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American Democracy in Danger


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Survival of Democracy

Survival of Democracy

The attack on Capitol Hill by supporters of US President Donald Trump is an event in the history of American democracy that has turned Americans' sense of pride into a sense of shame. The incident has distorted the democratic face of American society, but Congress has sought to bring this distorted face back to normal by impeachment of Donald Trump. Will the United States be able to make up for the loss of its identity, and is democracy in the United States in jeopardy? This is a question that is being asked all over the world today. The attack on Capitol Hill not only raised questions about the tolerance of American society and high democratic traditions, but also said that the United States was in decline. The intellectuals of the outside world, as well as the American intellectuals themselves, have begun to say that power and civilization are shifting away from the United States. Is this really going to happen? This is the second question that comes to mind in the context of the Capitol Hill incident.

In my opinion, the answer to the first question is yes, that is, the United States can repair the great damage that was done to the Capitol Hill building, the symbol of American democracy. Democracy in the United States is not in danger, and the answer to the second question is, to my knowledge, no, that American society is not in the throes of what is generally thought. It will probably take a long time for the center of world power to shift from the United States, and American civilization will continue to rise and fall. This is because the institutions in the United States are strong and American society is still a defender of tolerance, pluralism and diversity.

The United States has some of the worst racist tendencies, but it also has the strongest resistance to racism. Large-scale protests by Americans against the killing of black people by white American police officers due to the corona virus, despite restrictions on social distance, are evidenced by the participation of people of all races. It is true that the American people voted for Donald Trump and endorsed his agenda, which American intellectuals called the fascist agenda. This temporarily created the impression in the world that most Americans are fascists and racists. His extremist thinking led to an attack on Capitol Hill that embarrassed Americans around the world, but there was no resistance to the immediate impeachment of President Donald Trump. People in Donald Trump's Republican Party also turned against him. Ten Republicans also voted in favor of the impeachment motion. The issue is now in the US Senate, where a resolution could be passed to remove Donald Trump from the presidency and disqualify him from holding any public office in the future. In the Senate, too, 20 Republican senators are ready to vote in favor of a possible resolution.

The American establishment will certainly interfere in politics, but it cannot put pressure on those who count votes, nor does anyone doubt the honesty of those who count votes. There, the election results cannot be changed and no individual or institution becomes a facilitator for it. The establishment cannot even try to stop protests and demonstrations against the global policies of the American establishment. No government or non-government organization or individual is a tool for this. There are also negative trends in American society, which make people like Donald Trump leaders, but American society then reforms itself. Donald Trump's impeachment in the US Congress and possible action against him in the Senate did not come out in support of his supporters. This means that they also agree with the view that Donald Trump is an abnormal person who engages in politics of hatred and abuse. The opinion of the majority of Americans today about yesterday's popular leader proves that Americans have not lost their ability to correct and correct their own mistakes. Therefore, it can be said that the Americans will be able to make up for this great loss and shameful incident and they are not in such a state of decline as is generally thought. Moreover, the United States is a pioneer of the global imperialist powers and American society also suffers from moderation. Yet democracy in the United States is not in danger.

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