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Afghans Are Going to See 'Hell of the World'


Afghanistan is now a country where the fear of hunger is widespread. As winter approaches, that fear grows. Because many areas are already in the grip of drought. As a result, crop production is expected to collapse. In addition, after the Taliban came to power, the international aid to the country was cut off and the Afghans are going to face a terrible disaster in the coming days.

Maidan Wardak is an area 50 miles from the capital Kabul. Hundreds of people have gathered at the government wheat flour distribution point in the hope of getting flour. The flour is supplied by the World Food Program (WFP). Reflection of frustration and anger in the eyes of the people who came to get flour. Taliban members are working to calm the crowd.

"Winter is almost here," said one of the flour pickers. We don't know how to get the flour we need to make bread. This flour is their only resource to save lives. '

The WFP is scrambling to help more than 22 million Afghans as international aid is cut off. If the weather conditions get worse in the coming days, then the situation will take a terrible turn. Experts predict that the weather will worsen during the winter and that large numbers of people will suffer from severe hunger and widespread famine.

David Bisley, executive director of the WFP, who visited Kabul on Sunday, spoke to the BBC. His analysis of the current situation in Afghanistan is that the situation is very dangerous. "The situation could be worse than we think," Bisley said. Honestly, we are going to see the most humanitarian crisis in the world. "

"Ninety-five percent of the people in Afghanistan do not have enough food," Bisley said. Now we are going to see 23 million people go hungry. Disaster is going to happen in the next six months. It's going to be hell on earth. "

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Before the Taliban took power in Afghanistan last August, there was widespread hope that the government of then-President Ashraf Ghani would be able to cope with the impending winter crisis. The international community will send aid. But that aid has stopped since the fall of the Ghani government and the Taliban's takeover. Western nations have stopped sending aid to Afghanistan. Countries think that if aid is sent now, it will fall into the hands of the Taliban. There will be no work in it. Rather, the Taliban will benefit. That is why ordinary Afghans spend their days in various crises but the countries are not standing by them.

But given the current situation in Afghanistan, the international community should stand by the Afghan people. To save the lives of millions of innocent people who are facing severe starvation. For this, developed countries and rich people have been urged to come forward. He says, starting from the world leaders, the call to the rich: Imagine the death of your little girl and little boy, your grandparents, grandparents starving to death. You should do something with the maximum. In today's world of 400 trillion, it is a shame for us to die like this. '

"If we starve a child to death, it will be a great shame for us," Bisley said.

Many lost their jobs and became unemployed after the Taliban took power. Many families are having a hard time because their only source of income is gone. The image of the city, as well as the village, is the same.

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