thing,stop wasting the courts time,send Rudy Giuliana packing and depart the White without looking back.



Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on November 19, 2020:

The election is over , it's time for president to spend his remaining days doing the job he was elected to do as president of the United States. Trump didn't take the Coronavirus seriously, he downplayed a contagious virus that took the lives of 250 thousand people or more. The Virus that he lied about was the one thing that took him out. He gave up and surrender to a deadly virus, that is surging across all 51 states. He gamble with the lives of innocent people and lost. JMD#

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