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Donald J. Trump and the American Exile

Leland Johnson is a student of history, religion, politics, and current events. He wishes to respectfully engage readers on those points.

President Donald J. Trump


American Exile

It is not possible, in an ethical/truthful sense, to accept or even acknowledge a Biden-Harris administration anymore than it would be right to acknowledge a squatter’s right to property they had stolen.

The American Exile isn’t just about President Trump and the Democrat-Communist usurpation of the office he won legitimately for a 2nd term on 11/03/2020. The refusal of our legal system, including the Supreme Court, to even look at the evidence of voter fraud (of which there was an abundance) has made us all Americans in exile.

The legal vote is what allowed the people to legitimately retain that ancient idea first coined by the Greek ruler Pericles, repeated by President Lincoln, that ours is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” This concept, so crucial to the 2020 presidential election, was not protected by our government, but was in fact ignored. Avoidance of the issue, failure to acknowledge and examine evidence, declarations of “no wide-spread voter fraud” as declared from November 4th until the present, was a coordinated betrayal not only of the principles that constitute a republican democracy, but also of the American people themselves. The November 4 denial of voter fraud was declared with absolutely no investigations and perpetuated over the proceeding 2 months under the auspices of no investigation even being required. Some 60 courts denied the Trump administration so much as a review of the allegations citing ridiculous excuses such as “procedural filing inappropriateness.”

It is not with blind hatred for the candidate, unlike Trump haters of the previous 4 years, but with a clear conscience and accurate understanding of the facts than I am able to declare, “Joe Biden is not my president.” Joe Biden isn’t anyone’s president. Joe Biden is an installation; an imposed ruler so situated by power crazed technocrats, State controlled media, corrupt politicians, collaborators with foreign entities, agent provocateurs, and a legal system that has proven itself to be nothing less than a systemic betrayer of justice.

This is not a travesty carried out by the electorate, not even by those that voted for Biden legally (few as they may be), but rather by those entities already mentioned guided by a political coterie of Judas’s both democrat and republican.

Until these many wrongs have been righted, if that’s even possible, it isn’t just an American President in exile; nor is it only the American people. Rather it is America itself in exile whether she recognizes it or not.

The sliver lining of this strange, dark cloud is that the word itself, “exile” implies the possibility of return.

© 2021 Leland Johnson


Leland Johnson (author) from Midland MI on January 22, 2021:

Thanks AB- good to be back. Easing my way back in, trying to streamline my articles. I’m hoping it will make for better reading and increase viewership.

Leland Johnson (author) from Midland MI on January 22, 2021:

Logician: thank you for reading and commenting. It is, as you know, a leftist tactic to use “false flags” and accuse the opponent of what they are actually doing. I cannot think of a better example of a coordinated collusion.

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The Logician on January 22, 2021:

Bravo, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Plain and simple this faux and unconstitutional election is a joke not even considering the massive fraud, hundreds of signed affidavits witnessing it. State legislatures make the election laws, not their courts!

The only thing worse than what happened is what didn’t happen, the courts examining the evidence.

Hatred of a president’s personality and agenda is all it takes for our government to just ignore the constitution. Now that they have gotten away with it you might as well tare it up because there is no longer any such thing as check and balance.

A B Williams from Central Florida, USA on January 22, 2021:

Amen, Hear, Hear AND good to see you back Leland.

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