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Abortion and Politics: Then and Now

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Too Far, Too Fast

Here in America, we dropped the ball, long ago!

In terms of how this Country was designed and structured to work and the course that it has actually been on, especially over the past 50 years or so; it is far removed from a Government -

of, by and for the people

In 1973, Roe v. Wade was passed by an extremely progressive Supreme Court!

As if to say, you the people hold no power here, we, the court, hold all power, even over life!

We weren't to talk about it, discuss it, challenge it, we were to accept it and shut up about it, like good little serfs are supposed to do

Between the radically activist Supreme Court of the time and the loud and proud feminists, with their books and materials, filled with man hate and tales of inconsequential was the perfect storm!

It was sold under the pretense of being all about us girls, but was it really?

The Perfect Storm

In the midst of the perfect storm, Planned Parenthood began setting up shop in cities all across the Nation, making it so much simpler to shirk any and all responsibility, dead in its tracks...

All of this was planned out by Progressives. It was mapped out in the progressive mind long before they had their day in Court.

With the Court in place which they needed, their vision became a reality!

But at what cost?

Unfortunately, nothing beyond their agenda, was ever considered.

I often wonder if people know anything about the founder of Planned Parenthood, the Eugenicist, Margaret Sanger; what she believed, what she was all about?

I seriously doubt it!

Because, again:

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We weren't to talk about it

We weren't to discuss it

We weren't to challenge any fragment, piece or segment of it

Unless, of course, it was to sing its praises and promote it.

Sanger's List

Norma McCorvey, aka: Jane Roe

Jane Roe was an alias, her real name was Norma McCorvey.

In time, she came around and no longer supported or agreed with, the act of abortion.

She has since passed away, but before she did, she wrote several books.

One of them, "Won By Love", shares some heavy stuff.

What I've shared, I see as the beginning of her awakening.

An excerpt from the book:

"I remember one rally in particular where a young woman approached me. She was very cute with long, straight hair, great big green eyes and fair skin.

So you're Jane Roe, she said.

That's right.

Can I touch you?

Where? I said immediately, always on my guard!

I just think it's like, cool - what you've done; how you've made it possible for me to get my abortions.

Abortions, I said, stressing the plural, how many have you had?

I don't know, the girl shrugged. Five or six I guess.

I cringed. The girl noticed it, but my act was involuntary. I wasn't trying to be cruel, but even back then, I knew getting an abortion wasn't like getting a haircut.

How come you had that many, I asked. Didn't you learn anything after the first time?

I could understand a woman making one mistake. I could even understand a woman making the same mistake twice. But half a dozen times? I'm sorry. I didn't have any patience for that. I had to get away from her. I couldn't stand there and talk to her anymore.

I left the rally early, the girl's words, "I don't know, five or six I guess", ringing in my ears, haunting me and went directly to a bar, where I downed a couple shots of straight tequila. I waited for the alcohol to take effect before I went back to my room to chase it down with five or six beers."

Cringe worthy

Large numbers of abortions wasn't unusual for girls in middle school in the 70's, after Roe v. Wade passed.

I would cringe often at the stories I would hear, at the games that would be played with people's lives, with seemingly no remorse at the time.

Until the stories would come back to haunt them, until the games they played...became nightmares!

So many lives of young women who were close to me, changed, as a result of this decision...and never once, for the better!

I am sorry to have to say that I have had to talk more than one of them out of committing suicide.

As far as I am concerned, nothing good ever comes from abortion.

I am pleased that the current Supreme Court has revisited this decision and is discussing it.

It should be a matter for the States.

It should have always been, but it was politicized.

It is politicized still!


How did we find out that the current Supreme Court has revisited this nearly half a century old decision and have drawn their own conclusions?

A leak, most likely by a law clerk - someone who has obviously chosen the wrong profession!

Suddenly, a network of abortion activists ready with their insta-signs, insta-chants and insta-overreaction!

Instead of welcoming what this actually means, a returning of power to the people...they work against us!

Fifty years later and there are still those who choose to play these destructive games...with people's lives.

My prayer is for common sense and a sense of humanity to make its return to this country.

Look how far we've strayed!

Nowadays, the conversations by abortion supporters aren't reluctant or remorseful. It is no longer about a one time way out or as a last resort, with no other options...

Now it has become all about justifying the taking of a human life, even when it comes in the form of a full term healthy baby, they call it "women's health" and expect us all to dumb down and go along with it.

Now it has become...what to do about the little inconveniences, when they survive an abortion to make them go away!

Every line that supposedly would never be crossed, has been crossed and then stomped on and spat upon.

Where does it end?

© 2022 A B Williams

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