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Alex Jones, InfoWars, Donald Trump, and the Charlottesville Collusion

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Mr Bueno is a sometimes writer, musician, and digital artist. He treats art as magick. He currently lives and works in Cambridge, England.

Robert E Lee statue, Lee Park, Charlottesville VA

Robert E Lee statue, Lee Park, Charlottesville VA

Trump's Charlottesville Response...What's Going On?

Mainstream pundits scratching their heads over President Trump’s latest musings on the White supremacist terrorist attack in Charlottesville simply haven’t been paying attention to the media of the president's base. While the first edition of ‘Trump TV’ was released to an almost universally derisory response, being widely dismissed as ‘state propaganda worthy of North Korea,’ the real Trump administration propaganda source, Alex Jones' InfoWars, continued in its (North Korea-like) fawning adulation of Donald Trump.

It should be noted that Jones has spent most of the last seventeen years (since his shocking broadcast on the eve of the millennium that made countless false claims and terrified many of his admittedly, easily duped listeners into thinking that the end of the world had arrived) telling his listeners he was against and exposing the ‘false, left-right paradigm’ of modern politics. Jones has also been busy over the last seventeen years and before, telling as many tall tales as he can to advance his own position and business interests.

Pinocchio, Pinocchio, Why Are You Made of Wood?

But What About What-Aboutery?

Although Jones may publicly claim that he is against the far right and he thinks they are idiots, InfoWars, especially since, or perhaps just before Trump made his run for the presidency, has been virtually nothing more than one big dog-whistle for the far-right. Where once Jones continually banged on about the New World Order (which of course he billed as a communist/Marxist plot to take over the world,) InfoWars' main target of hate is now ‘leftists’ which Jones and his team would have you believe is just about everyone that doesn’t support the Trump presidency (including the New World Order).

Taking all this into account, we should take Jones’ accounts of what happened at Charlottesville and who is behind it with a rather large grain of salt. Of course, most people do take what Jones says with a very large grain of salt, but most people aren’t Donald Trump. After the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Jones came straight out of the block, saying that he decries Nazis (although one could be forgiven for thinking that is not the case if you take a look at most of the comments underneath most InfoWars articles.)

Straight away, after decrying Nazis, Jones started on his, by now, familiar what-aboutery. He stated that there was violence on both sides, but also stated that agent-provocateurs may have infiltrated the crowd on the Unite the Right side. Trump didn’t go that far, but he did explicitly blame both sides and didn’t initially condemn those attending the event who had turned up in Nazi regalia in order to stir up trouble and get the Alt-Right marchers blamed for the violence. It was never explained, however, how those on the Alt-Right side allowed people sporting Nazi insignia and Nazi flags to march with them. Why did no one on the Alt-Right side take these people to task, tell them they were not welcome, or remove them? Quite simply, because they are thoroughly part of the Alt-Right identity.

More often than not, Alt-Right ideology (such as it is) and White supremacist/Nazi ideology are interchangeable. If you want to disavow yourselves from these people, make sure they don’t march with you. But if you are ‘uniting the right’ in these circumstances, these Nazi flag-wavers are the people you will be marching with because they share your views. They either are you or they are what you helped create and continue to allow to flourish.

It's in the Water Son, That's Why It's Yellow

Here is a familiar pattern in the Donald Trump/InfoWars axis of insanity. Jones pans out a position with a soft edge by claiming that both sides were violent and a hard conspiracy edge that entails mentioning agent provocateurs, George Soros, the deep state, the CIA, and Ukraine. Trump parrots the soft edge of Jones narrative almost exactly, while Jones runs with the conspiracy ball as far as he can with a nod and a wink to his listeners that he has the ear of the president and ONLY HE really knows what the hell is going on. Trump doesn’t need to parrot Jones' crazier assertions because by parroting Jones' soft narrative, his supporters will know that the hard narrative is also implied.

Infowars' Alex Jones knows exactly what's going on!

Infowars' Alex Jones knows exactly what's going on!

Traitors, Traitors, Everywhere

Where are the forces that work against Jones 'narrative? It can’t just be that good folk are standing up against a repugnant regime that is allowing racism to flourish. Those good people, according to Jones, must be being manipulated by the forces of the deep state, such as the CIA and George Soros.

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It’s kind of strange that someone such as Alex Jones, who sees conspiracy everywhere, can’t see it in an administration whose leading members lie and hide the purpose of their meetings with people close to the Kremlin, but can see it when good people turn out to demonstrate against Nazis marching in the USA.

InfoWars' Alex Jones Sees Signs of Little Green Elves, but no Signs of Russian Collusion

The Noble Lie

To Alex Jones and the trolls who patrol the InfoWars comments section, isn't it time for you to own the White supremacist terrorist incident that occurred in Charlottesville? It is the right-wing bile and anger that you have helped and are helping unleash that is responsible for the death of Heather Heyer. How many more will have to die and be injured before you cease your lunacy?

Or is the high you get from your noble lie too addictive to disown?

© 2017 Mr Bueno


Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on August 18, 2017:

Wisdom, my friend. We need more of that. I agree.

Reny Luis from USA on August 16, 2017:


ptosis from Arizona on August 16, 2017:

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