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Al-Qaeda Attempts to Hijack Pakistani Navy Ship

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The target of the terrorist attack

The target of the terrorist attack


The two major terrorist groups, al-Qaeda and ISIS, are competing for Western media headline news and attention. Weeks ago, the Pakistani branch of al-Qaeda attempted to seize a well armed Pakistani naval frigate and then, as was learned, was to sail near US warships on patrol in the Indian Ocean to attack them.

The startling event happened Sept. 6, 2014, and is just now being reported. The al-Qaeda group actually had comprised of 10 Pakistani naval personnel who had been turned into terrorists. This event sent chills down the Western powers because it could happen to the forces holding their nuclear weapons. This al-Qaeda group is located in Karachi and the plan was to coincide with the 9\11 2001 attack.

The attempt by this groups seize the large PNS Zulflqar was bold. The 10 members looked perfectly legitimate with uniforms and ID badges. The terrorists simply walked onto the ship without a blink. The ship was planned to sail the same day to join the American flotilla on patrol in the Indian Ocean. As the details unfolded, once the ship was seized, additional terrorists were to board the ship using rubber boats.

The ship, had it been seized, did not need to get close to any American ship. It just had to be within 180 miles of one to target its antiship missiles on it. The plot was exposed and turned by a gunner aboard the ship who saw what appeared Pakistani marines arriving in an inflatable boat. As the boat got closer, the gunner noticed the Marine rifles were AK-47. That was the tip off. Pakistani marines are not armed with this weapon. The gunner's hunch was too strong, so he turned his weapon on the approaching boat and fired a warning shot. The terrorists in the boat thinking they had been discovered, returned the gunfire. It was this overreaction that got the attention of others. Keep in mind, 10 of them were already on the ship and a firefight ensued and most were killed. The last one, an officer in the Pakistani navy, blew himself up.

US officials indicate that the closest US ship would have been a supply ship and had this been a success, it could have been sunk by the antiship missiles. In total, three Pakistani naval officers were part of the group.

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perrya (author) on September 18, 2014:

our aggression?

Deforest from USA on September 17, 2014:

Sure it's al-Qaeda. Why not the navy seals? It would be more credible. Or Blackwater mercenaries?

Since the Pakistani government started trading with China, we intensified our aggressions towards Pakistan.

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