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Aileen Wuornos; An Anti-Men Serial Killer

Where It All Started...

Aileen Carol Wuornos was born in 29th February, 1956 in Michigan. She was the daughter of a 15-year-old teen mom and an abuser dad who was arrested for child harassment. Life started to become tough for her when her mom left her with a little brother at the age of 4. Aileen was exposed to abusement by her grandpa and got pregnant at the age of 15 just like her mom, when she was raped by one of her grandpa’s friends. She gave birth at an orphanage, but the baby didn’t bring her good luck. Her grandpa kicked her out of the house for giving birth to an illegitimate child. After becoming homeless, her baby got taken away from her and adopted out to someone else. Aileen started to live in places like woods or junk cars. To provide herself needs like cigarettes, she would engage in sexual activity with her friends for money. After a while she decided to gain money from that and became a prostitute. In that time, she developed addiction for drugs and alcohol. Couple of years later, she moved to Florida and married a rich, 70 years old man; Lewis Gratz Fell in 1976. However, this marriage lasted only a month; after a nervous breakdown Aileen beat Lewis up and the married couple got divorced. After the divorce Aileen committed so many thefts and got arrested.


Relationships And First Crime

In 1986, she got in a relationship that was going to change her life for forever. Because of the treatment she got from men when she was little, Alieen hated men for her life and became a lesbian. She fell in love with “Tyria Moore” or “Ty” when she was working as a highway prostitute. At the time they met in Florida Biker bar, Ty was a 24-year-old hotel maid who was trying to pay her bills. Their relationship lasted 4 years, which was the longest relationship of Aileen. Aileen was always worried that Ty would leave her if she didn’t gain a lot of money. So, she did everything to earn more and more.

Tyria Moore  - Ty

Tyria Moore - Ty

One day, in a cold night of 30th November 1989, she murdered her first victim; Richard Mallory, who was sentenced before because of rape. When he pulled up his car to an isolated place, he attacked Aileen and tied her hands from her back. Then he started to torture and rape her over and over. As soon as Aileen got rid of the rope she was tied with, she pulled out her gun and unloaded it on Richard. After committing her first crime, Aileen kept her composure and cleaned all the blood on the car. She didn’t murder anyone for 6 months until she ran out of money. While waiting for a new victim on the roadside, she chose herself a 43 y/o man, David Spears, as victim. She shot him several times after taking him to woods. The second murder she committed made her become unstoppable and she continued to kill her men victims. Police was looking for her all over the state.


Her End...

All though Aileen was being careful, police figured out that it was possible for murderer to be a female sex worker because of the dead bodies being man, without pants and near the woods. But still, that wasn’t enough to detect the criminal’s ID, they needed more evidence.

It was a sudden accident that exposed Aileen’s ID. When her and Ty crashed into an old couple’s front yard, they didn’t know that the car’s license plate would get them caught. Aileen left car on somewhere and they ran away together. The owners of the house reported the accident to police and gave them the license no. That was enough evidence to discover that the car was Peter Sims’s, who was also murdered by Aileen Wuornos. The police drew a sketch for Ty and Aileen and search for them started.

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Police sketch of Alieen Wuornos and Peter Sims

Police sketch of Alieen Wuornos and Peter Sims

Meanwhile after the crash, Aileen made Tyria leave her for her safety, so that it would be hard for police to get them together. Once she left Ty, she started to act more oblivious and, in the end, police busted her while drinking at a bar. Her girlfriend also got arrested but Ty made a deal with police and told that she was innocent and it was Alieen who has done everything. Alieen admitted that she murdered those men and saved Ty from life sentence.

Even though she said that she killed the victims for self-defense, the court gave her death sentence. In 9th October 2002, she was executed by a lethal injection. Her last wish was her body to be burned and her ashes to be dusted to the place where she was born. Good news, her last wish came true.

Aileen, for me, is a real-life example on how your childhood traumas can affect and ruin your life. If her mom didn’t leave her all alone with her little brother, if her grandpa wasn’t in her life, if her dad wasn’t a psychopathic pedo, the world would remember her as someone different rather than an anti-men, lesbian, female serial killer.


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