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America, The Matrix, and John Galt Part 1


Asleep at the wheel.

Every day, I come in contact with people that are totally ignorant, to what is going on around us. Government overreach, an economy on life support, a war on natural resources, regulations that suffocate small businesses, while giving billions in subsidies to companies that the market does not support, ie, Tesla, or the now defunct Solyndra. I feel like we are living in a world, that is created to induce ignorance on a mass scale. We see this world, where pop culture, drives not only the news, and the agenda of the so called, “mainstream media”, but the things that we come in contact with, on a daily basis, while watching tv, walking down the street, or even watching a movie, or engaging in another form of entertainment consumption,. It has been hardwired into our daily lives, but the things that we tend to focus our attention on, are the things that impact our lives the least. Reality TV, Bruce Jenner transformation, Kardashians, who gets voted off of the island. None of these things have an impact on our lives, directly or indirectly. We have turned hollywood, and its inhabitants, into a royal family of sorts. All of this while the world is literally coming undone.

The Matrix comes to mind, when I look at the state of willful ignorance, that is common in today’s society. They have a choice everyday, the red pill, or the blue pill. Most of them choose the blue pill without a second thought. The idea of living in “wonderland”, and seeing how far the rabbit hole goes, is not even on their radar. This willful ignorance could be a defense mechanism, a tendency to shield ourselves from bad news, by acting like it doesn’t exist. This kind of ignorance is extremely dangerous to a Republic, like the one that we have come to know, because in a society, based on the idea, that individuals can govern themselves through election of representatives, it is paramount, that the electorate is informed on the issues of the day, and remain moral, and virtuous as a people. Morals and virtue have almost disappeared, and the informed are hard to find. Those of us that choose to take the red pill, are in the minority, and we are well aware of where we are heading, and we have a pretty good idea what is hidden deep in that rabbit hole.

A nation in decline.

The economy is not sunshine and lollipops, I hear mentions of a “slow recovery”. How about no recovery. The government numbers that are frequently used to tout the “millions of jobs created”, and the “increase in consumer confidence”, are either complete fabrications, or are calculated in a way, that gives an illusion of economic improvement. Jobs numbers are smoke and mirrors. America is made up of around 330 million people, and if you take those that are working age adults, or those that should be earning a living, that gives you around 243 million people. 93 million people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, have left the workforce, and are no longer looking for work. But the same government agency, will have us believe, that the current unemployment rate is 5.5% if you do the math, you come up with just under 40% of our working age Americans unemployed. The government’s desired result is created and sold to the masses, with most consuming all of the details, or lack thereof, without question. US first quarter GDP, after its revision, was -0.7%. That is not a recovery. Most economists define a nation in decline, as a nation that has a national debt, that exceeds its annual GDP. We are there.

The daily choice, that each of us faces, is the one that forces us to decide whether we want to see what really is, or go back to a Lego Movie fantasy world where “Everything is Awesome”, only to be blindsided when the system collapses. Cloward and Piven is being carried out as we speak. The system has reached the point of overload, and those that do not recognized warning signs, will be the hardest hit by crisis, when it rears its ugly head. It is not a matter of if, but when, the house of cards will finally give. I understand that the preoccupation of pop culture, sitcoms, game shows, etc, is an escape from the stress of everyday life. But, it does not serve anyone well if you allow this escape to become frequent or permanent, We owe it to our children and grandchildren, to be informed when it comes to events, and policies, that affect our daily lives, and their futures.

The Matrix analogy is great example, of delivering an important message, to a select audience, using modern pop culture to reach a new generation of informed voters. Atlas Shrugged was written by a Russian immigrant named Ayn Rand, in the late 1940’s and while the text has been around for quite some time, It has recently been brought to life on the Big screen, with Atlas Shrugged 1,2,and 3. This has revived interest in the Novel and has created an outle merchandise that reads, “Who is John Galt?

To be continued…..

Part 2 coming soon!


libertyordeath19 (author) on June 23, 2015:

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I believe that we are being run by a fully functional global shadow government. I don't think anyone realizes how far reaching this global cabal is. America is in the crosshairs.

slcockerham from Tallahassee, Florida on June 22, 2015:

Most of our politicians have been bought and paid for by the powers that be, whether they be the bankers or mega-corporations. If they sound the fire alarms too early, they might get caught in the stampede to the exits! Where is John Galt when we really need him?

Deforest from USA on June 14, 2015:

I understood very well your text. The problem resided in the title that you changed by the way... Eagerly waiting for part 2.

libertyordeath19 (author) on June 14, 2015:

It is becoming more evident that both parties are working for "the man". Or, in other words, there are no parties, just a corrupt oligarchy that needs to be put to rest.

Jason Horne on June 13, 2015:

George Orwell, 1984

You know, if our brains were hooked up to a computer that sent electrical signals to all of the parts of our brain responsible for decoding reality, and those signals produced a fake reality for us, just like in the movie The Matrix, we would never know the difference.

What if I told you, both political parties work for the same organization?

libertyordeath19 (author) on June 13, 2015:

The elite as you call them, and the corporations act as one body. The corporations are corrupt and wield the power they have because they are in bed with the government. In other words, if you are buddies with the people that make the laws, then you can manipulate the system in a way, that prevents prosecution, because the laws are tailored to you and your industry. I broke this into two parts, in order to highlight the willingness of people to turn a blind eye to what is going, in order to comfort themselves, and their families. Part two will talk Ayn Rand and go more into the oligarchs in government and business killing regulations, that echoes Ayn Rand ' s Atlas Shrugged. Stay tuned! Thank you for your comment!

Deforest from USA on June 13, 2015:

In what way your hub embraces your title? Do you consider the governmental policy being capitalistic or socialistic? Because if you say capitalistic then we are agreeing, but if you imply socialistic, I could agree but I will have to pinpoint that it is addressed to the elite and corporations.

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