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Agenda 21 - Part I: Codex Alimentarius

What is Agenda 21?

Agenda 21 is the United Nations official strategy to implement a number of environmentally beneficial agendas. According to the United Nations, Agenda 21 can be described as "the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity."

Agenda 21 states that every decision made in society should be based on global education, global land use, and global population control. That's right. Population control. You see, that's a big issue to the people at the head of the United Nations. They predict a whopping 21 billion people will be on the face of the earth by the year 2100, if they do not do anything about it. So that's where the covert tactics of Agenda 21 come into play. Agenda 21 calls for an 80% global population reduction. Yes, a full 80%. That is to say that the United Nations, in all of their infinite wisdom, decided that 80% of us world-wide need to die and we need to die long before we reach the year 2100. This is all solid fact that is officially documented in Agenda 21. Go read it yourself, if you don't believe it.

To help reduce the population and stave off what they believe is the infection of an out of control population, they have devised and detailed several covert strategies in Agenda 21. The amusing part is they put these strategies up on official government websites where anyone could go read them, but the majority of people are too damn lazy, ignorant and tied up with watching American Idol to even care. A couple of their most prominent strategies include Codex Alimentarius and Fema Camps.

This article will be focused on how they will use Codex Alimentarius to weaken (or prime us) for the FEMA camps. The next article I will write will focus on how they will create a disaster and tragedy big enough to validate a reason to round us all up in these FEMA camps and finish the job that Hitler never could.

Agenda 21 - Codex Alimentarius

Agenda 21 - Codex Alimentarius

Codex Alimentarius

What is Codex Alimentarius?

Codex Alimentarius (latin for food code) is the definition of nutricide. Everything I am about to tell you about Codex Alimentarius is documented and can be verified by YOU on the official government website.

After you finish reading here, I encourage you to go look all this information up for yourself. I think it is ignorant for anyone to just believe everything they hear without going and verifying it for themselves.

After World War II, the tribunals were held to punish people who committed crimes against humanity by courts in the United States. If found guilty, they were sent to prison. One of those who were found guilty was the President of I.G. Farben. I.G Farben produced a lot of the Nazi's supplies such as the gas used to gas the jews, the steel used in the prison camps and the ammunition, weapons, etc. The President of I.G. Farben was also the mastermind behind the slogan 'Arbeit Macht Frei', which can be translated into Work Makes Free. This was the slogan above the gates to every prison camp.

While he was imprisoned, he continued to brainstorm ways to eliminate the majority of the population and pave the way for Hitler's New World Order. This is when he came up with the idea of weaponizing food. He knew that he who controlled food would control the world.

After he was finally released from prison, he approached his buddies in the United Nations and presented his idea of using food as a weapon. To implement this strategy, the United Nations created a trade commission. Those are two very important words -- trade commission. Not a health commission, but a trade commission. What is trade all about? Money. Not consumer protection. This trade commission was hence named Codex Alimentarius to mean 'Food Code.'

In 1962, the United Nations set a projected date of December 31st of 2009 to have Codex Alimentarius fully implemented by. They then proceeded to establish all of their committees to oversee the various types of foods they needed to gain control over. Codex has established over 4,000 guidelines and regulations on these foods and supplements.

What does Codex Alimentarius do to our food?

In 1984 Codex Alimentarius declared nutrients to be toxins. That's right, toxins. The number one thing vital to human health and an optimized healthy lifespan, nutrients, is now legally declared as a toxin. This is all documented on the official government run Codex Alimentarius website linked to above. You can find specifically where it says they are now toxins yourself.

Nutrients are now legally documented as dangerous, industrial poisons. Since they are poisons, we must be protected from them. Already, high potency natural medicines and vitamins have been being removed one by one off the market. The supplements that are staying have either not been audited by Codex yet, but eventually will, or have agreed to lower the amounts of the nutrients in their supplements to a level that is not even beneficial at all and has no effect at all on the human body.

Vitamins and supplements are of course not the only things being attacked, however. So is our food including both our livestock and our vegetables. All fish, livestock and poultry must be treated by sub-clinical antibiotics and growth hormones. This is now mandatory. According to Codex, all food must be irradiated and those who fail to comply with this rule face serious charges as illustrated by the news clip at the end of this article. This includes organic food. The crazy part is Codex allows people to claim their food is organic now, even if it isn't, because it is illegal to be. So if you're shelling out hundreds of dollars a month to pay for organic food, I'd hate to break it to you, but it's not really organic any more.

All of the vegetables and crops must be genetically modified, but this aspect of Codex is still being implemented. Mansanto genetically modified their seeds to be extremely nutrient deficient AND to cross polinate with organic crops around the world, so before long, there won't be any un-genetically modified crops available ANYWHERE. They claim these crops are better because bugs don't want to eat them and this saves the farmers a lot of money. However, if the bugs don't want to eat them it's probably for a good reason.

Thanks to Codex Alimentarius, any natural whole, raw or nutrient rich food is now illegal in the way that cocaine or heroin is illegal. The below short video clip illustrates how serious the government is taking this. There was a police raid with guns drawn on a health food store. Watch the video below.

Food police target organic foods in California!

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So why are they trying so hard to keep nutrient rich food away from us? The answer is to destroy our health. The people at the head of the United Nations view humanity as a viral infection on the planet and, just like you would do to kill other types of bacteria, they feel that starving us off is a great strategy to help take care of the over population problem.

You've probably noticed since the end of 2009, when Codex Alimentarius was fully implemented, that people's health conditions have started rapidly going down the drain. People are getting fatter, less defined, they are getting sick more often and everyone is finding out they have new health problems that seem to have come out of nowhere. Have you noticed however since the end of 2009, you seem to be getting progressively more and more fatigued as time passes? Sometimes you may feel like you hardly have enough energy to move. Have you noticed how lately, when you wake up in the morning, you feel more exhausted than you did when you went to bed? Well, Codex is the reason for all of this.

By the time the dollar collapses near the beginning of the New Age, everyone's health world wide will have already taken a huge toll from the lack of nutrients we have been getting. Unable to find food in the upcoming depression, people's already severely nutrient deficient bodies will rapidly begin starving to death. This alone will kill several billion of the world population within about six months of the dollar collapse. Keep in mind that just about every economy in the world is tied to the American economy, so once our dollar collapses each other nation will soon follow. Those who survive and do not starve will be incredibly weak and easy to round up by a military police force who will take advantage of the already built FEMA camps that I will discuss in Part II of this article.

To read Agenda 21 - Part II: FEMA Camps, click the link HERE.

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monique de bont on December 26, 2016:


jaredbangerter (author) from New York City on February 15, 2013:

^ You're not looking hard enough. Go to the official site, order a written copy of Codex Alimentarius and read it from cover to cover.

Mark Shaw on February 14, 2013:

You say:

This is all documented on the official government run Codex Alimentarius website linked to above. You can find specifically where it says they are now toxins yourself."

No I can't. To back this up you need a reference. I can find no reference to vitamins and herbs being classified toxic on the Codex site.

Curiad on February 17, 2012:

Very interesting even with the dark future it portrays. I am off to do my research!

Voted Up!

Camaron Elliott from San Diego on December 13, 2011:

You crack me up! " The amusing part is they put these strategies up on official government websites where anyone could go read them, but the majority of people are too damn lazy, ignorant and tied up with watching American Idol to even care. " -- YES!!! I AGREE!!!

Hey Jared, I've been researching Chemtrails for over a year now. They are tied in with the targeted individual (electronic harassment) information that you mention. This article will give you a good start to an over view of how chemtrails are used in this part of the equation:


Here is part 1 of a video series on Directed Energy Weapons. This is actually the Presidential Commission on Bioethics, led by Amy Gutman-- who was appointed by Obama to hear 20 separate cases of targeted individuals who all have similar experiences. This will give you more information on what is really going on:

I haven't had time to write a hub on this-- but this all ties in with the Chemtrail research that I have done.

jaredbangerter (author) from New York City on July 25, 2011:

Thank you for your input, Moe. They certainly are attacking us from multiple angles such as psychological weaponry, as you mentioned. Silent Sound Spectru (the Lowery Pattent) has been in effect for over a decade now for multiple military purposes and it wouldn't surprise me at all if what you said was true and we are indeed being bombarded by brainwave entrainment and silent sound ultra high frequency subliminal messages. It makes sense.

We just need to stay strong till the very end, even if it's a bitter end. At least we'll know our will was never broken.

MOEFLATS on July 25, 2011:

Another reason you wake up feeling "drained" is the unspoken agenda for programming human beings. Microwave-based, binaural messages (sounds like ringing in your ears)are used to wear you down psychologically. This makes you more open to having your: personality, mental strength and will to live broken down. When you are weak enough, they attempt a "hostile takeover" of your mind so that it will obey these binaural signals instead of your own, internally-produced thoughts.

They make it feel as though something is trying to push you out of the driver's seat of your own body/mind. Once this happens, the victim is connected to everyone else who has been "broken" (they call it being "fixed")......all obeying these signals which render them some kind of collective "machine" driven by an outside source. I've seen someone who in no way resembled his former self. He told me that "they" had "changed" him. His eyes were all glassy like one of those brainwashing cult victims from the 70's. His actions were also "synched" with this group of people he was with.

I've been through many attempts to break my spirit, but they have never managed to get me under their control. From these experiences, I've learned various ways to block their signals, minimize the means by which members stress-out non-members. I agree with you in that some think-tank saw this over-population crisis coming. I think they "kill" average, ordinary people every day. If whatever-this-is had succeeded in taking control of me, I'd still be breathing but I'd not really be myself.

These people are obedient to whatever they are told to do. It is possible that the "programming" is some sort of "pre-death". With this level of control, it isn't inconceivable that it would be possible to somehow cause these people to die. All I DO know is that I'm not going to allow ANYTHING to get as close to my mind as I did from past ignorance. This is ULTIMATE POPULATION CONTROL with the possibility of future Annihilation.

For tips on bucking this "invisible programming", check HubPages under the search-words: "Electronic Harassment", "Gangstalking" and "Mind-Control." Your article was excellent and certainly does focus on an upcoming dark future. Keep us informed about anything else you find out there!

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