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Television indoctrination in Spain

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It is not a novelty that the media is a weapon of political persuasion through subsidies, and for this reason, it could be considered for many, the fourth power of the state. The function of the media is simple; they expose and present only what is in their interest.what they are interested in showing, leaving aside other topics or points of view, and censor certain news, so that in this way only what they are interested in is known, and thus manage to keep the population in ignorance, there is a reduction of plurality and above all, that the elites do not suffer. It is only necessary to observe attentively how, when presenting facts, they hardly analyze why the event has been provoked, in this way, making the population believe that there are concrete facts that are not frequent, but they make believe that they are, in order to generate panic.

They always make people think that watching the news, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, etc., allows them to be informed, allows to be informed, and so, to be more free, the question is the following: "The more informed you are, the more free you will be , because the more you know the reality in which we live "which is far from reality, and therefore, is false, because it is not freedom, as they want us to believe, putting a concrete example, in reality it is like the example that will be presented below (zoo): Animals think they are free, because they have their habitat, food and other means to survive, but what they do not know, is that as they really are, is in a cage, being observed by mammals superiorly intellectual to them. These mammals know perfectly well that animals are not free, but are locked in a cage,

With our model of society is exactly the same, because it is not a freedom, it is a mirage of freedom, in a cage fundamental to the political functioning, as also happens with the educational system and interest groups. what the masses do not know, does not harm the elites.

And use all possible weapons so that society does not know that it is being manipulated from all sides.

"In a totalitarian state it doesn't matter what people think, because the government can control them by force using batons. But when you can't control people by force, you have to control what people think and the typical means to do that. is through propaganda."

-Noam Chomsky

An example of how the media manipulates the population is through subliminal perception, which is an intentional process created by communication technicians, whereby an individual perceives and acts upon information without knowing what actually surrounds it, and is therefore designed to pass below normal limits. of perception. Terminations of "bureaucrat" and "rat". In addition, the flickers are displayed on the screen for a fraction of a second.

A study by University College London, which was funded by the Wellcome Trust, has shown that people can perceive the emotional value of subliminal messages and that people are much more attuned to negative words.

Another manipulation technique is desensitization.

Nowadays, when elites need to be accepted by the public, they use this method, which consists of a behavior modification therapy, which eliminates anxiety responses to phobic situations or stimuli, by progressive and massive exposure to these situations (repetition of the same). news many times).

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When the media feel uncomfortable about their own incompetence, the competence of others and the irregularities of intellectuals, they throw panic pills in the form of "risk premium" or "unemployment rate"; and they do it continuously and frantically, causing the public to lose sensitivity to these issues. This means that abnormal and unacceptable conditions are used in usual, tolerable and reasonable conditions. With these instantaneous rules, people start marking one or the other information and then move on to the next. In thermodynamics, entropy can be said to increase.

But what role does fame play in all this manipulation?

Televisions show influencers or celebrities that appeal to the masses. Moreover, they act in a certain way, and in this way they want the population to act like the elites.

Many celebrities give an appearance and show an image of things they neither feel nor think, but by doing this, they are more mediatic, they manage to establish more areas of influence, so they get more fame and money, as many brands will. count them or sponsor them. the end result is that their income will increase.

Through these celebrities and pseudo-political celebrities, the social and economic elites are able to manipulate a large number of the population according to their interests.

Celebrities are very important for the media, as they are a fundamental piece in all this manipulation, to the point that they are able to lie or exaggerate in television programs so that one stays watching their before everything.

This is proven by the following personal testimony:

"I decided to take a break while studying, so I went to my living room for five minutes and a family member was watching Sálvame.

That day, this program was talking about the snowstorm that originated around the ninth of January.

They were talking about the seriousness of the storm, and the risks involved in going out in these circumstances, in fact, a presenter openly said the following: "Stay watching Sálvame".

Then, Jorge Javier Vázquez came out explaining that a colleague of his had suffered an accident due to the snow. Belén Esteban came out on a screen of the set, telling "her live accident", which is not very credible, due to the calmness and even the sarcastic tone with which she related the fact, and it is very coincidental that precisely one of the greatest Influencers of this program, came out telling "her live accident" after a presenter said "it is better that you stay watching Sálvame". Whatever the case may be, if it were true, the objective of showing it on the air is the same. With this, it is evident that they intend to capture the public's attention, so that the country stays watching the program.

In addition, it is not a novelty that the same members of the program were recognized their deception to the audience by falsifying data, as was the case of the manipulation of the result of an intelligence test of one of its collaborators four years ago, according to the following testimony of Carlota Corredera: "A well-known character goes to 'Sálvame deluxe' to undergo the intelligence test. Before the data is made public, the celebrity in question learns the result and bursts into tears. or asks and begs the direction of the program to make public the IQ data, as they were extremely low, well below the average.

Another example of the deception of the media is the unconscious subte of their ideology in programs such as Operación Triunfo; they take advantage of the fact that many people watch programs in which celebrities appear, to put their ideology, and thus, access to a greater number of people to convince and manipulate.

In Operación Triunfo, TVE showed a rally about a leftist ideology, which is feminism. has shown disgust.

This speech begins with one of the people in charge of the program introducing Ana Pacheco, and comments that she is a journalist and writer. He also shows a book written by the feminist, which he describes as "wonderful". This is a subjective opinion, and therefore, a personal assessment, which is exposed as a single point of view to the contestants of Operación Triunfo and viewers, thus hiding other perspectives or points of view.

It is also said that what Ana Pacheco will comment on are things to know, implying that it is very important to know what this ideology is based on, and to know it. Again, hiding other points of view and showing only what the media is interested in, it does not include pressured women, which is a leftist ideology.

In addition, Ana Pacheco comments the following:

"You can do whatever you want with it (with the book), you can burn it, I won't get angry ''. She clearly says this to camouflage the indoctrination for which the above comments and, in turn, the state-subsidized media are characterized.

Then, the writer asks the contestants of Operación Triunfo if they consider themselves feminists, after which they affirm by raising their hands, already this she replies "wonderful, now I love you very much", giving a sense to the viewers that they will receive. a great social approval, and will be "wonderful" and loved for being feminists and sharing the same ideologies.

Likewise, the fact that the contestants of Operación Triunfo consider themselves and claim to be feminists, makes the young girls who idolize them, decide to self-perceive themselves as feminists to be like their "idols", and this is how the programs subsidized by the State. fulfill their goals.The extreme right is also used as "evil" and without any argument, and as before, young people see that their "idols" have this thought, and take it as an example. They believe what he believes with the excuse that "they are like their idols", which makes them more and more manipulable and submissive; again, a goal achieved by the media.

In addition, the media makes use of highly valued terms such as "crazy" to refer to the right, and thus, to try to convince them more.

When negative things are reported about the political party VOX and the extreme right, there is no discussion, they just attack these groups, just as some left-wing political parties do.

In addition, they are exposing only one ideology as absolute truth, because they hide other points of view and show the population that this point of view is the best, making comments like "the right, osea, evil", "crazy", "Wonderful , now I love you very much ". And furthermore, as mentioned above, to achieve the conviction of these ideologies they use the illustration by which the contestants of Operación Triunfo are characterized by young audiences and other viewers, which is based on the fact that one wants to be and think like their idol.

This is how they have manipulated the viewers of this TV channel through the influence of fame (full video:

It should be clarified that this argumentative text does not defend any ideology or political party, because it is considered that it would be just as bad if they also used Operación Triunfo to make political propaganda right-wing parties, and for example, was intended to convince us that we should be pro-life, disqualifying feminism, of course, it would be just as bad.

By showing these examples in terms of arguments, it is intended to give veracity and demonstrate that the media use the influence of fame and manipulate it to generate political propaganda and get new voters. to manipulate easily. and not only from fame, but everything media that surrounds the country, because that is the society in which we live today, the population thinks it is free, but it is in a zoo cage.

As Simon Sinek rightly says: "If we inspire people, they will give us more than we ask for. If we manipulate them, they will give exactly what we pay for."

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