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African American 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs of the Usa

Outcast MC

The Outcast MC is an African American 1% outlaw biker club which started in Detroit in 1969. Their patch consists of a skull with the iron cross behind it. After starting their chapter in Detroit they soon spread throughout many different states in the USA. In 2014 Members of the Outcast MC helped the police keep the peace in a small town in Missouri after a teenager was shot by law enforcement. The main enemy of the Outcast MC is the Wheels of soul and they have had many violent feuds over the years.

Below is a video of Outcast MC

Outcast MC

Wheels Of Soul MC

Formed in 1967 In Pennsylvania. They now have chapters spread throughout the USA. The Wheels Of Soul MC are an inter racial biker club however the majority of it's members are African American. Their patch consists of a red motorcycle wheel with a yellow angel wing.


Outcast MC
Sin City Titans
Street Soldiers

69ers MC
Pagans MC

Criminal Offending..

In 2011 18 members from the ST Louis region were convicted of racketeering.
The FBI believed that they were planning to murder members of the Outcast MC

Also in 2011 a wheels of soul member shot a member of the rival gang street soldiers
ending his life.

In 2014 a member shot and killed a member of the public during a road rage incident.

Below is a video of Wheels Of Soul MC.

Wheels Of Soul MC

The East Bay Dragons MC

The East Bay Dragons started out in Oakland in the 1950s and only allows African American members to join.

Members of The East Bay Dragons must own and ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Other makes of motorcycles are not allowed.

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The East Bay Dragons are very involved in the community and every thanks giving they provide food for homeless
people and families in need.

The East Bay dragons were originally a car club however a member of The Hells Angels suggested
they become an outlaw motorcycle club.

The Hell's Angels And East Bay Dragons are still friends to this day.

In the late 1950s they became an outlaw motorcycle club.

Their patch consists of a green dragon with the words East Bay Dragons in red.

In September 2011 a member was shot and killed after an armed man entered the club house.

Below is a video of the East Bay Dragons MC

East Bay Dragons MC

Chosen Few

The Chosen Few were formed in 1959 in Los Angeles California by a group of African Americans.

Around 1 year later a white man joined and it has since become a mixed race club.

The Chosen Few's patch consists of a cross with 2 motorcycles riding each side of the cross.

A common saying among chosen few members is "TAKE NONE GIVE NONE"

Because the Chosen Few are a mixed race club in the early days they got into many disputes with other
clubs who believed clubs should be segregated.

The Chosen Few have no spread throughout the United States and also have a chapter in the Philippines.

Chosen Few MC

African American 1% Outlaw Biker Clubs

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