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After the Ukrainian-Russian War Ends

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And There Will Be Woe Upon You

Just five days ago, the Ukrainians were living their normal everyday lives just like people everywhere. In a flash, despite the warnings from Putin, Russia began its attempt to crush the Ukrainian government led by the gallant Zelensky. Today, hundreds of thousands are fleeing to Poland and Hungary, trying to escape, while the Ukrainian government ordered all men to stay and fight (just like Hitler did at the close of WW2).

Despite the overwhelming superiority of the Russian forces, it is the stunning success of the Ukrainian Army, armed with American and other modern weapons, that have stalled and repelled the Russians coming across the border towards Kiev and Kharkov. The rapid shock of all the sudden change to the Ukrainian population is something hard to believe in just a few days.

Putin, himself, is no doubt not happy about the performance of his Russian forces, despite months of training and buildup of supplies trying to intimidate Ukraine. Putin no doubt thought that Kiev, the capitol of Ukraine, would fall within three days and Russian troops would blitzkrieg to surround and occupy it. Putin wanted this to be over quickly, instead it is proven to be a slog. This will continue within the urban areas. So frustrated, Putin, has now threatened to use tactical nuclear weapons for localized areas and to any country that supplies Ukraine weapons.

Instead of breaking up NATO, it has galvanized it and united them including neutral countries. Now, many nations are sending in weapons for the Ukraine Army. Putin is now the target for attacking.

Putin could send the war into a tailspin at any moment. The SWIFT and other sanctions the US and Europe have imposed on Russia are crippling as weeks go by. Average Russians will begin to protest more and more as their personal lives get worse because of him. Failure is not an option now in Ukraine. For Putin, he must win or appear to win at any cost. Retreat or withdrawal without getting what Putin wants is also not an option, so, Russia's only alternative is to crush the Ukrainians at any cost while ignoring conditions in the motherland deteriorate.

Should Putin's war continue to fail at the objectives and installing a puppet government, Putin just may use the nuclear option one time on Ukraine. The shock of this upon the world and its financial institutions could cause a collapse. The NATO countries and USA, would have to retaliate, maybe. The repercussions are unpredictable and worldwide as nations react.

The sanctions will become more crippling as time goes on, it could result in Putin being removed, charged with war crimes, or the economy just collapses, and Russia turns to the West for help. Putin could cause more of the same in the Baltic states or cause mayhem in the Middle East as a diversion of the world's attention.

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Much of the world will isolate Russia in trade, as they already have, and even China may keep their distance. Whatever happens in the coming weeks and months, the world has changed.

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