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America: Know Joe Biden's Salary Details

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America: Know Joe Biden's salary details

Joe Biden took oath in America. He then became the 46th President of the world's most powerful country. Although the President of America is the most powerful person in the country, but his statute and limits have also been fixed under federal law. In this report, you know how much salary Joe Biden will get after becoming President?

Explain that according to the US law, the annual salary of the US President has been fixed at four million US dollars. In Indian currency this amount is about two crore 92 lakh rupees. Apart from this, the President gets an allowance of 50 thousand dollars annually. At the same time, non-taxable travel allowance of one million dollars is given. Also, 19 thousand dollars are given as entertainment allowance, which the President can spend to entertain his family. It is worth noting that the First Lady, the President's wife, does not get any salary.

The salary of the president is the highest in America, but there have been many presidents who have never taken salary. Let us know that Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of America, did not take the salary and donated it. He was the first president to deny his salary. After this, 35th President John F. Kennedy also refused to take a salary. Kennedy was a member of the Congressional House of Representatives, then President. He did not take salary in both the posts. Only kept an allowance of 50 thousand dollars as an expense. Kennedy also donated his salary to charitable institutions.


SALVAONEGIANNAOLCOM from south and west of canada,north of ohio on February 17, 2021:

I remember when it , was $350,000 ! Then there are all those perks the president gets too ! even after he or she leaves office ! Funds for their own library , Money for office space and all that goes with it ! Etc...

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