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Adolf Hitler: Elected as a Councillor in Namibia.

The Real Adolf Hitler with Stalin.

The Real Adolf Hitler with Stalin.

If someone said, Adolf Hitler had won an election being elected as a councillor, some people would think you were making it up. However, someone called Adolf Hitler has been elected as a councillor in Namibia.

Namibia, is an ex-German colony next door to South Africa, on the continent of Africa. German names like Adolf are, therefore, not unusual (to quote Tom Jones) in that part of the world.

During the First World War, Namibia was part of the German Empire. Namibia was ruled brutally by its German rulers and many atrocities happened on their watch. As the war progressed, Namibia fell to Allied forces and was taken over by South Africa. South Africa ruled Namibia up until the country became independent in the latter half of the 20 Century.

SWAPO a black rights party became the dominant party in early elections and has ruled, ever since. A white minority government like Zimbabwe and South Africa once ruled Namibia. However, SWAPO beat the white minority in an election and became the ruling party. SWAPO, unfortunately like many African nations suffers from rank corruption where politicians promise much during elections and deliver little. Government ministers take bribes and live in luxury, while many of the people still struggle to feed themselves.

The population of Nambia is growing but it remains underdeveloped in many areas. It is very much a desert country featuring much wildlife in the interior, that has adapted to the harsh terrain. The wildlife is the usual African fauna you would expect to find on the continent like elephants, lions, hyenas, zebra, etc.

To give the councillor his real name, Adolf Hitler Uunona was given the name by his father. Apparently, his father did not realise the connotations associated with the name (or so Councillor Hitler says). Adolf has no plans for world domination (unlike his namesake) according to an interview he gave to the German magazine 'Bild'. Adolf is called 'Adolf' by his wife and those who know him have no plans to change it.

SWAPO is a centre-left party and Adolf says he has no connection to Nazi ideology. Obviously, many white Namibians will have german ancestry but that is just a legacy of the white settlers who came there. It doesn't mean white Namibians or even black come to that, have far right or left ambitions of taking over the world.

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Whether the Namibian councillor will ever reach the dizzying heights of power that the original Hitler had, remains to be seen.


Lumai Mubanga from Chingola on December 04, 2020:


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