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Hurricane Irma Delivered a Major Blow to Florida

We all go through 'stuff'; great stuff, bad stuff, sad stuff, LIFE stuff; whatever we are going through, we never give up, never give in.

The first thing we saw when curfew was lifted.

The first thing we saw when curfew was lifted.

Setting her Sights

Irma girl sure packed a wallop, in this girl's world.
But, we are still here, we are still standing.

The positives, the bright spot, the silver lining...beyond our safety and the fact that we are still standing and our home is still standing; power has now been restored and not only do we have an expanded fishing pond on our property, we have a whole new body of's a whole new look for our yard.

A few more of our huge old-timer trees, that Hurricane Charlie spared over a decade ago, will not be getting any older, their majesty lost forever...but we have firewood for the two or three days per year which we may require firewood and available to share with those in need.

Our Business had some structural damage and power hasn't been restored, but we are making due.

Florida received a mighty blow and Floridians received a big, nasty punch in the gut, but (if I may...cliche') what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!

Much of our State is back and 'Open for Business'.

Many areas will have a long wait before they'll be open again.

Some, sadly, as is always the case with any of these big Events, will never open for business again.
We have seen it happen here time and time again, particularly with small Mom and Pop Operations, they either cannot make another go at it financially or they lose their initiative...their drive.

It's just no longer worth it to them. Retirement is often delivered a little unexpectedly, but if I may...cliche' once more, the best laid plans, often go awry.

One of the toughest things after a storm of this magnitude, is understanding that there is a specific place in line for each of us.

While the worst areas are receiving the attention which they must be receiving, others wait. Some will wait longer than others and some even longer than that.

While we wait...we do for ourselves, those things which we are perfectly capable of doing for ourselves!

While we wait...we help others where and when we can, as others offer to help us...while they wait!

Most understand and accept 'the process'.

Per usual, we are witnessing a great coming-together and a lot of doing for others, no big surprise there, no big News Flash!

Random Acts of Kindness thrive here in these United States of ours, in fact, they are a forte of which we can all boast! The handful of looting losers are just that, Losers and when they've come to the end of their road, (unless they allow for their hearts to be changed) nothing good will be waiting for them. Thinking they're entitled to another person’s property, because an opportunity has presented itself. Taking advantage of their neighbors and communities in their darkest hours, kicking them while they are down, when they should be helping, aiding, consoling... tells us all we need to know of these individuals.

Not sure how they sleep at night.


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I choose to focus on all which has been done, not on what is yet to be done.

I choose to focus on ALL of the incredible first responders; police officers, firemen, emergency medical technicians, the National guard...

Doctors, nurses, vets and all which were, which are, which will be...on standby and ready to assist and save lives!

I choose to focus on the linemen, the tree trimming specialists, clean up crews and all of the crews from here {in Florida} and as far away as Illinois and Indiana (Illinois and Indiana linemen came to our rescue) and between their having to deal with our bulked up blood-sucking mosquitoes, the mid to high 90 degree temps. in addition tot their jobs...they truly are going beyond the call!

We have seen convoys of linemen all over.
They are working hard and they are working around the clock, there is so much work to be done!

Kudos to our proactive President and our Governor, Rick Scott, still out and about and active, getting things done.

I choose to focus on the synagogues and the churches, the large companies and small businesses, the neighborhoods and communities and the many, many charities, all going above and beyond!


Life goes on

This ain't our first rodeo.

We clean up and in some cases, (in fact, in many cases):

  • We refocus
  • We rebuild
  • We start anew

We do not say "why us", because we know that all people from all cities in all States have experiences, which set them back.

These are what we refer to as 'Life Experiences'.

  • Please feel free to comment below, any experiences you've had with hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, flash floods, etc.

Texas was hit before us and they are still cleaning up and rebuilding and will be for quite a long time and unless the most current hurricane, Jose, veers sharply East, he'll be affecting the Eastern coastal States, from North Carolina and Northward. Now is the time to prepare my friends to the North...Don't put off til tomorrow, what you can do today.

I've been so impressed by our Governor and I like that he is considering running for the Senate. He is a very involved, very hands-on Leader and if he truly desires to make the run for the Senate, he will have much support. He will have mine.

So many have gone above and beyond, including State and Federal Response Teams.

However, I am saving the biggest shout out for the numerous Good Samaritans unselfishly going above and beyond...

Far too many to name and far too many to number!

Thank you All!

It is so reassuring to be able to make a statement like that!


God Bless Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and all areas affected along the path of this monster storm, before she found her way to our Southern States.

God please Keep Texas and all affected by these latest storms close. Keep those emotionally and physically suffering, even closer.

My thoughts and prayers are with all that have lost so much; their homes, their businesses, their vehicles and valuables.

My heart goes out to those that have lost loved ones, priceless family heirlooms, family photos and albums and all those things which truly do matter; those pieces and parts of the Story of each and every Life, which cannot be replaced.


After the storm

After the storm


© 2017 Angie B Williams


Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on September 22, 2017:

I have friends who barely dodged the blunt of Puerto Rico's second hurricane hit. It's terrible down there - and poor Mexico. God bless those people. They need our love right now and support.

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on September 21, 2017:

We really are doing good. Did have to cancel a trip to the Florida Keys, but we can reschedule that for later.

My thoughts are with the people of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and the people of Mexico right now. So much suffering going on, it is heartbreaking!

Life goes on for us, can't wallow in self pity...well, maybe for 10 minutes, tops! ;)

Glad that ya'll got a kick out of the picture!

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on September 21, 2017:

Even in tragedy, your humor shines through. My wife and I think your link is awesome! Now, if they help you guys with more than skeleton support, maybe Halloween won't have any goblins or hurricanes at least.

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on September 21, 2017:

Couldn't resist.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on September 20, 2017:

Agreed. My wife and I wish you and your family well. We love to swim, but we don't have a boat at the house for another water dance. Maybe Maria should tango with Mathew and leave us alone.

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on September 20, 2017:

Thank you so much Tim for your kind words. Ditto!

It looks as if we've dodged a bullet with Hurricane Maria, but poor Puerto Rico! Ready for this Hurricane season to be over!

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on September 20, 2017:

From what I've seen and heard, my friend, you guys really experienced a nightmare. I can only imagine the devastation you have seen. But your story of recovering from it inspires of all. We will continue to pray, help and hope my fellow American.

By the way, you have a new fan who will read your Hubs because you put a lot of thought into how you present them.

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on September 19, 2017:

Hi Tim, yes we thought Matthew would be paying us an unwanted and unwelcome visit, but we willed him away, however...the idea was for him to head East, not North. Sorry about that! I know that he really packed a punch there.

Thanks for your thoughts and your prayers!

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on September 19, 2017:

Last year, we experienced Mathew here in the Tarheel state. It was a terrible event which many are still recovering from Down East. Fran in 1996 was another tough hurricane. But I liked the fact that you called upon your inner strength and beliefs to help you address your ordeal, much like we did. Our prayers are with you.

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on September 17, 2017:

After a week, power has been restored at our Business.

I can go back to work tomorrow.

Yay? ;-)

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