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Alaska May Become A Post-Civil-War Sanctuary For Americans

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on January 16, 2021.

Kjrstie is the creator of this image.

Kjrstie is the creator of this image.

In my article titled "A Biden Administration Could Provoke A Major Exodus Of Americans From Their Homeland," I warned my American readers that many of us could find ourselves in a situation in which we may have no other choice but to leave the United States of America for good once former Vice President Joe Biden moved into the White House. Call it hysteria on my part if you must, but I have come across concerns here on the Internet about our nation confronting the possibility of a second civil war in that event.

Now, I am someone who wholeheartedly believes that we, as Americans, should not resort to violence as our first choice whenever we are dealing with the breakdown of our political system. We all must remember that the actual American Civil War that went on from 1861 to 1865 was the deadliest military conflict in our nation's history, and it accounted for more American military deaths than all other wars combined until the Vietnam War.

The idea of a second American civil war is likely one that many of us Americans try to put out of our minds as much as possible. I'm one of those many Americans. However, I stumbled across this one video on YouTube that greatly disturbed me in that it suggested that such a civil war could be inevitable at this point in time in our nation because of the events that are currently going on with our Federal government.

In a video of his, Gonzalo Lira, who usually goes by the username of Coach Red Pill on YouTube, contends that after such a civil war were to take place, many of us Americans could find ourselves fleeing to Alaska to get back the freedoms and liberties that a prospectively oppressive government is going to take away from us. You can watch that same video below.

Gonzalo Lira Describes The Role That Alaska Could Play In A Second American Civil War

When I was living in California, I once had considered relocating to Alaska. I have never been in love with winter weather. My desire to get away from the snow and the frigid temperatures was partly what motivated me to move from New York City to Los Angeles so many years ago. However, I had still found the idea of living in Alaska to be very intriguing insofar as I was more than willing to acquire an appreciation for the cold weather if I were to move there.

While I was living on the West Coast, my plans to move to Alaska never materialized. After I moved back to the East Coast and became accustomed to cold weather in the wintertime once again, my desires to relocate to Alaska reignited. I realized that there was a great number of opportunities there. I was aware that it would have been a different way of life, but I still had the urges in me to go there to live.

Family members of mine did not want me to move so far away, and I eventually abandoned my thoughts about moving to Alaska. In any event, people I have known that have lived there have only had good things to tell me about that state. Even though I do not agree with all of Sarah Palin's political ideologies, I have a great amount of respect for that woman and I would find it to be a privilege someday to meet her and her family. If I had gone to live in Alaska, perhaps that privilege would have become a reality for me.

Now, after having watched the video above, some of you may even go as far as thinking that Mr. Lira is some kind of weirdo who has an overly active imagination about political events that he believes will likely occur in the near future. However, I have watched a whole host of this man's videos on YouTube, and I can tell you right up front that he usually knows what he's talking about. In fact, not only is he a wealth of knowledge, but he also has an ivy-league education. That is, in case some of you were just wondering.

I looked in the comments section of his video when it was still available *on his original YouTube channel, and I did run into a fair share of skeptical opinions regarding his video. (*Note - it has been moved elsewhere on YouTube.) One of the YouTubers who commented therein even asked him where Canada would be in all of these Earth-shattering events that are supposedly going to occur here in the land of milk and honey. I guess that I wasn't the only one thinking about that question. I would certainly hope that the Canadians would be willing to take American refugees into their nation to escape from whatever tyranny is going to be controlling our nation.

I did not publish this article of mine here to scare anyone, because I realize that situations do not always end up being as bad as they first seem. At the same time, I want to be prepared for the worst if such a dark fate awaits all of us Americans in the near future. Mr. Lira undoubtedly was extremely serious about everything he stated in his above-described video. He definitely did not post that same video on YouTube as a practical joke or to start a hoax or a psyop. He may no longer live here in the United States of America, but he knows what the real deal is with our nation's government and the direction in which our country is headed.

1. Gonzalo Lira Contends That A Communist Dictatorship Is Imminent In The United States Of America

In his video above, Mr. Lira warns the American people that our Federal government has undergone a descent into a form of "woke" communism. He believes that the Biden administration is about to take our nation into a communist regime, and he notes that communists persecute all dissenters. Ultimately, he suggests that Alaska could become to American patriots what Taiwan became to the Chinese dissidents who fled the People's Republic of China in 1949 after that nation's civil war.

In his video above, Mr. Lira explains that the "woke" ideology in the United States of America is a form of communism that will initially appear to be attractive to oligarchs in the big-tech companies. However, the oligarchs will not have the kind of control over the Federal government here in our nation that they intend to have or that the "woke" communists will promise to give them. The oligarchs will not be able to buy their way into control of these "woke" communists in our Federal government.

Mr. Lira's school of thought here makes perfect sense. However, I do believe that there could be a few exceptions here and there to what he is suggesting. Take Cuba as an example. That country has lived under a communist dictatorship for what seems like eternity. I once saw a documentary on television about Cuba's cigar industry, and it was revealed that the late Fidel Castro-Ruz had given the people in that industry so many privileges over regular Cuban civilians that their quality of life was actually better than it was under the regime of the late Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar.

The reason for the late Fidel Castro-Ruz being so agreeable with the people who worked in the cigar industry in Cuba was because he liked for his cigars to be of perfect quality. Therefore, he knew that he had to treat them with the kind of respect that they so deserved. I've heard similar things about the rum industry in Cuba. After Raul Castro Ruz took over the Cuban government, I can imagine that he was equally respectful toward the people who worked in both the cigar industry and the rum industry there in Cuba. I would not doubt that Cuba's current leader, Miguel Díaz-Canel, has rolled out the red carpet for both the cigar industry and the rum industry in his nation as well. Even the most cruel and fiercest of communist dictators are willing to make concessions to ensure that their cigars are perfect and their rum tastes exquisitely good.

Nevertheless, according to Mr. Lira in his video above, if a second civil war were to break out here in our nation, the odds would immediately be stacked up against the anti-communist rebels. Mr. Lira stresses that it would be an uphill battle for American patriots, because our nation's Federal government has always been very powerful and has never lost an internal conflict. The Confederates had to learn that lesson the hard way back in the American Civil War nearly two centuries ago, and they actually had considered themselves to be citizens of a separate nation they had named the Confederate States of America with a separate president from that of the Union. Of course, back then the Union military was fighting for a noble cause, because many Americans wanted to put an end to African slavery.

In his video above, Mr. Lira advises that an analyst was quoted on ZeroHedge as stating that the United States of America was a turnkey totalitarian state. That is, the United States of America has all the vulnerabilities of becoming a totalitarian state. In light of that same statement, Mr. Lira implies that the Biden presidential administration would mark the beginning of our nation's rapid descent into a "woke" communist dictatorship.

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2. Gonzalo Lira Believes That Alaska Could Become A Political Sanctuary For American Patriots In The Near Future

In his video above, Mr. Lira explains that because Alaska is not in the continental United States of America and it has geographical, geological and environmental advantages, it would make an ideal political sanctuary for the American dissidents and nationalists who would survive the second American civil war. That is, it would be a territory that would be easy to defend but very difficult for a communist American army to conquer. The land there would provide a self-sufficient environment for every American that was to take refuge there.

In his video above, Mr. Lira explains that the American communist army would end up falling flat on their backs in trying to take over Alaska and that the United States military knows that insurgents are impossible to defeat altogether in any war or conflict. He further explains that if our Federal government under a "woke" communist dictatorship were to send droves of troops to conquer Alaska, the amount of manpower it would require would leave the mainland here vulnerable to insurgents attacking military posts throughout it. He stated that the communist-ruled Federal government would eventually realize that it was not worth the bother to assert military authority in Alaska and they would eventually give up on that territory.

In his video above, Mr. Lira states that the American communist army would not have the manpower to hold onto the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System inasmuch as a military operation to do so would result in too many casualties to make it worthwhile. Such a military operation would all end in a fiasco for the "woke" communists.

In his video above, Mr. Lira describes even the most liberal of Alaskans as being pragmatic and as valuing their 2nd Amendment rights. He, therefore, believes that this is the reason that the Alaskan locals would be most likely to side with patriotic American nationalists inasmuch as they would realize that the "woke" communists in control of the continental United States of America were crazy.

In his video above, Mr. Lira explains that Alaskans have a collective way of thinking and doing things because of the rugged living conditions in their state. That is, Alaskans have the kind of mutual mentality that would lead to a cohesive society there in the event that American patriots from other parts of our nation would have to take refuge there after a deadly civil war in the continental United States of America. He further explains that the American refugees and the Alaskan locals would realize that they would have to stick together to defend themselves against American communists.

In his video above, Mr. Lira says that the Alaskan locals and the American refugees would be overly careful about not making the same mistakes that led to the American communist takeover. Mr. Lira refers to the idea of Alaska becoming a sanctuary for patriotic American nationalists after a second American civil war in the continental United States of America as a "Plan B."

In his video above, Mr. Lira also does not rule out the possibility that a second American civil war could break out in our nation and that the American nationalists could win that war against the wokesters. He believes that such a civil war would likely go on for little over a decade.

In his video above, Mr. Lira claims that the "woke" communists or wokesters poisoned the American education system many years ago until the corruption that resulted from it grew like a wildfire out of control. He refers wokester politics as politics of resentment.

Mr. Lira appears to show wisdom in his words in the video above. However, what I disagree with him about is his treating the "purge" on Twitter as small potatoes. Regardless of how much he views it with a grain of salt, it is still the beginning of much bigger problems to come that could evolve into the kinds of atrocities that he describes in his video above.

3. American Civil Rights Are Currently Under Attack

Hearing that term "The Purge" makes me think of that crazy Ethan-Hawke film titled The Purge about a fictitious annual national holiday here in the United States of America when all forms of anarchy and lawlessness, including murder, become legal for 12 hours. That same film was released in 2013.

Nevertheless, on a more serious note, the kind of purge that is beginning to happen here in our nation should not be ignored. Recently it was reported that a group of Harvard University students signed a petition to strip Harvard University degrees from Trump supporters like Kayleigh McEnany, Senator Ted Cruz, and House Representative Dan Crenshaw. You can watch a YouTube video below containing a news clip about the incident.

Harvard University Students Demand That Kayleigh McEnany's Degree Be Revoked Alongside Those Of Other Pro-Trump Government Officials

There are statutes on both the Massachusetts state and Federal law books that should protect all three of these pro-Trump government officials from ultimately falling victim to the injustices that these same Harvard University students want to inflict upon them. However, my response to this incident is that if these same three pro-Trump government officials do unjustly get stripped of their Harvard University degrees, then Americans will no longer be able to ignore the fact that basic freedoms, rights, and civil liberties are disappearing from existence here in our nation.

A second term in the Oval Office for President Donald J. Trump would definitely put a stop to this madness once and for all. However, a Biden administration will surely be a recipe for the ultimate downfall of our civilization.

Earlean Mckendrick is the author of this photograph.

Earlean Mckendrick is the author of this photograph.

4. My Conclusion To This Topic

The thought of a second American civil war has been on the minds of many in recent days. A great number of us do not like to believe that our nation could ever fall into such desperate circumstances that American patriots may find themselves with no other alternative but to take up arms and defend our nation from a communist takeover.

Reports about former Vice President Biden being cozy with the Chinese Communist Party have been surfacing all over the Internet. Many American voters feel disenfranchised and insist that the 2020 American presidential election was stolen from President Trump. The concerns of those same American voters are well warranted, and I am one of those Americans.

As described in my article titled "Georgia May Save The American People's Election Integrity," recent events in Georgia could produce a positive domino effect that could get President Trump back into the Oval Office for a second term. It may seem like a long shot. However, similar events have been going on in Arizona. That is a best-case scenario. Now let's focus on the worst-case scenario.

The idea of a second American civil war is not a pleasant thought for anyone. However, at the same time, most of us do not want our nation to be sold out to the People's Republic of China to the point that former Vice President Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are allowing for that nation to build military bases throughout our nation. According to Mr. Lira's video further back herein, the American armed forces could undergo a traumatic makeover beyond recognition.

After the number of times that I had planned on moving to Alaska, I may finally arrive to the fork in the road that will leave me with no other choice but to do so like so many other Americans who value their freedom. There can be no question that we, as Americans, are all living in scary times. Let's all hope that our nation never becomes a totalitarian police state and that the elected officials who actually do care about our nation will keep us from ever going down that road.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on August 22, 2021:

Ladies and gentlemen? The events surrounding the Biden administration become scarier and scarier as time marches on. Hopefully, all is not lost.

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