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America: It's Time We Remembered and Were Thankful For What We Have

It's time to unite, America; not divide until there is nothing left.

It's time to unite, America; not divide until there is nothing left.

I've posted this before

But it bears repeating. It also bears listening to again. And taking to heart. Our country may not be perfect, and I know there are those here who expect nothing less than perfection; that isn't realistic. What is realistic is making mistakes, learning from them and moving forward. All the looking behind at past wrongdoings doesn't help a damn thing; it just shows where you've been. Learn, grow, accept, teach, love, care, help: these are the things we need to be doing every single day. Not demanding, yelling, cursing, creating dissension, hatred, cruelty.

Yes, America has done some heinous things to its people, both citizens and non-citizens, but it's still the best the world has ever seen. We have tested our soldiers with Agent Orange; Nuclear Bombs; diseases and viruses, syphilis in our African American soldiers; all without their permission or knowledge. If you haven't seen the film "Nightbreaker" with Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen, I suggest you watch it. It is hell on earth, I assure you.

But name another country who helps as many others as we have; another who has stepped in to defend a lesser country striving to survive.

You can't. With all its warts and faults, America is still best there is.

We've walked a long, hard road

From where we were to where we are now. Most of it hasn't been paved, and in some places we just made our own trails because no one had ever been there before. People, a lot of people, different colors and races, have had it hard. Just listen to Tennessee Ernie Ford and the words of the song. Not his magnificent voice or the haunting melody, the words.

"I owe my soul to the company store"

That's not just a line, folks; those words are true. Those who worked for the coal mines often weren't paid, they were given credit in the company store for their goods. Their housing was company owned; if they didn't work they lost everything. It wasn't called slavery, but it wasn't far removed from it.

My own grandfather, my father's father, died at age 27, leaving behind three boys and a young wife only 23 years old. He died of black lung and tuberculosis in Fort Smith, Arkansas. His widow placed her children into an orphanage, my dad not quite two years old; his brothers age four and six. Two years later she remarried, came and got them and moved to Tulsa. Then, she died at the same age, 27. Her sons, my father and his two brothers, went to an orphanage in Sands Springs, Oklahoma. They got a good education and learned the value of hard work. Their half brother, born into the second marriage, went with his father when his mother died. The family split up.

I tell you that not for sympathy

But to say everyone has a story of hardship; those of you growing up today have no concept of what was, and I think you need to reflect on where you are, what you have, the opportunities available to you and how you got there. Quit crying about what you don't have, celebrate what you do have. It doesn't matter what color, race, religion you are: everyone has had it tough!

Now, on to our military. When WWI ended, our soldiers came home to a celebration. Same in WWII. Korea, not so much. Vietnam, not at all. Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan veterans, there are so many organizations out there to help you, doctors available to help with PTSD, lost limbs, pain, suffering. It is available if you but ask. Our grandfathers didn't have those options, nor did they ask for them; they just lived with the pain. Not saying it was right, but they did. Don't let this define you, defile you. We are proud of you and thank you. Every single time I see a hat on a veteran that tells me they are a vet, I tell them thank you. Every single time. We all should.

And to you who don't agree, screw you. If it weren't for them, those who stand up for you and your beliefs you wouldn't have a country to complain in. Be thankful and give respect, for those people have earned it. Those who complain, haven't.

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God in America again

Yes, we do need Him. The far left would have you believe we don't, that they will provide for you. And for a while, they will. So long as the money lasts, that is. So long as they need your vote to keep them in the money, politics. When will you wise up and see politicians don't give a rat's ass for you as a person, only for you as a voter. And lest you think I am a Republican, no I'm not. I'm an American, first last and always. No party lines for me.

Pride in America. not pride in self

We need to band together and have pride in our country and our people, not pride in our puny selves. No greed, no division, no pathetic demands of giving us this or that, no demands for reparations to you for something your ancestors multiple generations past might have suffered. We all have been trod upon in one manner of another, we do not need excuses for our behavior, we need reasons to lift ourselves and one another up.

America isn't perfect; never was, never will be. But its positives far outweigh its negatives and its the greatest country in the world. And if you don't think so, I have some land in Siberia, Afghanistan and Africa I can let you have for free. I suggest you take it and leave.

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Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 03, 2021:

Thank you Ladies. I appreciate your stop and read, and especially your comments. It's time, we need to change ourselves and America by remembering where we came from without critiquing it, or defending it. Learn from it and change. Stay safe.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on August 03, 2021:

Amen to this, Mike! I'm sick and tired of the Civil War statues that are being torn down across America. You can't erase history, nor should we try. Our history is our history. Period. Learn from it, don't discount it. Stonewall Jackson was my great uncle a few times removed. I'm proud of that. Does that make me un-American? Hell no!

I also don't claim kin to a political party. I want the freedom to choose - not be dictated to by a donkey or an elephant.

People need to quit having a collective pity party over past transgressions and do something to change the current course of history.

This is a wonderful article that needs to be read far and wide. I'll be back to watch the rest of the videos. I did view Red Skelton's "Pledge". Right on, right on, right on!

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on August 02, 2021:

Hear! Hear! Everyone needs to read your words, Mr. Archer. This country should have no room for extremists of either polarity. But to get down to the nitty gritty of the covid tug o war, the virus doesn't play politics. It just wants a snug place to hide ... and grow ... and mutate. Too many people are refusing the vaccine as their political football. Unfortunately the damage was done nearly a year ago, and although our former president has announced that he and his family were vaccinated, the damage can't seem to be reversed.

I see so many posts saying "God help us" or "God help America". People wonder why "God has deserted us." God helped to establish this country. God gave humans free will and our forefathers the good sense to use it. Free will has not been taken away from us, but it seems that good sense has been lost. God is not likely to intervene.

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