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After Janurary 20/2021 Trump will no longer be the president of the United States.


Trump Holds No Fear

I am a born America for four years, Americans have sat back and saw one of the greatest countries in the world dominated and manhandle by a maniac, president Donald Trump. The American people are tired of seeing Trump destroy the democracy of this country by not doing the job he was elected to do.Weeks after the 20-20 election President Trump has done nothing but bitch about a rigged election and voter fraud.

Trump has neglected his duties as the president, with a virus that is surging out of Control across America. Over 300 thousands of Americans have died from this deadly virus, millions have been effected and the President and are wasting time Trump has nothing to say about a virus that have killed over three hundred thousand Americans, infected millions with people dying every second of the day. Thousands of lives might have been saved if President Trump would have did his job.

Late in January Trump knew just how dangerous the coronavirus was, he knew it was contagious, airborne and never warned the Public. Trump lied to the American telling them the Virus was 99% harmless and to use household disinfectant to clean there system out. The president never had a plan for the virus, he threw up his hands and surrendered without any emotions. Donald Trump has endanger the lives of millions of American with his ruthless behavior.

Trump knows the end is near for him, he is doing every thing he can to damage the administration of Joe Biden, out of angry. Over the night Trump has issues a wade of pardons for Blackwater guards including Baghdad massacre, What president does that? Congress and the Senate passed the Stimulus bill for millions of American who have been waiting for months for help from the government. President Trump said he might veto the bill because it was not enough money, he wants to give families two thousand dollars. President Trump said nothing until the bill was passed. he then struck it to Mitch McConnell for congratulating.

This is the new norm it's time for a change in the Constitution of the United States, this year we have seen the Constitution violated by a president Donald Trump. The justice System was created for every American, presidents who commits crimes like Trump should never have a free pass because he is the president. Trump knows as long as he is the president he can escape the rule of law.

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Trump Played Mitch McConnell and the American people.


Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on December 23, 2020:

After January 20/2021 will no longer be the president of the United States. He will be a private citizen like the rest of Public. Trump has said he will not concede to Biden or leave the White House. If he refuses to leave his ass should be dragged out in hand cuffs by force if necessary. JMD#

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