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Young Activist in Primary Fraud Lawsuit Against DNC Found Dead - Attorney Cliff Arnebeck Says Life Threatened

Shawn Lucas Performing Process Service in Lawsuit Against DNC

Shawn Lucas

Shawn Lucas

Shawn Lucas, a Bernie Sanders supporter and activist who filmed himself serving the DNC with court papers in a major lawsuit, was found dead yesterday, of causes as yet unknown. Reports state that there is an autopsy, though, three days after Lucas' death, no local media organization in Florida or Washington DC, where he had friends, have reported on the death or any of its circumstances.

In early July, close to Independence Day, Lucas, who is also an official civil process server in the state of Florida, filmed himself with the help of a cameraman serving papers on the DNC. Lucas reports to his Youtube audience: "That was probably the most satisfying thing I've ever done."

The lawsuit, naming Debbie Wassermsn-Schultz and other DNC officials, was filed by 121 plaintiffs who had donated to the DNC alleging that the Democratic committee committed fraud by scheming to ensure the nomination of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, in violation of its own bylaws committing it to "impartiality." DNC emails made public by Wikileaks later confirmed the suspicions of donors that the primary process was rigged for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders. The complaint alleges:

"Despite there being every indication that the 2016 Democratic primary would be contested by multiple candidates, including Sanders, the DNC Memo makes no mention of any Democratic candidate except Clinton, and builds the DNC’s election strategy on the assumption that Clinton will be the nominee, with no doubts attached."


Luca's death follows the strange coincidence that a noted Clinton family researcher and critic, and 9/11 truth researcher, Victor Thorne, was found dead this Monday of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, which the family has accepted, as reported by American Free Press. In another instance of tragedy surrounding the DNC, the DNC's Data Director for it's Voter Expansion Project, Seth Rich, was murdered in Washington DC last month, in a puzzling attack in which nothing was taken and Rich was shot multiple times in the back.

Unconfirmed Facebook posts on activist Shawn Lucas

Unconfirmed Facebook posts on activist Shawn Lucas

The death raised disturbing questions for those who maintain that the Clintons have left a "trail of bodies" throughout their political rise, documented at websites such as Friends of Mr. Lucas and plaintiffs in the lawsuit are following developments relating to his death at Facebook pages associated with the lawsuit.

Last week was a week filled with shocking news and allegations, such as Wikileak's Julian Assange telling the news show, Democracy Now, that Clinton and DNC emails published by Wikileaks show that, as Secretary of State, Clinton "pushed" weapons into Syria, including to ISIS, in her quest to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

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Arnebeck's Life Threatened

And last Thursday, noted election integrity activist and attorney Cliff Arnebeck, who saw a key Republican witness in an Ohio election fraud lawsuit he was representing die in a small plane crash, before the case went to trial, released an explosive open letter. In the open letter to President Obama and Vice President Biden, he asserts that he believes that his client, a former Philadelphia prosecutor, Beverly Campbell, was assassinated last February because she was about to reveal, definitively and conclusively, that the:

"the wholesale corruption of the electronic voting process in the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Primary."

[Open Letter for Non-Facebook Users]

Arnebeck is the attorney representing the Campbell estate. An interview with Arnebeck about the letter appears here, in which the interviewer confirms that it was Arnebeck who posted the letter. In the same letter, Arnebeck says his life has been threatened. Arnebeck is best known recently for organizing a RICO lawsuit against election authorities in Ohio, a critical swing state in presidential elections, contending that it was Bernie Sanders who actually won the Ohio primary, and is seeking access to the ballots for a hand recount. Most paper ballots in Ohio are counted by optical scanner machine, which were shown vulnerable to hacking and the falsification of results in the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy. Arnebeck has named an associate of Karl Rove, the former Bush chief-of-staff with whom Arnebeck has been feuding in court for years, as the person who threatened him. Arnebeck says that that such threats are carried out:

"by means of apparent suicides, fatal accidents, [or] terminal illness."

Also last week, the election integrity organization Election Justice USA, which litigated numerous lawsuits on behalf of voters in the primary election between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, released a landmark report on evidence of election fraud against Bernie Sanders. In the report's summary EJUSA makes the conclusion:

"Election Justice USA has established an upper estimate of 184 pledged delegates lost by Senator Bernie. Sanders as a consequence of specific irregularities and instances of fraud. Adding these delegates to Senator Sanders’ pledged delegate total and subtracting the same number from Hillary Clinton’s total would more than erase the 359 pledged delegate gap between the two candidates."

EJUSA is a non-profit organization based in New York. Cliff Arnebeck is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and national co-chair of Alliance for Democracy. His work is covered by

(Disclosure: The author is a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the results in the 2016 Massachusetts primary, and founder of Scan The Ballots.)

Cliff Arnebeck in Presentation of Upcoming RICO Lawsuit

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