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Republics Have Lifespans. Here Is What Your Future Holds, How You Got There, And Long Term Viable Options For The US

Caston George is a 10-year veteran political professional and former politician, accomplished writer, researcher, author, and archivist.

The United States of America — as designed — is an unstable, unmanageably large and failing enterprise, and this fact is both true and unavoidable.

How Did You Get To This Point? It’s Almost 30 Years In The Making.

Speaking with a friend of mine regarding the goings on of Inauguration week, 2021, manifested a conversation that inspired this piece.

A friend, lets call him, “B,” and myself were speaking in the wake of the inauguration of the latest of the American presidents.

The contest that was held in recency was mired with problems, a hostile electorate on each side, prone more to division and actual hatred for their participating (or non participating) neighbours who might have a different opinion of their own.

When the winner of that popularity contest was determined, it did not stop the escalation of this democratical disorder, which made rhetorical attempts to inspire inaugural unity amongst the Americans themselves to be a new method of exercise in insult, for some, and for that exercise’s supporters, fresh fodder for attack in reacting to their neighbours' reactions.

Over the summer, politically motivated and hostile movements of Americans took over part of the city of Seattle for much of the summer, armed, and forced the police to retreat from their headquarters, which is still abandoned and barricaded at the time of this writing, and ran that section of the city in what they called an autonomous zone, free from police, where the whims of anarchists ruled the day, and the neighborhood.

That coincided with mass protests around the United States, protests in the wake of a brutal police killing, (which is, along with mass shootings of the general public, an everyday occurrence in the Republic) that caused mandatory government-issued curfews to close businesses and keep everyone at home just as the covid-19 restrictions had been lifted.

As the protests shut down most major cities, and even smaller cities and larger towns, the Looting and rioting that occurred continued well after the shooting in Minnesota had already gone to court, and it wasn’t until the new year that businesses in the city I write from, began to resume normal business hours, after closing early for the safety of their employees — the Target in downtown Seattle for example — because looters kept coming back, overnight, to break in and steal televisions, laptops, other merchandise, even months later.

And just last week, the United States Capitol itself saw for the very first time an incursion (see note), as the American people, just as they did this past summer, rose in revolt and uprising, storming the Capitol building and grounds where the inauguration was to take place, and did take place yesterday, storming members of Congress, causing staffers and Senators to duck and cover in their offices (like primary school shooter drills often do), and forcing their way up to the podiums of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate, simultaneously, and taking over both Chambers.

For those who watch the American government access Television Network on Cable, C-SPAN, they were able to watch it live, on both the House and Senate channels.

The Undoubted Signs of a Failed State.

The American people are in a great state of unrest, and this is clear and obvious.

They have reached the ripping points of the seam that had already begun to fray and has been for several years.

Writers in international media have offered commentary pieces and even documentaries on the divided states: its large and volatile population making political governance of even a benign nature impossible to maintain.

The Americans, at large, turning in on themselves, their republic’s authorities and government ministers, have escalated in their activities of rebellion, turning what was already an unmanagably large and philosophically and diametrically divergent country into a non-functional failed state.

In retrospect it should be clear to most at this point that this has been coming for a while, and that the warning signs were glaring Americans in the face, or at least the past decade, but that they were, for whatever their reasons, ignorant of.

And holding such divergent philosophies on what government is and ought to be doing that it causes government shutdowns regularly.

On track to becoming the latest failed state, and one of the largest in history, this is perhaps due in part to the design of the constitution it is organised under, disagreements over its intent and interpretation, and to the fact that it’s 18th century operating system which has, unfortunately, prohibitively difficult means built within it to change it.

Or even slightly alter it.

I could not marry for years in this country because of one word in one provision of American law — to put things into perspective.

In fact, although the coronavirus kills three times as fewer people as do guns in the United States of America, as aforementioned, the American people could not find any governmental response that was adequate; because the ability to change the section of their articles of federation that allow unfettered and unchecked purchasing and exchanging of firearms, in any caliber or quantity or yield as they please and can afford, as an inherent “right” of mankind, has requirements to even slightly modify that claimed right that are practically, and politically, unachievable to accomplish.

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The repeal of that provision of the Americans’ federal articles is not an option, and is prohibited entirely, by the articles themselves, according to some strict constitutionalist interpretations.

Courts headed by politically partisan judges — despite the requirement of judges and justices to be impartial, in practice, they end up being anything but — are often issuing conflicting rulings and judgements on this and other life or death issues in America.

Sometimes contradictory rulings, as well.

And as homelessness in the major cities has reached a point of Crisis bordering upon Catastrophe, and the lack of any meaningful Healthcare infrastructure (even after the reforms of the Obama Administration were implemented), and the half hearted effort at economic stimulus, combined with a disappearing middle class whose pleas have been ignored for a decade, all demonstrates just how little has been done, and of what has been done, how very little has been effective toward improving the lives of the most vulnerable and poorest in the economic spectrum.

And as coronavirus has raged across the world, unlike other countries such as Her Majesty’s United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which is providing for monthly checks, also compensating for 87% of an unemployed workers paycheque, and countries like the Crown Dominion of Canada, ensuring that Canadians have received, with very few bars of qualification being necessary, $2,000 per resident, per month, since the crisis began to keep their economy afloat and people from losing their homes at the government ordered them to stay in them (they recently the passed $10,000 mark) — unlike Britain and Canada, since the start of the crisis, Americans, whose cost of living is much higher out-of-pocket, with no guaranteed or free access to healthcare, with a housing crisis already bursting at the seams, a homelessness crisis, a deadly and rapidly-spreading pandemic which continues to shut the planet down, prompting the first ever en masse coordinated action in the history of humanity, and political obstruction and divergence that completely collapses and stalls and shuts down the government on a regular basis, have only received so far, a one time check of $1,200.

If they qualified.

And the incoming American president, the latest of a string of them, is delivering less than what he had promised in his campaign, and certainly less than what every major economist in the world including many if not most in the United States, say is necessary for the American people to survive the pandemic economically.

It was called “beyond insulting, but an … abandonment,” in a recent Economist piece. “The federal government has left us for dead.”

“These are the signs of a failed state.”

The United States of America, despite its presidential inauguration yesterday, is over.

And as with the Roman Republic, although the Republic functionally collapsed well before it fell, the Roman government put a lot of money and a lot of effort into putting on a show of its functionality for the Roman people.

That is until the military eventually stepped in when it’s major parties eventually collapsed in upon themselves.

The Americans seem to be in the same repetition of history.

These are the circumstances in which I had this conversation, very briefly, with my friend, “B.”

To make him smile I sent him a message on Facebook that included a version of the British national anthem that I find particularly uplifting.

It included the message that no matter what political party or philosophy you subscribe to, you can also join with me, Monarchist that I am, in great refrain, and sing “God Save the Queen!”

A song, symbol, and song of a symbol and an embodiment in the Crown and the person who wears it, a real, actual Unity.

Not political partisanship masquerading as Unity, as with this latest inauguration.

Not governance for one political ideology at the expense or ignorance of another; or worse, of an entire group of people or region of your country, to reward those that support the party in power in exclusivity.

But Unity.

On Unity.

Unity is not politically partial, it is impartial.

It transcends left and right, in fact, being not on the left-wing nor being on the right wing, but being above them both.

The solution is an older and one America has had once before but as someone with a long view of history, I don't dare to say, but rather know it to be true, that it is the only thing that has worked, can work, or will work in both unifying, whether as a reintegrated part of the American apparatus, or, as a friend helping a friend through direct intervention.

You will judge me harshly when you read the next sentence, but before you pass sentence on me, and this article, read, please the justification in full.

I propose the Crown — the British crown, and the dutiful steadfastness of HM Elizabeth II, as the initiator of the auspices of the Crown In The Americas, a separate office from the British Embassy that would promote the interests of the Crown, specifically, in the United States — and, no matter what form it comes in, yet further proposed that the crown is the only organization and institution with the credibility, the fairness, the establishment that makes it’s senior to anything in the United States by about a thousand years — as necessary for America to continue to enjoy its way of life, because, it is the only organization that can arbitrate a Reformation In America which is necessary because, and this cannot be stressed emphatically enough:

The United States of America — as designed — is an unstable, unmanageably large and failing enterprise, and this is unsustainable, and this fact is both true and unavoidable.

But to go back to America’s literal and original roots might be the only thing that can preserve it — whether temporarily or long-term — whether as the natural and most trusted choice for an established institution to arbitrate and oversee the inevitable reconstitutionalisation of the United States governing structure, or more longer term, as a ultimate authority with some segree of confirmatory or veto power over at least some areas of American law — because when have you known Americans to get there house in order long enough to do something like this without conflict in blood?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, nor Mike Pence or Donald Trump if they had won, absolutely none of them can save the United States of America from itself.

They are going to exacerbate and capitalize on the problem politically, and that will lead to your ultimate end.

Because they will find — surprise surprise — that they cannot create anything new amongst themselves that isn’t passing trend of the moment that they’re going to seek to advantage themselves upon with popular opinion.

And popular opinion does not a lasting Foundation make.

It’s predicated on temporary, on what is fleeting, and therefore that which never lasts.

In contrast to America’s temporary principle, the crown however is an eternal principle, predicated on that which sustains, that which endures, foundations built to last Aeons, not a couple of hundred years.

One that can do so with no bias, without the ability to be influenced by private or public political self interest, and which cannot be bought and sold to the highest bidder or corporate powerbroker:

Come on, what are you really going to bribe Queen Elizabeth II with that she doesnt already have?

Because as the collapse of America continues and worsens, and it has shown absolutely no signs of lessening or getting better — either under the most recent president and his administration, or the one before him, or the one before him, when it all got started .

"The American self-implosion has in truth, been on a slow-cook for over two decades, and has escalated steadily with constancy ."

My friend “B" said that he didn’t want to hear anything about Kings or Queens because he “lives in the present,” eventually and essentially telling me to go back to my D&D game.

But I don’t think he understood that despite being the junior between the two philosophies, by about nine thousand years, and despite being the far less stable of the two, with a far shorter lifespan, generally, that he is now discovering (as the Romans discovered in their Republic, which, exactly like America, also only lasted 250 years, as did the Athenians and Spartans before them), that monarchy and benevolent autocracy is not only coming as an inevitability by necessity, but that it’s ideas have already begun to take root again, right under his nose, and he missed it.

The American people are so politically divided that they have come to hate their neighbors, and it has become sport for them.

To participate in politics is an adrenaline high for them — a sport that they take way too seriously.

Like an English football match, but one in which the already rowdy and fight-prone rival crowds of supporters have each taken steroids, have drunk all of the coffee in Seattle, on top of snorting several hot rails of a delightful mixture of cocaine and bathsalts, combined and collectively, before screaming, shouting, and getting violent with one another and their immediate surroundings, and anyone who disagrees with them, attempts to stop them, or asks them to please calm down.

"And, as I discovered, even not participating in the system, I was told, meant I was tacitly participating in that system — which is an absurdity ."

Moreover, to one voter, my impartiality and non-participation not only meant that I was somehow participating, but that I also took a side in their conflict, because I could have voted, but did not :

”You are a monster, complicit with Trump, which means all blood of those officers at the capitol are ON YOUR HANDS TOO!” I was told — not that makes much sense because his candidate who both won the state that I reside in as well as the general election — but, try as you might, you can’t make sense to people who have lost their senses."

And so one can understand why they might hve missed a comeback of monarchy, slowly and very quietly standing back up in their own backyard, because they’ve been beating each other over the head over politics for the past 7 years.

And yet...

Giving all of that, one can also simultaneously not understand how they didn’t see the comeback of monarchy coming.

Look at the situation they’re in.

I honestly don’t know how some of them haven’t seen it coming from 100 miles away — it’s already arrived.

Not only, as the Romans realized, is it going to take one person, one person who is politically impartial, and who can direct the Affairs of State without partisanry or the Electoral need to repay supporters at the detriment of opposition, but one that is also an established power, that offers stability, constancy, gravitas, and is trusted by the general public.

And the Crown is the only established Institution that can, as a unbiased friend to the American people, with purity of intention and expectation, step in, and help America sort itself out, either before or more likely after, the American Civil government does collapse. Which it will.

The United States military will at first step in to keep everything from disintegrating, because they’re the only organization that will be left at that point with the ability to do that.

The fragility of the United States of America is not unknown to those at the top of American government, in fact, this very scenario, which they also saw coming, is the reason that American spends 8 times as much on its military as does the next 10 countries on the list.

In case any Bernie Sanders supporters out work serious as to the actuality of that inexplicable spending spree — with a particular shout out to the incomparable A. Symmes, who is such a supporter, and who is one of the best activists and human beings that you could ever meet — who summarised the plight best.

She and I don’t agree politically, she is a socialist, and I’m a monarchist, historical photos. However, we both agreed and became good friends on the necessity for the re-establishment of human dignity and compassion, and the impartiality of government Administration.

However, as you have seen with the unrest that has gripped every sector of the American population, and has, steadily increased and escalated and grown in intensity and frequency of occurrence over the past decade, a military imposition of martial law, which has been talked about now as a possibility not off of the table or out of left field, will not go over well with the American people.

It will have to be a civilian organization, but a committee you won’t work, neither will a congress, neither will a provisional government made-up by or of Americans, neither will American philanthropists or businessmen or company, who all have interests of their own that influence them, and the American tendency is to put so many qualifiers on assistance in a crisis, and bars to meet for their people, that they will screw it up unmanageably, and it will end disastrously.

Add in the American tendency towards mistrust of governments due to its correct nature in any Democratic Republic, especially one where private interest can influence elections with as much money as they want with absolutely no oversight whatsoever, and you have American crisis that is only going to end in ruin.

United States President Bill Clinton, the last president that was in office before the beginnings of what would become the present-day Crisis began, 30 years ago, was in fact incorrect when he said that there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by America.

The American people have never shown a tendency to behave outside of their expected patterns of response.

Faced now with inevitable constitutional Reformation, or the unavoidable consequence of either dissolution or disintegration, which will be radical and different than what they had before by virtue of necessity and prerequisite requirement, lest the country itself fall into complete and total ruin, every option to do that and Implement that Reformation that comes from America itself, from within, will fail.

“And I am not sure why I’m the crazy one for suggesting that to go back to the original government of the United States of America, the crown, and even if just in an advisory capacity, to help as a friend should and help a friend in such a current crisis, and imminent, unavoidable upcoming disaster.

In fact, the Crown is the only entity on this Earth, short of direct and Divine intervention from God Almighty Himself, that can save the United States of America from itself.”

Back to my friend “B”: I’m going to presume he’s going to read this article, and my response to him is this: I, too, live in the present, but I’m also from the past, and I have a very clear vision of the future, more clear than he does: because I am impartial. I can see my American neighbours as can an outsider, except with the abject horror of being inside as the building is on fire, watching everyone beat each other over the head over minutiae and political discourse that does not matter, completely blind to the fact that they’re all about to burn alive.

Why the Crown? Why Monarchy?

Reporting in for 98.9% of the span of human history, the clear winner in any contest, with its contenders in the opposition being Aristocracy and Democracy running in distant second and third places (both of which always got off to promising starts only to end up in shipwreck after only a few centuries, sporadically throughout history), the Royalists have won, and continue, to win preservations and restorations wherever they are, or were.

Kingship is in fact the longest continuing and the most enduring and stable of all government; it is attested during virtually all eras on all continents, and for all of human history the tendency is for it to become more common, not less.

What’s more, once established, kingship is the least divisive.

This is easily evinced by the rear view mirror in which it may appear further back in history than it actually is, truth be told, it's still not yet cleared your blind spot. Just watch out, that road curve is just up ahead!

Nonwithstanding the moral reprehensibility at the prospect of public beheadings (to say nothing of the insanity of basing modern governments on the ideas of the beheaders…), it took extraordinary legal acrobatics to be able to execute Charles I and Louis XVI; simply killing a royal family, as with the tsars, leaves one (apparently and seemingly "forever") burdened with substitute tsars-by-election, chosen at the pre-aelection of the powerful or wealthy who fill the vacuum left behind by the nobility that once checked their pecuniary greed and ambition, and at the electoral mercy of the level of general intelligence and compassion of your neighbours.

With no qualification but age being necessary to decide your fate, for whatever reeason they like.

Lets hope you live in friendly, smart territory, when things get grim!

And even today, it seems no coincidence the only regimes almost completely untroubled by the Arab Spring revolts of 2011 were those with longstanding monarchies.

Even when kings are deposed, the legal and political framework of monarchy tends to live on, as evidenced in the fact that all modern states are founded on the curiously contradictory principle of “popular sovereignty,” that the power once held by kings still exists, just now displaced onto an entity called “the people.”

One unanticipated side-efect of European colonial empires has been that this notion of sovereignty has become the basis of constitutional orders everywhere - the only partial exceptions being a few places, like Nepal or Saudi Arabia, which had monarchies of their own already.

“Therefore: It follows that any theory of political life that does not take account of this, that dismisses or discounts Monarchy, or that treats Kingship as some sort of marginal, exceptional, or secondary phenomenon, is not a very good theory.”

Indeed whether in France, India, or even America, to deny the power, endurance, and resilience of the Crown is a dangerous mistake.

It is a greater mistake for democrats and republicans (lowercase for both) to assume Kingship to be history.

It would enlighten and educate their bureaucrats to know more of human nature - there is a myriad of reasons Kings have endured since Creation, and why agreeable and ethical consensus by popularity contest has not, despite repeated attempts, ever had a long shelf life.

It would shock the American Democrats and Republicans alike in equal measure to learn how they presently embody democracy's most potent evils - those of demagoguery and the fleeting and false temporary exaltation of the caprice of any given moment - the very same wualities for which their country mistook in colonial government and fired the first shot in rebellion.

It is for that reason that, even the titanic United States, is not impervipus to an eventual and successful Crown Restoration.

To deny that possibility is to deny reality, history, human nature, common sense, and to be so blinded by their own self projected images and ideations that they fail to see them falling apart, as everyone else can.

It is self delusion and ignorance to assume themselves so unsinkable or unquestionably superior when they, comparatively, are still so young.

Much like a myopic child who doesnt understand why he cant drive the car at 11 years old, and wonders why adults are so dumb. After all, he knows more than they do, doesnt he?

Much of the information you read here comes from the book, ‘On Kings,’ Chapter 1, ‘Theses on Kingship,’ by David Graebher and Marshall Sahling, which is an incredibly compelling read, and I encourage you to purchase a copy for your pleasure and enlightenment — my thanks to them both for a practical, illuminating, and certainly personally helpful collegic work.

Caston Evans is a Monarchist, British Royalist, Researcher, Commentator, and Widow of Recency, based in Seattle, Washington. He hosts Royal in the Republic on Crown and Country Radio, and as always, dedicates this to the late and great Jaron Michael Nielsen, His Most Beloved Grace, and partner, 1989-2020.

From a long view of history, the US has already fallen, it just hasn't yet hit the ground.


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