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Abortion in America: Trump is Pro-Choice

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President Trump may act one way and say things one way, but in his REAL thoughts, in his heart, he believes another way. Why? In one word: politics and re-election.

There is no other better example than abortion, and how the right wing nut cases are pushing to have abortion outlawed across the USA. Since the '70s, the rule of law has been, and rightly so, that it is a woman's choice before 24 weeks of pregnancy has elapsed whether to abort for whatever reason. Having a kid is not only a moral and religious issue for some, but for every woman it IS an economic one and investment of time that never ends whether there is a father or not.

President Trump hates to discuss abortion. At least that is what he truly thought in the '90s if one sees various interviews on Larry King with Trump. Trump clearly stated so and went on to state he has always been pro-choice! It's a woman's right to decide before 24 weeks (6 months). Yet, as president, he has to please his base of 40% that elected him. Hence, he has appointed conservative judges to various levels of U.S. Courts in hopes to overthrow the key abortion decisive legal case from the '70s, Roe v. Wade.

In May of 2019, Alabama passed a Sharia-like ban on abortion, one so Draconian that even if the woman was raped, she cannot get an abortion! Should any medical facility or doctor perform one, they could get 99 years in prison. Other Southern, conservative, narrow-minded states have passed similar laws, in hope that eventually the more conservative Supreme Court will overturn the '70s legal case.

Anything to Get Re-Elected

Trump is willing to go along with all this because, despite his true pro-choice stance, it will please his base and get him re-elected. That is more important than a woman being forced to have a child she does not want or can't afford. Perhaps states that pass these anti-abortion laws should also provide economic support to the mother forced to have the child, such as monetary aid and daycare during the first five years of life.

Having a child is a huge decision for any couple or woman. Men should not be making this decision in government without at least 50% support from women in government. It would be like women deciding if a man should have a vasectomy. Men would have the same response, "It's none of your business." Likewise, men should not decide for women on pregnancy. If a couple is involved, then an agreement should be reached.

Abortion has become religiously based. Right-wing fanatics cite all kinds of religious grounds to support their case, and no doubt, some are hypocrites. Should the issue hit close to their personal lives, they may choose differently. Morally, freedom of choice is the American way on all key issues, so why should those who oppose it impose their morals on others? Most Americans still support abortion by 60%.

Americans should oppose the wave of ultra-conservatism spreading across the USA. It is misguided. Many of these people think Trump is a messenger from God, a man that will keep America within God's graces. This fuels them to force their morality upon all Americans, no different than communism or socialism in that respect.

The minority should not be allowed to impose their morality upon the majority of Americans. Just remember, President Trump personally is pro-choice.


Ami Parekh from London on May 28, 2019:

NOYFOB on May 28, 2019:

This issue has been deflecting the real critical issues that need to be discussed in choosing a president since Roe v Wade and it won't be settled by any means in the 2020 election. It is a red herring and distracts from existing and potential issues that may be able to be resolved.

Chances of finding an accord for abortion is about as likely as eliminating gridlock between democrats, and republicans. It has never happened, why use the time to argue it. Remember, in 2008 everyone disregarded the economy as an issue!

perrya (author) on May 28, 2019:

Thanks Ami, where's ur article?

Ami Parekh from London on May 27, 2019:

This is very good and informative i love the way you have put this together.. could you please go read my article and tell me your opinions on what i have written and also like the topic as a whole/feedback on how to improve would be extremely helpful.

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Thank you,


perrya (author) on May 19, 2019:

Why do republicans differ with their president? Trump's core belief is pro-choice and he has stated so in the past and stated he hates talking about the subject. This remains true today despite what he may say to appease the base. At his core, he still believes this and dodges questions on it.

Brad on May 17, 2019:

separate abortion into two parts.

1. Abortion should be allowed in case of rape, medical conditions from pregnancy and in emergencies.

2. Abortion as the result of a woman that is careless, and thinks of abortion as the retroactive fix for her pregnancy shouldn't be a right, and especially if she does it multiple times.

And it should not be supported by any form of taxpayer money.

That answer has nothing to do with religion, or when life starts, it has to do with making the woman responsible for the pregnancy.

Once again, your logic is that it is the woman's body and she can do whatever she chooses with it. How logical is that when she didn't do it by herself did she? How many times will you support her decision to abort? And why?

Brad on May 17, 2019:

Why is desire a reason?

She failed because of desire, not you are saying she can erase that failure with an abortion.

Without her action there would be no pregnancy.

What is your logic for her demanding an abortion?

perrya (author) on May 17, 2019:

A typical right wing logic which of course is true in a sense but ignores all other economic and moral reasons why a woman should not be denied an abortion if she desires it.

Brad on May 17, 2019:


If the abortion supporters believe it is the woman's body and she alone should make that decision, how logical is that when it was the women that was responsible for the pregnancy.

Excluding rape, and medical conditions affecting the pregnancy, all the rest of those seeking abortion were responsible for the pregnancy.

In the case of the power over their bodies, then those that I have not excluded have clearly lost control!

They didn't do it by themselves, and half of the creation was from someone else. The left won their court case on gay marriage based on the 14th amendment equality. Yet, on this they don't care about equality, but equality just doesn't exist when the left waves it. It exists across the board, or not at all.

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